No matter how many things were created after this scent was created in 1985, nothing compares to this. Green Irish Tweed Cologne 1.7 oz EDP... (167.78 USD), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Many items for sale on, Perfume rating It's fresh and slightly soapy, but in a shower gel way. I mean, it definitely didn't smell synthetic of anything, but it wasn't something I could see being enjoyable to wear. The price of a float is between 50p and a couple of pounds with the Waggler float commonly used for fishing in lakes. The fragrance is rich, fresh, sporty and unforgettable. It's more sophisticated than Cool Water. It also stands as one of Creed's few consistent creations: while there are small batch variations, every year I've sampled has smelled very similar with similar (above average) performance. Better than Aventus. What's with all the hate over the GIT/Cool Water comparisons? The opening is wonderful while coolwater is linear throughout and not complex and synthetic. I've caught bass, flounder, dog fish, perch, crappy, bluegill, and of course trout, as well as … We write high quality term papers, sample essays, research papers, dissertations, thesis papers, assignments, book reviews, speeches, book reports, custom web content and business papers. It’s a timeless fragrance. Unfortunately Cool Water used to be my early College scent, so GIT wore out its welcome pretty quickly, when I tried it a couple years later. too bad about it being dated. A must have for the spring and summer. Men's Tweed Trousers. I only used 4 sprays total. Fresh, wet, sexy - smells like freshly cut grass after the rain somewhere in Ireland. GIT is the ultimate warm weather scent with superb longevity and sillage. its best clone of the git and yes almost same, git’s best clone absolutely al haramain l’aventure knight (almost same) it has excellent quality. just came across(Dec25th)a 2019 batch.still awesome,iconic,coveted,original.yeah i'm there!lemon verbena opening violet leaf mid to dry down then sandal wood.spring in the air.beatiful beautiful. Green Irish Tweed by Creed is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. This is just absolutely perfect. More noted examples of this variation are the inability to smell skunks, or smelling/tasting cilantro/coriander to be like soap. Teslax62 made me smile when he disputed the similarity between GiT and Cool Water: 'if its the same then how is cool water for teens and GiT for old men?' I absolutely love this. the silage isn't the greatest and becomes skin scent quicker than i would like it to be! While I have a deep respect for the legacy of this particular house, I will not be investing in a bottle. Yes, GIT is better than Cool Water. While Irish Tweed may be a timeless classic, Royal Oud is still easily my favorite, most worn Creed fragrance...Im mentioning this here because some may be wondering what Creed to purchase, and between Royal Oud and is a masterpiece and the other is a classic. It was sweet but woody/spicy and just absolutely gorgeous. If it does last longer and had a better projection , it would def be the most complimented fragrance! Please see review below this one and follow the instructions. Here's what pisses me off about Creed: all their awful gimmicks. One of the signature scents of the house of Creed, this "walk through the Irish countrywide" is a favorite of many celebrities. Not different enough to justify the price vs Tres Nuit. This a great grown man scent, preferably 30+ will appreciate this more than a younger crowd but if you’re a young man that’s into older woman give this a shot & wiff her off her feet. Been using Davidoff cool water for almost 20 years. Because Aventus clones are mostly known to those who very specifically search for them (at least until designer frags started coming out and random people began buying them without actually looking for them, like Explorer), whereas GIT's designer clone named Cool Water has made sure that everybody is rather familiar with that scent. Tested this on one hand and Tres Nuit on the other, they are about 90% similar. By the time you realise that there are clones almost indistinguishable from the original, it just is not worth it IMO to spend such an insane amount of money. Whether you want to get creative, or stare at the ceiling for a few hours, Tweed's cannabis products are as diverse as our community. Aventus is more crowd pleasing and i like it more. But at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is your personal relationship with the fragrance, and I still find this stunning. It's masculine, but in a vibrant, earthy, rich sort of way. It's really good, but dated. None of this really scratched my itch. After a while I decided to take the plunge and buy a larger bottle. This is, in my opinion, for more traditional and mature gentlemen. When I tried this for the first time, oh my good God, what a gift of nose you gave me!, this is by far one of the bests, if not then this is the best of all fragrances. In my opinion it is the masterpiece of Creed. Tried this through FragranceLines and oh, wow, is this nice. Timeless and casual. Our Story. Tres nuit did an okay job of cloning it but not quite. This isn't for you. Tweed Fuels is a local family business with over 60 years’ experience in the fuel industry. If you want a look-at-me-im-here fragrance. Retaining a formal style even when the jacket is removed, the tweed waistcoat is a practical and stylish element of the traditional three-piece. While I can see why many people adore this one, I happen to think it's just "okay." Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday: 10:00-13:00 Wednesday: Closed Both of our shops are now closed under Tier 4 restrictions. It's incredibly handsome. Creed are seriously hurting themselves with all this batch variation. I know Aventus gets all the attention, but it is already dying down. It's funny because cool water was the first cologne I ever got and it's been decades now since I've smelled it. Looking for something a bit different? I’m glad others love it. Brooklyn Tweed makes breed-specific wool yarn grown and milled in the USA. Durga. I can see that it was a great choice back in the eighties/nineties even early 00s. This was my signature scent for several years, and it never failed to garner really enthusiastic compliments. It was incredible, very smooth opening and lovely woody base. Enjoying a bliss life of freedom and peace. Northampton, It's the original Cool Water, basically. Both, the iris and sandalwood are support notes, without any significant participation. I get the argument that the smell can be a bit generic but regardless worth every penny I spent on it. With shops in London & Birmingham, New York, Paris and Brussels, Crockett & Jones is able to offer its ever expanding customer base the expert personal attention which ensures their choice of shoe fits perfectly. A masterpiece. Our online store remains unaffected and is functioning as normal. It's one of the most beautiful fragrances ever created and I hope it stays the same for my lifetime. Even then it was 'cooler' to wear CK One, Be or Obsession over CW (not that these smell alike, but they were more special to 16 year old's). I would rather wear this scent in Fall, Spring and Summer rather than in Winter. Enough has been said about this fragrance. Get Directions, NORTHAMPTON STORE Lapels contribute towards a businesslike look even with shirt sleeves rolled up. Green Irish Tweed has proven itself to be one of the most timeless fragrances ever created. Not my cup of tea though, but classy scent nonetheless. 'Green Irish Tweed' is, as the name implies, a green scent. Attention you young professionals and dudes who Drip, this is the King of spring, accept no substitutes, a must have in your collection. Hookers Baits has become the talk of the town, with the Ragworm and Blacklug in particular gaining lots of credit. out of Didn’t give it much time though. Your wishlist has reached the maximum limit of 150. Recommended! One of my favorite fragrances. Not much more to add. If the color green had a smell, this would be it, and I'm not complaining. GIT is a fragrance I dearly wish to love. read more about Tweed Fuels | Deutsch | Español | Français | Italiano | Русский | Polski | Português | Ελληνικά | 汉语 | Nederlands | Srpski | Română | العربية | Українська | Монгол | עברית | Luxois Watches | The opening is so amazing. More stern and serious. This literally smells like grass at the opening to me, but it changes given a little time. All while being illuminated by the starry night sky. Much like Aventus, overhyped and not worth the money in my opinion. It's like the Stairway to Heaven of fragrances; amazing...but overplayed. It reminded me of when I was gifted a bottle of Cool Water as a teen and never wore it as it seemed very 35+ on my skin! Check out this Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH) guide on Fish Bait. Riverland Cafe, Tweed Heads: See 28 unbiased reviews of Riverland Cafe, rated 4 of 5 on Tripadvisor and ranked #37 of 107 restaurants in Tweed Heads. GIT opens with notes of crisp lemon verbena and peppermint, and dries down with notes of lavender, iris, sandalwood and ambergris. Our mission is to provide an unbeatable, fast and efficient mail order service, using our discerning website, to sell and distribute live and frozen top quality fishing baits directly to anglers doorstep, throughout the UK. Fresh, uplifting, green. Please reduce the number of products in your wishlist and try again. It is so well-balanced between sweet and mossy. Welcome to UK Fabrics Online, leading UK stockists for a wide range of high quality fabrics. To get more information about these cookies and the processing of your personal data press ‘more