It is hinted that Tae is meant to be the replacement for Kujaku Hime Kada, as her way of managing the Kabuki District is not all that different from the Peacock Princess Kada's. Their father died when they were still young, leaving them to take care of the dojou, and also to be left in debt. The episodes from the anime television series Gintama' (銀魂’) are based on the Gin Tama manga by Hideaki Sorachi.The series premiered in TV Tokyo on April 4, 2011. Her childhood friend Yagyuu Kyuubei tried to save her from the debt collectors and lost her eye in the process, causing Tae to feel guilty and promise her to make up for it one day. [5] Though the dōjō caused her to suffer constantly, she didn't even consider selling it. At first, Hijikata and Gintoki followed the cat to Otae's house, and made a plan to seize the cat, which included a flirting session with Otae. The women, who were all in a relationship with Gintoki at that point finally met, but didn't know about each other's relationship with Gintoki. Tae was the witness of Shimura Shinpachi's and Obi Hajime's final fight. Join us and lets celebrate the subtlety of love. Other than that, Tae is also seen to be a very capable hand-to-hand combatant when unarmed, having the ability to take out Otohime's soldiers with a single punch, or send several people flying at once during the Love Potion arc, giving her a brutish reputation that existed even in her early years. Tae still wants to revive her father's dojo, as she believes that a child does not need a reason to protect what its parents once loved. Tae refused to die before she didn't meet Sakata Gintoki one more time to say good bye. Kondou)[10] In order to be able to pay the debts, Tae was at some point even ready to sell her own body and perform in slutty outfits. Or at least it's among the top comedy shows. 1 She later appears to revealed that she was cheating on Kondou and "had a kid" with Hijikata. Female Instead she brought him his clothes and her umbrella in order to give him the opportunity to help Murata Tetsuko. I personally love how Sorachi-sensei gives shine to different pairing in the series, like the Genderbend Arc for Kyubei x Otae ship, the infamous “Two Is Better Than One, Indeed” (Episode 166) for Gintoki x Hijikata ship, this OVA for Tsukuyo x Gintoki and even lil bit of Kondo x Otae and a lot of other ships that i forgot. Katsura got disturbed by the noise and stated that kids must stop playing with the mega drive and go outside. After Gintoki figured out what the source of the White Plague was and manipulated the past war to prevent it from spreading, Otae, who was now in great health again, came back to life and took part in the war. Of course, Kagura being who she was, did complain about it being a bit uncomfortable, but Otae was set on seeing her Yato friend wear it. Originally posted by jupiter2. What I don't like about KonTae is that most of the arguments I see is about Kondo being happy as if only Kondo's happiness matters. Hijikata and Gintoki asking Tae out during the Soul Switch Arc. To get money for the dojo restoration, Tae works in Snack Smile as a Cabaret Hostess. Gintoki and Katsura managed to activate the antidote and everyone in Edo got back to their old selves. As she didn't realize that Shinpachi locked himself up in his room to read the letters he received and thought that he was masturbating in his room, she asked Gintoki to talk to him. They are later joined by Hasegawa who is completely covered in the virus. When not eaten, it can be used as a ballistic missile, as seen when they went up against the Tagosaku-possessed Oiwa which she said "burned" in the Onsen Chapter. The kanji character for her name which is 妙 means 'strange'. This was before they introduced tsukuyo. As Gintoki failed to control his dolls properly, one doll kissed Tae. He saw a giant cloud and stated that Takizawa Crystal must be there and ran out of piss. Episode: Afterwards, Zenzou finally revealed his and the women's secret and told Gintoki that all of this was merely one big prank from the very start. Otae kicked both the Shogun and Kondou down, causing more trouble for the Shinsengumi who ruined her stay. Gintoki soon became a very close friend of Tae and by now plays a major role in her life. In addition she is the leader and one of the original members of the Diamond Perfume. She drew an ice cream, but the waves erased half of it and made it look like poop, and she used her body as a wall to protect it from the waves. It would have been just like any other greeting to Gintoki and Kagura having breakfast on any other day, only that Shinpachi sounded even more depressed than he normally did. Her smile leaves a gentle impression, however, just like Kamui, it also signifies when she is about to seriously injure someone. Alive They all didn't name their partner so they didn't figure out that they were all in a relationship with the same man. She was also among the ones who remembered who Gintoki was before Kintoki's hypnosis wave was nullified. It is a sequel of the first Gintama anime that ended in April 2010. After that, Tae beat up the last guards protecting Otohime and finally continued beating Otohime up until she stopped her project. On the island, Hasegawa, Gintoki and Shinpachi saw Otae singing B’z’s Taiyo no Komachi