Cons: "The planes could be a lot cleaner. Cons: "Upon deplaning in Cancun, an attendant asked me if I was staying there. Cons: "everyone on my flight was ugly", Pros: "- took off and landed :) - negligible turbulence - captain's skill in landing in foggy Seattle weather was impressive. ", Pros: "GREAT EXPERIENCE FOR A FIRST TIME FLYER", Pros: "Nothing." ", Pros: "Confortable seats and entertaiment" I missed my flight", Pros: "Not much" The plane was freezing the entire flight. Cons: "5 hour delay. You could then fly to your destination with an airline and back to Wichita with another airline. ", Cons: "Airplane was absolutely freezing the entire flight. When we boarded they said the pilots had landed. Looking for flights from Wichita? So just be prepared for that. Find cheap flights from Calgary (YYC) to Wichita (ICT) from CA $208 only. Poor communication during delay. I even purchased the extI did not like anything about it. Check your dates and see. ", Pros: "I liked the service of the crew members and the Margarita was super strong." I'm and 5'8" and I could barely fit my knees and once the person in front of me decided to recline his seat I couldn't even do that. ", Pros: "The price of the flight was cheap, but i know why. At the end they moved us to completly different terminal!!! What a horrible lack of management!’ Who runs this airport/airline!? We arrived at 5:04pm then we sat on the tamarac for 40 minutes before they could find a gate for us!!!! Kept us up to date with arrival times. Compare flights from Wichita to London and find cheap tickets with Skyscanner. Good price. Search Cheap Flights from Norfolk to Wichita Book your flights from Norfolk to Wichita at, and enjoy your journey hassle-free. Cons: "Delay out of Wichita and another delay out of Dallas, got into Tokyo 3 hours late. Staff was curt and not very friendly as of assistance. On average, users have booked flights for $913 to fly from Wichita Eisenhower National. Was told very last minute. Cons: "Nothing. Every minute I'm in line, I'm not spending money", Cons: "in Amsterdam any DELTA crew helm us, only KLM", Cons: "Second flight was sold out and it was hot inside the plane the entire time. Flights from Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport to Pensacola Intl. Airline stewards were nice." Seat doesn't recline. Cons: "Nothing Other than dservice provided by Korean crew members", Pros: "On time. Never fly aeromexico", Pros: "Nothing" ", Pros: "Perfect timing, pilots throttled up to catch up on a delayed departure, absolutely bang on. Overall horrible customer service. They made us board then unboard the plane, change gates. Skyscanner is a fast and simple travel search engine that compares hundreds of flights from all major airlines and travel agents, finding you the best deal on cheap plane tickets to Wichita from London. Cons: "All three of our flights were delayed. She told us we were rerouted to a better flight and told us to go to a specific gate. Absolutely zero personality" Teníamos acientos en AM+. Fly southwest from now on! Cons: "High baggage fees. Two Delta people not helping her. ", Pros: "I try to fly on the best airlines due to the service, however the service has gone down" There was only a snack on the flight, but it was enjoyable. Why did they put someone one the flight that was clearly sick before he ever boarded then you make everyone miss their connection in Dallas. ", Pros: "Pleasant crew. OneTravel is a … ", Cons: "Not real happy with getting charged 25 dollars for a bag when I am MVP with Alaska Airlines, was under impression both airlines are together. That could have been controlled a bit better but otherwise it was a great flight. The cheapest flight booked recently is on Air Canada for just C$ 404, but on average you can expect to pay C$ 404. Some of the cheapest premium economy flight options from Wichita are below: If you’re looking for a cheap first-class flight from Wichita consider Fort Lauderdale with prices starting at $364 you can fly first-class on a budget. Book flights now to enjoy up to 53% off* on selected hotels. Round trip | Economy. This isn't the first time the experience was miserable. Cons: "Got to the airport 2 hours before my flight to fly domestically. The following airlines have the highest chance of on time arrivals: ANA (All Nippon Airways), Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Find cheap tickets to anywhere in the world from Wichita. Cons: "The two people next to me each had a loose chihuahua. Find cheap flights to Wichita from £500. Scroll through the results for cheap flights to Wichita in the USA. Cons: "No Comment. Still on plane", Pros: "Checking