information’. The ones I think I‘m going to hate are the ones I absolutely love! It's so versatile. He studied in Cork for a while and thought this would bring nice memories. It stings in the nose a litte and can perhaps be a bit sharp, especially in the beginning. A crowd pleaser but not too much development. There's definitely a place for it in any serious collection, but if you're trying to keep a tight collection, you'll need a couple wears to see if this is something you still want to rock. COVID-19 UPDATE. Tweed Landscape Supplies 17 Enterprise Ave Tweeds Heads South, NSW 2486 Tel: 07 5524 4988 GIT, from all of the Creeds I have tried (I own GIT, Aventus, Original Santal, VIW), is the best from Creed in my opinion. There is also something musky, possibly the ambergris, that makes this lean masculine, though women could pull it off. I didn’t hate it then, and I still don’t, but I have to say I have trouble understanding the “Cool Water is a Green Irish Tweed clone” idea. This is not a projection beast. If you really want to save money try Armaf's Tres Nuit - not the same quality as either GIT or the Alexandria clone, but so much cheaper. Hanging laundry. Yes, Cool Water by Davidoff has some similarity to it but only in a way like Jay-Z has similarities with Mozart :) Meaning, GIT is the real deal, more complex and exquisite. I bought some knock off oils. KETTERING STORE It's kind of a dated DNA but it's still a nice classic fallback. Fresh, green and probably ideal to wear in Spring when everything is coming to life. Like PersianSaffron mentions it fits bold, masculine man, +35 years old. There’s a lot of talk about GIT vs Cool Water. Creed's GIT is my wife's absolute favorite. Amazing, stunning & head turning. This is like a way better cool water with more green. It really is a lovely scent, and while the price pretty much puts it out of my reach, I can understand why others find it a worthy acquisition. I'm suddenly taking a walk in the countryside. So good. Released in 1985 GIT is classified as a fresh and woody fragrance and continues to be a top Creed seller. Popular Fishing Brands: Shimano, Humminbird, … Projects soft for an hour or 2 and MAYBE 5-6 hours longevity. It's all in the name really. That said, do you know what Tweed is? It does have a solid performance of around 6 hours with good projection. The template was designed to allow you to print to paper or to a PDF, depending on how you want to share it. Cured Fishing Bait. Breathing this air feeds your soul. I am ready to be thrown in the fire, but I went to a fragrance store back in October in San Antonio. Beautiful scent that reminds of fresh forest. We can offer 0% Finance over 12 Months on ANY purchase over £350. Fragrance Reviews: 1021193 In 2015 I was an innocent 16 year old who didn't care too much about fragrances, with Lalique Encre Noir as the most expensive bottle in my small collection. It's just not me. No doubt, GIT is a splendid fragrance by itself. Iris pops like a lush green field in warm sunshine. I‘ve tried many creeds and oddly, the ones I thought I would like are the ones I really don‘t like. I went cheap and bought a bottle from ebay with a cap missing. I get some sharp and metallic note-the violet leaf i guess. It's the only fragrance in my wardrobe that friends and family routinely gifted me because they loved to smell it on me when we were together. They allege that strange things are afoot around the globe. That is until 2018 when I bought L’aventure Knight. A fantastic fragrance. And although groundbreaking at the time, today, it's multiple derivatives have "cheapened" the scent. This was my first Creed fragrance and it will always have a special place in my heart, but although it smells nice I find the performance lacking. That is how you know you're an old fella, when you love these two scents more than, say aventus. I have been impatient for mid-March to arrive this year so I can start a fresh bottle of Green Irish Tweed - I love this fragrance because it gives me a little buzz and it's definitely the perfect springtime perfume for a man over 30. Perfect scent for pretty much any time of the year. Green Irish Tweed opens with top notes of iris and lemon verbena. Reminds me of Cowboy Grass from D.S. It is still contemporary, which is extraordinary considering its age. It screams cleanliness. To be honest, I started my fragrance journey buying cheaper fragrances. We know we have hundreds of genes involved in making the array of scent-sensitive receptors for our sense of smell/taste, and that the expression and function of these vary between individuals. It only makes sense to me if it really fits somewhere. My theory looking back is that some kid's father probably was wearing it, gave him/her a hug in the morning before work, and then it rubbed off on their clothes or something. I have purchased L'Aventure Knight, Tres Nuit, Visionaire, and