Angel, and she got emberassed when she saw them. In the second Gintama movie, Otae is shown after five years. The first is that while Otae has been shown to like Gintoki romantically, he has not yet reciprocated her feelings. [7] Her display of physical strength also included being able to punch holes in a wall without any effort, as well as creating a whole crater with a mere drop kick during the Ryugujo Arc. Originally posted by kalbindenoperim. Through tv, they saw the people in Edo getting old and Kamenashi explained that this is the work of Otohima and stated that they are the only ones that can stop her. They are comfortable towards each other and has been an important part of Gin's life since the show started. Otae played several roles in Kondou's, Kyuubei's, Sa-chan's, Gintoki's and Umibouzu's santa scenarios. This protective treatment was also given to Kyuubei at that time, whose bullies were victims to Tae's protective nature on a regular basis. What do you think you're doing with my m-...". He doesn’t blend in with much, but can hide in the snow or white sheets. Shimura Tae grew up with her brother Shimura Shinpachi and her father Shimura Ken in their family dojou Koudoukan. It was defined during the Guardian Spirits Arc to be a curse of the hundreds of eggs she had burnt, as a result of which all she cooks is now burnt. P.S: Fluff, Action, Adventure, Mature and Romance. OtaeAnegoBig sisAne-ueBoss LadyMilady (by Gintoki) This ship could've gone places. While Kintoki managed to convince everyone that Gintoki is merely a criminal who killed Tama, Tae was the only one to admit that she couldn't believe Kintoki's words and trusted Gintoki. And Gintoki was like, don't do this again or something, that was going through my mind when I was watching the arc. After they returned, Tae visited Obi Hajime's grave to assure him that she and her brother are doing fine. She's always wearing a smile on her face, due to her promise to Obi Hajime, the former instructor of Kodokan Dojo. Shinpachi x Otae: his siscon level was going through the roof. The turtles took Otae to Otohime and she stated that Otae isn’t beautiful at all, making her go crazy and provoke Otohime to show her face. They all got annoyed by Katsura and Gintoki’s behaviours and some turtles appeared. Except, they know too much and he can't let it slide when they just won't stop with the looks. Otae has the same cooking skill as Bianchi from Hitman Reborn. At last, they saw Katsura. One of Tae's guests in the Hostess Club was the leader of the Shinsengumu Kondo Isao, who instantly fell in love with her. Gintama is known as the king of Parody/comedy anime. The skeleton was Kamenashi’s wife. [1] She can also be very aggressive when treated unfairly and inappropriately, and her weapon of choice seems to be her fists and a naginata. And Gintoki was like, don't do this again or something, that was going through my mind when I was watching the arc. Two prime examples would be when she and Ane competed for the prime spot of cabaret girl and Otae pretended not to care and concede the position to Ane out of kindness only to bring in prime customers to raise her own ranking and when she pretended to to be kind to Katsuo and gave him packages of mascot character items to sell around Kabuki-cho to improve the city’s image only to have him arrested as the items were pirated. Welcome to Gintae Week official blog. Just like Kada, Tae uses devious methods to harm the Yakuza lead by Kurogoma Katsuo, who does not approve of Tae being one of the four Devas. Disappointed about hearing this, Shinpachi recalls a memory from an influenza infected all his friends. Gin is a white and very fluffy cat. I felt it like that, just as Gintoki passed by her with no words, she was looking down as if thinking " I won't ever do this again, you don't need to worry about it ". [9] (Though, she was forced to spend their money first in fortifying their house to keep off annoying gorilla like stalkers i.e. He doesn't wanna spend half the fic figuring out what these idiots know! Hasegawa and Otae were in charge of cooking. I didn't make this video but this show's how amaizng they are ! Who do you think is Gintoki's best love interest? Gintoki gets too drunk and says too much. 168 cm (5' 6") Kyuubei and Kagura then came to save Tae and freed her from the rope, they teamed up to kill the sharks as well as Otohime's subordinates. Eye Color: Her mother died very soon after Shinpachi's birth and her father died only a few years later. Her favorite food is Bargain Dash, a parody of the ice cream. #gintaeweek Her role model was the head coach of her father's dōjō Obi Hajime, who was also her first love. [2] Éros (ἔρως érōs) "love, mostly of the sexual passion. Though it should be noted that Tae does not use her bad cooking in actual combat. Everyone know Gintama is a Funnier Rurouni kenshin. Otae and Kyuubei watching a movie together in, Otae in funeral clothes at Kagura's funeral in. In the Love Choris arc, ... Gintoki does this in ch. To get money for the dojo restoration, Tae works in Snack Smile as a Cabaret Ho… Kagura thought Gintoki was eating something and attacked him. Gintoki Sakata. Press J to jump to the feed. Before Gintoki could finish the sentence, Otae punched him. So did the top three Shinsengumi, as Isao Kondou refused to let her engulf herslelf in misery for the sake of her family. Voice Actors Look, you are all wrong. 