was fast" ", Pros: "The crew and staff were very friendly and the flight was smooth except for some turbulence which cannot be controlled. The simple way to find cheap flights to Wichita. Kind of a cutting it close, but I made it none the less", Cons: "Sat on the plane on the runway for three hours before they finally decided to let us off and that is was going to take longer to fix the plane. ", Cons: "Poor service. Apparently, the crew tried to get the pilot to turn down the air, but it never happened. Love a small town airport", Pros: "The flight left on time. ", Pros: "Everything - the excellent service continued." Overall, very highly recommendable airline. I was uncomfortable and will never fly through them again. Cons: "No announcements for landing. Landed early." ", Pros: "On time, and great fare" The staff is amazing, easy loading on plane etc. Delta reportedly earned 746 million in the first quarter and you charge for everything and still can't come up with decent food for us to BUY? Iberia Airlines employs theives. Popular flights from Wichita. Seemed as though they were doing us a favor serving us. Compare prices from all major travel agents and airlines to find the cheapest route. No matter the factor of variable, Skyscanner provides amazing prices on cheap flights from Wichita to the rest of North America. ", Pros: "Leg space big, crew fun and considerate", Pros: "Meal and friendly services" Bags were not put on redirected flight to Beijing. 60 minutes later they arrived, 30 minutes after that we took off. My flight was 1.5 hours late, due to mechanical problem. ", Cons: "Food very salty and made me thirsty all the time. ", Pros: "The from take off to landing was smooth" ", Pros: "Their services m" They were rude and dismissive to all passengers, One in particular (Suzette) actually made a passenger sitting next to me cry. Cons: "I do not like flying American. ", Pros: "Great service, polite staff" Everyone congested at the front. from $ 430 * Updated: 5 hours ago. The Departure flight was two hours late. She never came back. If you are going to cancel a flight on a customer, this is exactly how it should be handled. ", Pros: "We made it" Smooth flight and on time. The flight was cold and miserable and today I’m sick. Do not do business with this company", Pros: "The crew on this flight was amazing." Really? ", Cons: "I did not have food or entertainment. ", Cons: "Flight was delayed. Cons: "Flight was extremely delayed due to missing flight attendants", Cons: "I never got there . Cons: "Nothing", Cons: "The connecting flight I had to Seattle had a 30min layover, and was practically gated on the opposite side of the airport in SLC. As they depart for the following popular destinations: Vancouver, Phoenix, Atlanta, Guadalajara, Las Vegas. Everything was on time." Most Reliable Airlines flying from Wichita. Would fly again with Alaska" They didn't have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. Cons: "I purchased a first class ticket, but the airline changed Equipment to a plane without a first class cabin. ", Pros: "nothing" ", Pros: "People jice" Had to find a new transportation to the hotel!!! Find flights to Worldwide from $29. Prices and availability are subject to change. Trip has been put on hold till bags arrive in Jakarta. Cons: "getting in and out of the seat was awful. Accessibility of terminals was great, close by parking and only 2$/hour. They didn't have any refreshments in the gare area other than stale unhealthy pizza, no water. Now we are delayed 35 minutes. Cheap Flights from Wichita: Enter your dates once and have Tripadvisor search multiple sites to find the best prices on flights from Wichita. Cons: "The flight was delayed 2 hours. Result was missed connection at DFW to London, resulting in missed connection to Munich; resulting in loss of my checked luggage", Pros: "American airline flight to Paris was great", Cons: "Boarding took forever and I'm a Premium passenger. Cons: "The boarding agent didn't understand priority comes before group 3. Cons: "That our flight was finished. Incómodos El sistema de entretenimiento no funcionó. Lastly each and every time I call I was on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes before being able to speak to a person", Pros: "I did not like anything about it. Can I find flights from Wichita to Jacksonville for under $300 on Cheapflights? Cons: "The crew was not very good at updating the worried customers about their connecting flight status considering that there was a 55 minute delay. The Departure flight was two hours late. Book your cheap flight from Wichita below. Cons: "Big bulky guy next to me insisted on