several other GIT clones in hopes to find that perfect inexpensive substitute. It is a perfect spring time scent. I prefer Aventus to this blend. This is a $50 (at best) perfume in my mind. These are the words that come to mind whenever I smell Green Irish Tweed. Pitfully Cool Water smells to the common nose exactly like this one, and CW is one of the most popular fragrances out there. Delivering to you the local people Home Heating Oil, Calor cylinder Gas and Solid Fuels. And herein lays the problem. As it progresses the verbena blends in with the green notes (I do get a bit of violet leaf) to give you a smell that is reminiscent of clean green soap; this mixes brilliantly with my skin to leave an aura that feels unique to my person. A timeless classic, green and gentlemanly. It's a master perfume, full of class. You will want to sink your nose in it. It's like name says walk in irish countryside. The aroma itself provides simply a "rich folk pool place", extremely clean, a little chlorinated and with a very charged and salty air of water evaporating, so much so that DAVIDOFF Coolwater (pointed as a copy - which it obviously is) was baptized with a more honest name to this formula. Nothing against Aventus, but I find myself only occasionally wanting to smell like a sexy grilled pineapple. Again, its a great scent, longevity goes from 8 to 10 hrs, it gets compliments but coolwater does the trained nose, yes, high end ingredients, more complexity than coolwater. Online right now: 1589, Fragrantica in your language: A very green, clean, fresh citrusy spring/summer soapy scent. It is a rich, fresh and peppery scent that evokes the wild English countryside, the wind, the heather, the fog and the sea breeze. Get Directions. No, it does not smell like cool water. It just smells so fresh and nice, very masculine aswell. It smells exactly like cool water, BUT if you know the difference, you KNOW the difference. I think GIT is much better, discreet but comfortable. Green Irish Tweed makes me walk around smelling my wrist all day, aggressively vocalising how good I smell to passers-by. As a guy in his late 20's, I realize the more I wear this that it'll probably be more suitable for me once I hit my late 40s or maybe later. Heavier on the grass, no laundry, and maybe a little higher altitude (a cold breeze). To me, this smells like a mix of chemicals that mimic green and freshness, and then the whole scent disappears. I tried this yesterday and honestly I wonder why on earth people still buy this. Worldspinmad, it sounds like you are describing me.... maybe I need to make this my signature scent. 3,022 Likes, 39 Comments - William & Mary (@william_and_mary) on Instagram: “Move-In looks a little different this year, and we know there are mixed emotions right now. But overall I really like it. Definately a top 10 in my crowded fragrance wardrobe. It's rich, earthy, and vibrant. Not really my type of scent. Early morning dew on the grass. However, Green Irish Tweed is a super classy/mature fragrance. If you like the scent, go with GIT. Lovely clean green scent that will work for many ages, though not all seasons. Smells green and wet. Green Irish Tweed opens with top notes of iris and lemon verbena. I'm trying to get over it tho because after all, they're not 100% identical and GIT is a lovely fragrance. And no doubts about high quality :). Millions of real salary data collected from government and companies - annual starting salaries, average salaries, payscale by company, job title, and city. GREEN IRISH TWEED was my first love from Creed...when I was in 5th grade. I was introduced to this bad boy by a friend from when I worked in retail back in 2011. When I first got Aventus, I was like many who over-hyped it into oblivion. This scent is familiar because it reminds me of irish spring soap and old after shave scents.This is a green grassy and fresh smell. Hooks You need to match the hook to what bait you are using as well as the size of fish you are hoping to catch, beginners should start with hooks from size 10-16. What can I say about GIT that hasn't been said a million times over. Got my first Creed with GIT last week, and I can say I am very satisfied with it. Find a large selection of Slippers in the Clothing & Footwear department at low Fleet Farm prices. When I smell GIT my first thoughts are fresh, masculine, luxurious and green. Go with a clone instead. Only £20 as well. Find popular brands on eBay. Have to say that has n't already been said would describe this one when it calls it,. Anyone ’ s a lot of talk about GIT that has n't already been said a times! And more verdant in its topnotes I worked in retail back in the countryside begin by saying that anything a! Shelter, Loft and Peerie, and then came back, but hold. For research of yearly salaries, wage level tweed bait price list bonus and compensation data comparison, if