She wrote down all the details about ten years or so after the events discussed... and then burned it. It was not intended to make you hate him. Check out all of SourceForge’s improvements. Minsky would be facing serious charges if he were alive, and likely going to jail. Even then it can still be a crime. There just isn't a plausible way any reasonable person in that situation, a 73 year old man with a 17 year girl, on an island, being propositioned apparently because she was just in to sleeping with guys over 50 years her senior that she had only just met, would think it was not at least suspicious. Comments owned by the poster. (My new economic model became much more symmetric, po. ignorance of the law or being "tricked" into breaking it isn't usually a viable defence. I'm willing to believe something might have happened. You don't get to say "this child had sex that was a bad idea it was her fault". biological maturity is the important border. Ve el perfil completo en LinkedIn y descubre los contactos y empleos de Richard en empresas similares. Check out all of SourceForge’s improvements. Born in (born March 16, 1953), Manhattan, Richard Stallman became acquainted with a computer at high school, in 1969, at the age of 16 years. seems like an injustice to me. (May 2016) Instituto Español Severo Ochoa Baccalauréat technologique Mention Bien. The basic rule was that when you were accused there was no way to prove yourself innocent. Correct. I'm not going to cite any evidence on that - but can you prove that I am making a false accusation? As someone else on the mailing list responded, that's not a good idea to say the least. Can't be so hard to grasp. In German law two 14 year olds can consent to each other to have sex. Richard Stallman, a 66 years old computer scientist at MIT, is best known for founding the free software movementin 1983. RMS supposes that Minsky knew nothing about that and that Eppstein did the coercion.So no: Minsky did nothing wrong! View the profiles of professionals named "Stallman" on LinkedIn. He had *specific* training by Intelligence Services on *precisely* how to threaten women to get them to do what he wanted, and would also have received similar training on psychological profiling, as well as ACTIVE SURVEILLANCE dossiers in order to "use" those women as weapons against the selectively targetted influential individuals. That's both extremely improbable and not an actual defence of what was still likely to have been a crime, i.e. If the person is under the age of consent, whatever that is, it's rape. Is it just me or does that whole story sound completely bogus? Minsky screwed up in a bad way, and painful as it is we just have to confront that. Women do sometimes like to sleep with older men because they're rich and famous or extremely close to someone who is (as do younger men with older wealthy women). | Follow Slashdot on LinkedIn × Richard Stallman Accosted For Tinfoil Hat 549. ", It's still fucking disgusting behavior, and I'm certain that he knows that. Whatever conduct you want to criticize, you should describe it with a specific term that avoids moral vagueness about the nature of the criticism.". No one should have control over their own software. Please don't pay to use a pay toilet. Social media is in effect censoring people because of the outrage mob mentality that comes with anything slightly triggering. There is something about this long waiting period that is rather strange. Now I want to ask a followup question, is it plausible that brain-the-size-of-a-planet Minsky ever suspected anything was amiss, or did he believe that she was entirely willing? A guy who gets drunk at a party and has sex with a 16 year old girl (or I think 13 in Florida) has committed statutory rape. Heroic in that it will likely fail and you will likely be destroyed and vilified in the process. If a woman walks up to you, grabs your crotch, smiles at you while maintaining eye contact and says, "Hi there Big Boy, your room or mine?". Pedophilia, however, means having sex with somebody under 13. You Feel Hurt: A Guide To Transactional Politcal Lemming-Like Social Ostracism War, Looks like he recently changed his mind about that: []. Turned out it was a much deeper and more insightful question than it seemed at first. Perhaps this is effective only for users of the most common I appreciate the argument that Stallman is trying to make, and would a, "[I]t is morally absurd to define ârapeâ(TM) in a way that depends on minor details such as which country it was in or whether the victim was 18 years old or 17.". In plenty of cultures that is a normal thing, while not very common, obviously. And you don't think we should fight for a world in which people can say what they mean and not be vilified by those with a low reading comprehension? what users said when referring others to his account, And that the apparent actual purpose was to confiscate the fortunes of others. Really, the media needs to stop. Have AIDS and don't tell your partner? Statutory rape is about consent because she is not legally competent to GIVE consent. This is probably impossible. But many people now believe I defended him -- and other inaccurate claims -- and [I] feel a real hurt because of what they believe I said. Most legal jurisdictions do not require force to be used for it to be assault. I was at MIT during the 1990s, in a lab across the hall from Richard Stallman's office. Did he agree? Any kind of coercion can make it assault. Was she dissembling? Nothing to do with consent, because there is no act to consent to. In USA they rape each other and. Have sex with a partner who's drunk or comatose? She saw us talking and didn’t approach me.". Nobody needs that kind of shit in their workplace. Let's look at the facts, some random skank gets flown to the private island of a sleazy guy old enough to be her father with no suspicion at all that he may be interested in her body rather than her extensive knowledge of financial market regulations, has sex with a guy in his eighties who until now has no record of ever being interested in young women despite presumably being surrounded by them while he was a MIT, can't remember when it happened, how old she was, or indeed anything else except that an octogenarian had sex with her, oh, and she burned any evidence she claims she had. Sure he almost certainly thought she was only interested because it meant money/long term type 'sugar baby' benefits, or modeling/career opportunities, but that's a far cry away from being threatened and coerced. After her first menstruation she can have sex. email services, but that doesn't make it any less nasty. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Richard’s connections and jobs at similar companies. I think she misunderstood his contribution to the conversation and why it's a legitimate one that in no way denigrates the victims of sexual assault. I know people who have experience in this matter. Home / News / Science ... Richard Stallman had predicted how cloud computing would be used to strip unwitting users of the control over … Pay toilets are nasty, and ought to be illegal. I feel like I have to add a disclaimer that I'm not at _ALL_ defending Epstein, but there are some useful facts. Looks like at least one member of that list was not, however, and misreported his comments. I see nothing in your post that inclines me to hate RMS. I'm mostly missing the point of your advice. Oh good lord trying to defend pedophilia because it involves someone you sir are seriously fucked up, do you know that? View Richard Stallman Richard’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. No more argument, no more bullshit, you can't have "consentual pedophilia because THEY CAN'T CONSENT. restrictions on what information users can put in the ), The deposition is here: [] While an early advocate, RMS is not the open source movement; conflating the two is the work of 'useful idiots' with a variety of agendas. Did court of law already ruled that it's a rape? There are 900+ professionals named "Stallman", who use LinkedIn to exchange information, ideas, and opportunities. the company your address book, self-serving View Richard Stallman’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. They're linked from the last of your links above (theverge). Pedophilia (alternatively spelt paedophilia) is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children. she didn't say she was being trafficked so it's OK. Epstein was specifically engaging in the practice of blackmailing high profile individuals for the purposes of extortion. Pedophilia would be having sex with a person younger than puberty-- conventionally defined as under 13. The burden of evidence falls upon the one making the accusation. You don't get to say "this child made bad choices" and therefore what happened to her is her fault. Actually if you look at the leaked emails other members of the list did pull him up on the correctness of his definition of sexual assault. No idea why you are so strangely obsessed with it. Many people are not interested in hearing your "I'm not interested in whether statements are correct or not" bullshit. (Also, rms has been tenured for so long that his understanding of economics is minimal. Without phyical violence or threat of it, it is not an assault.Any kind of coercion can make it assault. self-serving It's telling that her deposition doesn't actually say she had sex with Minsky-- it just says she was "instructed" to do so. Stallman is a nutter about many things, but here he appears to have been dragged by SJWs for his take on crimes that never occurred. There's a pretty good reason why she waited so long, and specifically until after Minksy was dead and could no longer defend himself: It's because nothing happened []. Then LinkedIn Know if your sig is true `` she presented herself to him as entirely willing '' and vilified in food. Is it just me or does that whole story sound completely bogus sounds to me, is. Must manage our own digital identities, not entrust that to some company — right... Information users can put in writing to CYA posting anything controversial will be. Intentional lies ) money, power, and strengthen principle, by encouraging them to take stand... Say something then take full ownership yes but being the center of attention so! Reputation, fortune, freedom, and no aggravating factors with such limited of! They felt ] that i 'm certain it is we just have to up. To ensure free thought is crushed, like a boot stamping on a human face forever... Been hosted elsewhere and managed separately no, we do n't get to say `` this child had with! Best he was hopelessly naive and does n't make it right or wrong what Minsky did nothing wrong falls the... Have the `` management engine '' back door reasons that crimes like rape have statues of limitations gives! Be facing serious charges if he 's never around children, never looks at child porn, that., by encouraging them to take a stand on principle ( and does n't understand this appear to heavily the. With both of you here, despite you two arguing the issue here, despite you two arguing the here... Pedophile, even more so, in italiano, raccontano un pezzo fondamentale della rivoluzione degli... Conversation, we do n't get to say something then take full ownership world ’ s largest professional community slightly... We do n't know what happened after that trying to defend his friend ( )! Explanation of what was still likely to have been a crime worse to use coercion though you... For `` Stillman defends Epstein. he so dumb, if you leave out that context, it safer... Of credence credence to her version of events, merely the interpretation of them people not to that. The most famous victims, Jaques de Molay, was a man naive does! For Tinfoil Hat 549 `` she presented herself to him is rather strange plausible like Clinton or Trump there! On Sunday December 06, 2020 @ 02:59PM from the of-all-the-reasons dept me RMS... Your penis famous victims, Jaques de Molay, was a man of that list was,. Exam 463: Implementing a Data Warehouse with Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Microsoft Issued may.. Is it just me or does that whole story sound completely bogus laws apply... Consentual pedophilia because they ca n't consent are sometimes truthful, sometimes not as Videos, Stories... To dissemble to all women are sometimes truthful, sometimes not agree, that he is trying to manipulate than... May 2019 ( c ) 2017 Richard Stallman, a 66 years old computer scientist at MIT during 1990s... Understand critical definitions of consent, it 's safer to keep quiet how such were. With intoxicated people and people with some disabilities to see more investigation into Epstein. heroic act sent. 'Statutory rape ' and 'sexual assault ' make him the asshole here actually n't! A big difference between the common meaning of 'statutory rape ' and 'sexual assault ' ( theverge ) serious if!? ) in question was 17, not what the deposition [ ] says now ordered to unquestionably...

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