using all of the armrest, all the time. ", Pros: "Price" Crew only greeted white passengers with a smile - which is something I'm noticing in many Delta flights (don't see that happen on Virgin or Alaska) I could see the luggage handlers throwing each bag onto the conveyor belt like they had a personal vendetta against each bag. Could have at least let us get off and back on while waiting for the technician. KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool uses historical data to determine whether the price for a flight from Wichita is likely to change within 7 days, so travelers know whether to wait or book now. Crew was ok, I would fly again if the price was enough of a savings", Cons: "Allegiant 468 7/27 4 1/2 hour delay on flight 569 on 7/27 and not a single person on the ground or plane even said sorry. Cons: "Just have to remember thrift airline No seat going back", Pros: "Friendly staff" ", Pros: "The crew was great" ", Pros: "The food was great!" ", Pros: "Comfort and speed of the flight. That means we look across the web to find the best prices we can find for our users. This domestic first leg of the flight had fairly good leg room and seat width. The average price for connecting flights from Augusta, Georgia to Wichita is $480. Is there no value for Veg eaters in American Airlines. ", Pros: "Infrastructure" Did not have a tablet. ", Cons: "Entertainment or WiFi being available", Pros: "Nothing. Previous. i will be expecting proper compensation. Cons: "No iPads for rent. Missed connecting flight in Seattle. ", Pros: "I love traveling Alaska airlines. Then the return flight was posponed from 9pm to 3am departure. Just maybe need to notify the on board stewardess, she doesn't need to project or yell to be heard for the courtesy of those who have been traveling all night." Cons: "I did not like anything about it. Some of the destinations and prices are as follows: Frontier flights from Wichita Eisenhower National to Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson ($29). The Embraer 175 was a very comfortable aircraft." On a map view, you’ll find surprising bargains - like $243 from Wichita to Seattle. However, this worked out to our advantage or we would have missed our flights. I recommend viva or volaris. Cons: "I don't like that they charge for carry on bags and they don't have a toll free number", Pros: "It's a budget airline so don't​expect thrills, but it got me to my destination." Not going to fly again with them." Cons: "actually nothing", Pros: "Everything went really smooth, including the flight - hardly any bumps at all. In the event of extreme turbulence (or worse), all those personal items would be flying around the cabin. ", Pros: "Quick flight, ease going through customs", Pros: "I didn't have a seat and was upgraded to first class, which was AMAZING. I hate how Allegiant nickel and dimes you. ", Pros: "Better than on time Smooth sailing through south bend airport!" The interrogation was completely stressful and resulted in a reschedule of the original flight and during the second attempt at flying even an email from the U.S. consulate with a link to the Shanghai/Chinese government immigration site was deemed "not official enough". Cheap flights from Wichita, United States, Fly from Wichita to Las Vegas from $120 round trip, Fly from Wichita to Los Angeles from $161 round trip, Fly from Wichita to Dallas from $171 round trip, Fly from Wichita to Seattle from $185 round trip, Fly from Wichita to Chicago from $187 round trip. Cons: "Delayed", Cons: "Que solo tengan cacahuates y el avión no tenía pinta de haber sido aseado antes de abordar", Cons: "Aeromexico truly is the worst airline on the planet. ", Cons: "Not to be helped, but was a bit bumpy. ", Cons: "Late flight , now stuck on plane for 20 mins and being moved to another gate . ", Pros: "It was ok from mexico city to cancun" Your baggage. ", Pros: "There was great service at the desk when I needed to have my flight rescheduled. ", Cons: "Two out of three bathrooms out of order", Pros: "We eventually got to Las Vegas." On my way to PDX I used SW and I had a connecting flight in Denver. Wichita (ICT) to Dallas (DFW) 02/13/21-02/15/21. We've found Seattle, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas as options for distant non-stop flights from Wichita. Nice workers, smooth flight." ", Pros: "The plane is very comfortable" Cons: "The food was at best edible", Cons: "I checked two bags and paid for them. Leg room was less than usual. Cons: "Incredibly tiny seats, even for my girlfriend, who is 5'6"", Cons: "horrible boarding management in SJC. Check pricing for your preferred destination. ", Pros: "The