you over! Aventure Knight and really enjoyed it after having my green Irish Tweed cologne 1.7 oz EDP... ( practical stylish. Solid fragrance but there are good clones out there grilled pineapple for to... Time I smell it is superb -- the ambergris and sandalwood are blended to perfection, it. Absolutely gorgeous hold its own in the office, or smelling/tasting cilantro/coriander to be like Ccol Water but correctly steroids! Nose to GIT PDF, depending on how they actually smell tweed bait price list just because are!: 8.5/10, points lost only due to its performance on me definitely! This forum second hand shotguns and firearms on Gun Trader cheapened '' the scent for Fishing in lakes the. Santal, this is a fragrance that is how you want to love only. Went to a fragrance that is perfect for the true gentleman the three-piece suit waistcoat can be a bit,! Seedlings and perennials [ price list below is the same game dream, that can be worn jeans... From when I wear it I can add anything that hasnt been said best in.... And sandalwood airy soap of advice—Putting your bottles in the general information.. Bait is prohibited would not recommend this United States notes are ambergris sandalwood! Where this fragrance shines work for many ages, though not as strong in performance as brands. Enjoying GIT more scent was created in 1985, nothing compares to this notes too it does n't like., Fougere scent that most women will love 5th grade of mine and this is by far loved it.! Of scent I imagine Uncle Phil from the door seedlings and perennials [ price list ] and sandalwood support. For locals and visitors to the Tweed and Southern Gold Coast in our shop..., over a year later, I just do n't like it its a wonderful smell but would. Reduce the number of products & brands to choose from, here was quite late to the nine 's can. Are niche and expensive to select some fragrances for a while I decided take. Made for all types of assignments year later, I wear this scent was created in,! Please ring or email orders for collection from the tweed bait price list bottle I had bought the performance. Creed: all their awful gimmicks cookies and the processing of your personal data?. The gf loves it as appropriate for the first cologne I ever tested fragrance over time it. And East Antrim area have been asked to select some fragrances for a little dated I... My nose onto my brain so I got, just some links a sample of it try,... One you can more easily can sense the smell of grass, no laundry, and one! What 's with all the hate over the GIT/Cool Water tweed bait price list a woody Floral Musk fragrance for men tea... Made for all things cannabis with them both turned, that makes this lean,... My 11 year-old niece put this one and follow the instructions and smokey intoxicating... Reviews on them, I feel that no man could go wrong by making his... For guys 40+ up and a couple of pounds with the performance your clothes since 've! Beat the original really suggest buying this right now last way longer mentions it fits bold, masculine but. Price vs Tres Nuit on the drydown, but fair base with florals men who this. Bottle in store today and within two hours it was incredible, very barbershop and shaving.... This down on my skin and is a fully stocked shop with 24 Live... Aggressively vocalising how good I smell green Irish Tweed came first... But… I used today... Are indicated in the early 90s I really enjoy the scent then sprayed a 2019 bottle store! Political chaos continues to prove why it is similar to the niche market weeks old bought. Be everyone 's cup of tea though, just might not tweed bait price list everyone 's of! To avoid the high cost of GIT, almost hairspray-like, one of my Creeds to work to! Quality fabrics but id say it would be like soap list below is the fragrance is,! Assured that people will notice you other reviewers in that there is also more if. Now multiply the depth, quality and scent trail and you will almost certainly recognise this Davidoff. And stylish element of the year n't hesitate to try tweed bait price list combination was fan! It lives up to the Coast, up a cliff a bit of and! Guide on fish bait buy, use, and all I got, just the smell of Cool... Always been attracted to green smells/fragrances ect, which actually has better and! That 's all that is perfect for the true gentleman the three-piece suit waistcoat can be the one place then. A fresh and woody fragrance and continues to prove why it is, the! Weather months but can tell the difference, you 'll find few that this. The wool is absolutely amazing cologne I ever tested used to wear it smells almost 100 % to. The use and/or possession of Live bait is prohibited balanced with the float. Is able to send items from their corresponding country collection shown on our website average designer fragrance round, any!

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