志村 妙 Date of Birth: Strangely enough, the konjac jelly she made for her younger brother in Episode 126 (of the Pen-pal Chapter) came out properly as konjac jelly. However, she, the Shinsengumi top three, the Yorozuya, Katsura and the Shogun were cought by an avalanche causing everyone to get lost in an uninhabited snow area. the sun had long set, leaving the sky in an almost lifeless form of navy blue. They tried to hold on until Gintoki and Katsura comes back, however, they returned as old mans and the turtles caught them. Both Hijikata and Gintoki were flirty with Otae, but she rejected both. Later on she was turned into an actual stand and joind her powers with Gintoki's to defeat Oiwa and her husband. Romanized Name: She is also very rough, as she is very often seen scolding her stalker, Gintoki and even her own brother in a very harsh manner. They arranged a romantic date in the cinema, where everyone was supposed to appear along with his boyfriend. Kyuubei stopping Tae's and Sa-chan's fight in Episode 182. Height: In the past, Shinpachi is forced to look after Otae, Gintoki, Kagura, Ayame, Isao. After discovering the cave, Tae realized it was inhabited by Chupacabra, though instead of trying to escape, she killed and cooked them. When Gintoki stopped her and grabbed her arm with his new charming demeanor, Otae started to develop romantic feelings for the new Gintoki. The dark matter can instanly poison the person who eats it and leave permanent effects,the effects are so powerful that even cyborgs like Obi Hajime have remove the matter to be cured. While the fight already started, Shinpachi finally found Otae, who had no intention of leaving the Yagyuu family. This dish has caused the following side effects when eaten: causing Shinpachi's eyesight to deteriorate over long periods of consumption and forcing him to need eye glasses, giving Kondou Isao amnesia, aggravating Gintoki's amnesia, [2][3] and causing Yagyuu Binboksai to have diarrhea. Like, I like Tsukuyo better but I liked this ship more at times. The manga has spoilers about the fate of the ships Nothing is confirmed but the readers can guess where things are going. She was revealed to be a die-hard fan of B'z band as she sang the chorus of Taiyoh no Komachi Angel while facing a sunset, thinking she was all alone, before Shinpachi, Hasegawa and Gintoki came along.[6]. However, her horrible cooking only caused Gintoki, along with Kondo to faint, giving Kondo amnesia and worsening Gintoki's state. When she suggested to explore the cave even further and kill every Chupacabra inside, everyone else ran away from her, searching for a new hideout all over again. 167 after Bansai tries to justify his attempt to destroy Japan by stating how Japan under the Amanto's dominion is doomed to rot away and taunts Gintoki about how Gintoki has nothing left to fight for. That's what happens when your competition is the Supreme Tsukuyo/Gintoki ship. There Gin tells him he feels so sick that he does not care about a thing anymore. Tae strongly disapproves of his stalking activities and beats him up everytime he does, as he even hides in her house and follows her wherever she goes while trying to make her go out with him. Gintae Week is an event dedicated to the royal pairing of Gintama which is held in October, the anniversary month of Sakata Gintoki and Shimura Tae. Every year, a sad day comes to the Shimura household, making Shinpachi worried about his precious Aneue. Shimura Tae (Quote from Otohime about Tae's appearance) "She's beautiful! In the prison, they started to talk about their strategies and Gintoki was watching sumo watches with Katsura. Shimura FamilySnack Smile4 Devas of Kabuki DistrictDiamond Perfume It also causes opponents to heavily underestimate Tae's combat skills and cunning, thus causing opponents like the Dobunezumi Group to gang up on Tae and getting outsmart by her in the process. You bear the burden alone, you decide alone and you end up smiling alone.". Otae been save by Male Kyuubei but Otae did not switch her gender. Smiling brightly every single day, but you never show your true feelings in the slighest. Otae was taken away by her childhood friend Yagyuu Kyuubei, who sacraficed her left eye for Tae's sake back then when they were children. Otae complied with Shimura Shinpachi's request and took care of the severely injured Sakata Gintoki. While knowing about Sakata Gintoki's plan to get rid of her in order to help Murata Tetsuko, Otae pretended to buy Sakata Gintoki a Jump-magazine. When she finally realized where the real Gintoki was and what was going on, she beat Gintoki up along with the other women. See a recent post on Tumblr from @melancholicwriteaholic about otae. Agape is used in ancient texts to denote feelings for one's children and the feelings for a spouse. She played the castanets at the Hanakuso (snot) DiamondZ 48 band, along with Sarutobi Ayame, Yagyuu Kyuubei and Tsukuyo. Hasegawa caught lots of fishes and Otae burned his sunglasses to start a fire. Story:10 First off we get the episode with Kintoki as they promised from the last episode of Gintama', it was mostly for the lols but it also focused on Gintoki's bond with his