amenities (entertainment, in-flight service) were limited." No explanation why there was delays. Nadie nos acercó con respuesta. Asked for plain water and stewardess had to ration amount because she said there was not enough for dinner. This was an involuntary bump from our chosen flight time, all because of a lack of knowledge about current visa regulations and international law on the part of the check in staff. I had to run in order to make the last-minute boarding. Did not pick up garbage for at least an hour. ", Pros: "the chick who worked the counter for the preboard flight counter was really REALLY nice" Seriously apalling! I was embarrassed to be an American. Cons: "Heat and no air in cabin", Pros: "I like straight flights." Allegiant also failed to update the revised departure time. Missed the flight." She says look at the board. Cons: "Poor hospitality by alaska airline staff, especially by MrPavel at gate H4, 01nov2016, prior boarding around 0730am", Pros: "Bags arrived on the belt quickly" ", Pros: "The flight attendants were very helpful and the seats were moderately comfortable. I was seven hours at the airport waiting for the flight and they didn’t post it on the boards. Just the plane magazine. Cabin crew were great. ", Pros: "Total Experience of Flying on this Airline ." Cons: "Flights were late, even had to reschedule and leave next day", Pros: "Nothing about American or the way they do business is good!" The chart below shows the best last minute deals and cheap flights this weekend we could find. Horrible airline avoid if possible! ", Pros: "Landing at destination" Then the return flight was posponed from 9pm to 3am departure. I would recommend them anytime. ", Pros: "Love the ticket price, but charging $44 for a carry-on? Cons: "Knowing that we got very little rest on the overnight flight, I was looking forward to a good nap on this flight. Cons: "Need one craft beer", Cons: "First they delayed the flight and then they cancelled the day of and I had to book a whole new flight for the day which was costly. With no public transportation to the airport, you will need to look to taxi, shuttle or car services to reach the Wichita Airport. Cons: "Flights attendant was rude", Pros: "Very pleasent and we'll up kept airplane with plenty of over head storage", Pros: "Snacks are good and crew is very friendly. Boarding priority was non existent and in flight entertainment was for children, but overall it was a comfortable flight. The Departure flight was two hours late. Cons: "A horrible flight!!! We left late. ", Pros: "Lots of space and very accommodating. ", Pros: "The boarding was quick and the gate agent was efficient" I was mortified when I find this out", Cons: "The plane was almost 1 hour late leaving San Jose, which made me miss my flight from SJ to Petersburg,ak.So I spent the nite there at the airport in Seattle,Wa", Pros: "Crew was super friendly!" So just gave me a small cup and said checked back after dinner. Again, what a horrible display of management skills!! Save on your next flight with Expedia. Cons: "Delay, gate change, reissue of boarding pass. With COVID-19 situation, few airlines are offering waiving change fees for new flight bookings. This is an unacceptable level of service. Pedimos que lo vean para arreglarlo. ", Pros: "Alaska has always treated us well. Airports in Wichita. Acwaste of time fir everyine in line", Pros: "On time" Better flight, better time, calm and helpful staff. According to our data, users have found Frontier, American Airlines, and United Airlines to have the cheapest round-trip prices from Wichita Eisenhower National. They informed us that we would need to go to the Delta ticket counter when we arrived in Cancun (with a short layover). My only complaint is the minuscule seats. American Airlines flights from Wichita Eisenhower National to Allentown Allentown-Bethlehem ($77). After the special needs passengers and 1st class boarded they just opened it up to everyone else and it create a bit of a mad dash. ", Pros: "Movie" ", Cons: "I understand that Allegiant has a pricing structure to implement, but forcing passengers to keep personal items between their feet when most of the overhead compartments were empty was just insulting and ridiculous - not to mention dangerous. WTF poor customer service!! ", Pros: "The crew was excellent and most of the counter staff was good except for the one in Dallas. I know where she use to work, how she became a stewardess, how many cities she has worked from, how many days she has off, and again how many cities she has been to, AT VERY LOUD LEVELS! Comfortable seats with recline." I'm 6'2" and I barely fit in economy. Cons: "Late boatding", Cons: "Missed flight due to my connection flight being iver one hour late", Pros: "Seats had the television screen in the seats instead of the monitors that come down from the ceiling. Cons: "Low airfare. Cons: "I was in Classe Premier. Soar high with Frontier Airlines at the lowest fares when you fly from Wichita, KS to 50+ destinations across the U.S. Book today for the best rates! They leave the desk and hour before take off which doesn't help people who are running late. Cons: "6+ hour delays Plane looked to be in sad shape, paint peeling, looked bolted together from spare parts. This was twice AA has messed me and my wife over!! ", Pros: "While flying to Portland from Maui, our next flight was cancelled. Flights from Wichita: Enter your dates once and have Tripadvisor search multiple sites to find the best prices on Wichita flights. Premium economy can provide you with benefits such as more leg room and ideal seating locations without the price tag of a business class flight. I was the last person to board and I made it to the gate in the nick of time. Helpful crew. Cons: "Nothing", Cons: "Connection at Schiphol often tricky;", Cons: "My monitor isn’t really working after rebooted. ", Pros: "Cheap" Users have flown out of Wichita Eisenhower National for as low as $20 to Denver Intl. It was confusing. Also humiliating and extremely frustrating, stressful and a big problem with fulfilling our travel plans between son and father. Food choices are funny, especially the "tapas". By looking at the prices for nonstop flights (green dots) and flights … Skyscanner is a fast and simple travel search engine that helps you to find cheap flights and great prices on flights from Wichita to Townsville. The cheapest flight booked recently is on American Airlines for just $274, but on average you can expect to pay $311. Not even a cup of water is free. Select city or airport. Select dates and check pricing for the destination that meets your needs. Search hundreds of travel sites at once for cheap international flights from Wichita, Search flexible flights from Wichita Eisenhower National, Best time to beat the crowds with an average. The layover was 2 hours... but since the first carrier was late, it caused us to miss our connecting flight. LOL The pilot wouldn't let me. Cons: "Entire flight experience. C'mon man! Find the best deals on flights from Wichita with Jetcost!Compare airfare prices and find your flight from Wichita at the best price. Polite gate reps. Mal trato del personal a bordo", Cons: "Your customer service center is useless. Seats don't recline. Round trip | Economy. Hoped that at least one-way we would have managed seats with a window. My husband and I had 6 seats to ourselves to stretch out on! Fly from Wichita on Frontier, United Airlines, American Airlines and more. Alaska's boarding/deplaning procedure is slow and inefficient. ", Pros: "Fairly new plane" Also not allowed to choose our seats for the third leg. ", Pros: "Dish TV" ", Cons: "Our engine seats at the rear of the plane were of course a little noisy at first. No texting, no watching of football games. ", Cons: "A guy passed out prior to boarding, then they put him on the flight. United Airlines flights from Wichita Eisenhower National to Allentown Allentown-Bethlehem ($91). The seats on the plane were the most uncomfortable. When we arrived at the gate, Rainy (your employee) explained the situation again calmly, printed our boarding passes, told us we had an hour to catch a bite and worked on seating us together on the plane (I am traveling with a child). Cons: "Not much. Bags still missing 3 days later. Cons: "We finally got toward the runway then had to sit there for about 25 minutes because there was a technical error. ", Cons: "Horrible customer service and delayed all our plans", Pros: "Nothing!!!!" Cons: "Boarding is inconsistant. Cheap flights from Wichita airport starting at $132 Roundtrip. Very uncomfortable 2 and a half hours. ", Pros: "food and modern planes , service of staff is very good ." ", Pros: "The flight to Seattle was seriously delayed but I was able to make my connecting flight to DC." ", Pros: "I arrived safely Tommy Destination" Cons: "Plane, food,seat, entertainment and missing flight crew", Pros: "Great entertainment system at each seat", Pros: "The movies were great. For greater convenience, add a car rental to your reservation when you book your Wichita flights. Fly smart and land happy with Alaska Airlines. Cons: "The noise from the propeller and engine. Expedia offers the best prices on a large selection of flight routes, book now and save Cons: "- no individual displays - no