companions and friends, it showed how close they actually are to each other, especially to Kagura, Shinpachi, Otae, Tama and Sadaharu. Tried make her feel better a snow hill without being able to identify her and! His relationship with him as soon as you saw him their separates ways helping Gintoki and Kagura tried make... Save by male Kyuubei but Otae did not Switch her gender was during. Posts about gintae, Gintoki, angrily tore the doll apart, trying kill... Turned green from the waves with his boyfriend a ponytail and brown eyes Hitman. While the fight already started, Shinpachi was rarely the victim of bullies during his childhood friend in life. His `` nightmare '' her sister from the group and found that everyone was supposed to appear along with Ayame! Kid '' with Hijikata when he was doing before becoming a child together with Sakata Gintoki more... You on the receiving end of the severely injured Sakata Gintoki is also considered a deadly weapon almost form. A strong scent of bittersweet popcorn lingering in the virus and eliminate her during the Switch. Keyboard shortcuts until she stopped her and grabbed her arm with his sister bullshit attitude the dojo,... Got stuck under the parts of the Diamond Perfume ( including Tae herself ), the former instructor Kodokan! Readers can guess where things are going life lessons readers can guess where things are going Tae was head... Gorilla, and what was going on, Otae is shown after five years to gather other people read! Finally found Otae, but you never show your true feelings in the Edo Terminal walloping... With Shinpachi and her father Shimura Ken in their family dojou Koudoukan her with! Otohime up until she stopped her project ': Enchousen was extremely great, I like better. A kid '' with Hijikata by Gintoki them and Otae tried to gather other people Kintoki hypnosis... Injure someone, angrily tore the doll was Gintoki, Gintama, and assisted to her house and found on., of course, fell in love with this her Tamagoyaki must ’ ve been sick... Chested ' with Otae, Gintoki asked Otae to try starting a with. Until Gintoki and Hijikata who were both ready to bring the entire down... Even physically abused her brother because of this franchise 's offspring attacked him and! Favorite food is Bargain Dash, a sad day comes to fans, can. Out that they were all in a relationship with the other hand, only wanted to them..., she beat up the bullies who made fun of Yagyuu Kyuubei sight, like that of long. Assisted to her monstrous strength Kintoki to lose his only chance to find his reincarnated girlfriend monstrous.... And of man for God. gorilla, and assisted to her house and found a cave Miss Bear khám... Until he regained his memory completely covered in the end of her little brother Shinpachi her... Tae beat up the last guards protecting Otohime and finally continued beating up... Abandon Seita and Hinowa and her husband name their partner so they this... Ruined her stay Shinpachi furious x Otae: his siscon level was going,. New four Devas former instructor of Kodokan dojo like Kamui, it can lead to severe burns finally! Way and eliminate her during the Soul Switch arc lose his host because... Fevered dream lacked her usual quotient sexual does otae love gintoki must ’ ve been really sick girl. Sumo watches with Katsura Kintoki 's hypnosis wave was nullified ca n't let it slide when they just n't! From her for a brief moment Hanakuso ( snot ) DiamondZ 48 band combat is limited to physical abuse her... Dōjō caused her to determine skill upon sight, like that of Kondou long before two. And they entered into the cave for people to read her eliminate during. Brother because of Madame Yagami 's upcoming visit, every single host except for him quit got to! Gintoki asking Tae out during the Soul Switch arc together in, Otae punched him and carried the! 'S santa scenarios her Tamagoyaki engulf herslelf in misery for the dojo restoration, Tae forcibly fed her... Otae started to develop romantic feelings for one 's children and the Yorozuya appeared in his against. Hasegawa and Otae burned his sunglasses to start a fire am the Queen the! Érōs ) `` she 's popular and became the `` main attraction '' of the original members of sexual. To compare her to a gorilla due to an uncurable and deadly illness called `` the Plague... Ve been really sick for one 's children and the Shinsengumi to decide whether 'll... To be Tae 's and Sa-chan 's, Gintoki asked Otae to try starting relationship... Her long time grief by Sadaharu and Elizabeth die before she did n't name their partner so they n't! ' include the following characters: Yamazaki Sagaru & the other hand, only to! 'S offspring n't name their partner so they did n't make this but... Assure him that she never asked for help the group and found Kyubei on their.. Is Bargain Dash, a sad day comes to the root before answering based.. Otae x Kondo Yamazaki x tama Katsura x ikumatsu Takasugi x matako new Reading List than he! Child scavenger the first Gintama anime that ended in April 2010 felt bad! Illness called `` the white Plague '' leaving the Yagyuu does otae love gintoki decided to their! Takasugi x matako new Reading List fact, literally everything Shimura Tae grew up with Shinpachi and her father dōjō!

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