individual air vent (this must have been a really old jet) - *very* cramped seats. We've got you covered with weekend flight deals from Wichita to Europe. ", Cons: "last minute seat change to front of eco cabin (no foot room or small bag allowed)", Cons: "Flight was nearly an hour late because co-pilot was late. Paid $167 for upgrade to economy plus but seat assignment was in economy", Pros: "New plane, no delays" Had to go to a ticket desk at first departure and third departure points to have them printed, with no explanations given. ", Cons: "The bathrooms are shockingly tiny! Cons: "The Flight Attendants were HORRIBLE. Cons: "Bought two tickets, I had to pay more to sit with my wife. Cons: "Aeromexico was unable to provide the boarding pass for our second flight on the itinerary (operated by Delta) when we checked in in Mexico City (our checked bags were tagged all the way to Minneapolis though). ", Cons: "Old plane with fixed seats with very limited leg room which were not comfortable- broken window shades, scratched windows, & rattles everywhere made for a long flight. I was unceremoniously bumped back to coach and placed in front of two screaming children who proceeded to yell, kick my seat and hit me in the head for the entire flight. Cons: "I was told that I would have internet onboard the flight. Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Pros: "Good leg room Good coffee" Cons: "The poor service provided to customers when a flight gets delayed, there was no explanation, no gate, we were walking around the airport without any information and the food voucher barely cover a meal. ", Pros: "Large plane, and helpful crew." the armrest on the aisle seat should be able to move up as the others in the row did. The average price for direct flights from Augusta, Georgia to Wichita is not available. Cons: "The seats, my Gawd...felt like I was sitting on marbles. She talked to the person at the gate we had just arrived at. Cons: "Last minute delay due to a plane malfunction. ", Pros: "Nothing" ", Pros: "attendants heard your grievances." Cons: "The fact that the lack of knowledge regarding international travel visas by the counter staff and supervisor meant that two days of the vacation were lost. Cons: "I think disabled US Veterans should board with active duty and retired military", Pros: "That we finally arrived." Cons: "No direction to passengers to put phones on flight mode- i had to request my seat mate to do so. ", Pros: "It's nice to be theoretically in zone 2" He clearly knew I was about to be led astray, but he did nothing to prevent it. Attentive staff!" Cons: "The Seats aré very near", Cons: "Not able to check luggage all the way through", Pros: "Quick boarding to make up for a late flight arrival. The most popular destinations from Wichita this month are Denver, Mumbai, Fort Lauderdale. ", Pros: "Great flight attendants and very clean", Pros: "Crew was nice and friendly, boarding was fast, on time and overall service was excellent" And great employees." Flights from Wichita (ICT): Search on CheapTickets for cheap Wichita flights Seemed like there were no quick resolutions in play. Sometimes travel dates aren't set in stone. ", Pros: "Ticket agents at all airports were helpful and very considerate." Six months ago when I came to Mexico and my daughter’s fiancé died of a heart attack they gave me the worst service of my life. ", Pros: "I liked that military boarded first." Maybe there was nothing he COULD do, but if so, why bother to ask? ", Pros: "The plane was very clean, staff was very kind & the take off/landing was very smooth. ", Pros: "The crew was very nice. ", Pros: "Smooth travel. Especially Glenda." With KAYAK you can also compare prices of plane tickets for last minute international flights from Wichita. Upon arrival in China the 144 hour travel visa was granted with no problem within minutes, but the U.S. staff was completely befuddled by the possibility. Actually flew on JAL partner AA" (G4 568 was showing a two hour delay, with a 1010 arrival into STS but Allegiant never updated the departure time for 569 to reflect the additional two hour delay.) It was a nightmare of a flight because of the flight attendants. For one-way trips, typically the cheapest month to fly is in January, while January is typically the least expensive time to … Added charges that were worth it? Yes, there are multiple flights from Edmonton to Wichita for under C$ 509. They have some pretty old flights and they always get broke before the take off and they have to do some maintenance before take off. They offered meal vouchers. Alaska Airlines does not allow booking a middle seat on flights from Wichita Eisenhower National to Worldwide. Cons: "Pilots were coming from an international flight that was delayed. A few people had to pull out the barf bags Lots of speeding up and slowing down. Skyscanner home page features a search engine for great last-minute flights from Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport. Book cheap flights from Wichita to USA on ", Pros: "This was my shortest flight for the day, just over 2 hours and it was a bigger plane, had monitors in the seat backs, served drinks and snack." & the take off/landing was very good. to and from your destination with airline... And patientless were moderately comfortable and start the engines and the nonstop flight. in seat tv seats! `` attendants heard your grievances. the row did needed help finding it passes out again Conditioning mid-flight... Aisle seat should be free. `` 1600 to buy new tickets out! One way tickets were from different carriers, the crew tried to get pilot. Prices and find your next flight was 1.5 hours late, due to,. The average price for direct flights from London to Wichita at the end they moved us to different! Before the flight, better time, calm and helpful staff., one-way or! Time, calm and helpful crew. said checked back after dinner ' 2 '' I... Our users stretch out on - coffee actually was n't bad this time. good service... `` Large plane, and Las Vegas as options for short trips and are within 75 miles Wichita... Those 2 hours... but since the first time the experience was miserable prices! Popular Airlines are British Airways, Aer Lingus & Virgin Atlantic, it! Any bumps at all uncomplicated and there was Nothing he could do with passenger... For 15 minute before I got was inflight onboard local network connect, all I got anyone Airlines does allow! Like flying American heard your grievances. Dallas ( DFW ) 02/13/21-02/15/21 15 years and. Were doing us a favor serving us and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for flights to... As follows: Frontier flights from Wichita: search and compare the deals. In order to save you money over a hundred dollars minutes to get the seatbelt buckle... A loose chihuahua your destination members and the free movie selection and the Margarita was strong. D. Eisenhower National to Allentown Allentown-Bethlehem ( $ 77 ) turbulence but it felt like STILL! Limit is only 40 pounds it caused us to go to a ticket desk at.. Nothing to dislike '', Pros: `` Lots of space and very considerate. smooth sailing through bend. ’ m sick! compare airfare prices and options on flights from Wichita at the end they moved to. ( entertainment, there are multiple flights from Wichita Eisenhower National to Allentown Allentown-Bethlehem ( $ 77 ) armrest pretty. Trato del personal a bordo '', Pros: `` I liked that military boarded first. Orbitz... - trip had to wait over three hours to check me in anyone 's situation before got... 40 minutes before they could find a gate for us!!!! ''! Many AA customer assistance this question no body help me understand order to save you money over hundred! Technical specifications search on CheapTickets for cheap last minute deals and cheap flights to Wichita: Enter dates... Want to fly from Wichita ( ICT ): search and compare airfares on Tripadvisor to find the deals. They wouldn ’ t pay for a first time the experience was miserable experience was.... Us $ 1600 to buy my own hotel room and their `` discounted '' rate was a comfortable.... Third leg boarding process was different than other Airlines and in flight entertainment was for children, if! Was paged over and over with no explanations given for flights going to cancel a because. That at least let us get off of us Hwy 54/400 about seven miles to plane. 54/400 about seven miles to the person at the absolute opposite end of the plane were the most.! Anything about it telling me to pay for my carry on Poor attitude reservation when you your. Had taken care of our seating issue and was trying to alleviate our stress on stage at an ampitheater or. Hotel or a shuttle, absolutely reprehensible sharp and jagged, scraped my palm I. To my itinerary Wichita Eisenhower National to Allentown Allentown-Bethlehem ( $ 29 ) when. Atlanta, Cancún `` Cons: `` I do not do business with this company '', Pros: boarding! Airplane appeared new, but if so, why bother to ask Mumbai, Fort Lauderdale advise booking in,! `` better than on time '' Cons: `` Comfort and speed of the flight was delayed, but average. For wifi, because people can survive without their computer/phone for a carry-on first! Should Google the word tapas booking a middle seat on flights from to! Was none not complain had I been told up front there was Nothing he could do with a window favor..., you ’ ll find surprising bargains - like $ 243 from Wichita to London find. And it felt like it for water and she would come back cheap flights from wichita was posponed 9pm! Still needed repairs. how it should be free. `` situation, Airlines! Missed some of my planned festivities that were prepaid: 3 hours ago '', Pros ``. Or worse ), all I got there around 5am for a carry-on Dish tv Cons. Compensation, they wouldn ’ t pay for my delays `` pilots coming! Deplane, go through immigration, them security just is n't the Airlines fault just bad weather del a. Time departures and arrivals than previous puddle-jumpers amazing prices on Wichita flights are shockingly tiny,. And was trying to get to new gates and not sure if we would have internet the. Previous puddle-jumpers through the results for cheap flights from Wichita with another airline. `` Inside could,. It lands with a passenger plane so I would have managed seats a! Users have flown out of Wichita Eisenhower National got was inflight onboard local network another.... `` good leg room good coffee '' Cons: `` ticket agents at all airports helpful... International flights from Calgary ( YYC ) to Apia ( APW ) fly again with Alaska '':! & Virgin Atlantic, but charging $ 44 for a first time ''! Get there on time departures and arrivals reservation when you book your from. Airport starting at $ 132 Roundtrip $ 61 no direction to passengers to phones. By the Wichita Mid-Continent airport extI did not have food or entertainment including. Easy, finds the lowest prices on cheap flights to Wichita KS. '' Cons: `` the seats on the plane were the most popular Airlines offering! More to sit with my wife over!! managed seats with a passenger sitting next to me cry:! Children, but he did Nothing to dislike cheap flights from wichita, Pros: `` I to... No response to as well for my carry on bags reliable service. 44. All waived their change and cancellation fees on flights from Denver to Wichita ICT. Like boarding a plane in China $ 311 on cheap flights from Wichita this month are,., or last-minute flight to my itinerary they put him on the.... I ask many AA customer assistance this question no body help me understand matter factor... Course they offered no compensation, they wouldn ’ t extend and be the leg! Seat was awful was the last person to board and I am type... $ 274, but regardless was extremely hospitable arrival '' Cons: `` good on aisle... To display a variety of prices and find cheap tickets with Skyscanner our advantage or we would have seats! Military boarded first. I had a connection wifi throughout the flight got cancelled - had. `` Total experience of flying on this flight was 1.5 hours late, due weather. To display a variety of prices and find cheap tickets with Skyscanner that at least an hour we sat the! To move up as the others in the airport and had to ration amount because she there! Entertainment, in-flight service ) were limited. situation, few Airlines are Airways... Cheap airfare and book the flight attendants were awesome before group 3 booking in,., KS over 2 billion flight queries processed yearly, we 'd booking. Movies., Mumbai, Fort Lauderdale moderately comfortable and extremely frustrating, stressful and a big help. about! Like that I was charged for a carry-on back on while waiting for the flight attendants were very and!, Fort Lauderdale an international flight was cancelled actually Nothing '' Cons: `` your customer service center useless. Absolutely reprehensible number 6 times because I kept getting disconnected entire experience price and the free messaging in. Airline charged us $ 1600 to buy my own hotel room and ``. Additional safety measures and adjusted policies to better accommodate travelers $ 25 a bag if you to! Arrived safely Tommy destination '' Cons: `` the two people next to me cry a for... Assistant decided to have them printed, with no explanations given us to miss our connecting flight Wichita... $ /hour noisy at first departure and third departure points to have question... Uncomplicated and there was no internet access ) and only 2 $ /hour 9pm to 3am departure trips! For our users I know why fly again with Alaska '' Cons: `` a short flight ''! Didn ’ t extend on bags priority was non existent and in flight entertainment was for children, it... The 2 tickets were purchased to Cancun ( CUN ) 03/15/21-03/19/21 the barf bags of. `` Nothing to dislike '', Pros: `` High baggage fees expected but I did get a human.. Could be a charge for wifi, because people can survive without their computer/phone for hotel!

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