SchoolsCalifornia is the right state to earn your dance bachelor's degree.There are 23 schools offering dance programs in California, and the best option is offered by University of California Berkeley.This college has a great dance bachelor's degree program evaluated with five stars for curriculum and three-star rating for teaching. It offers students a choice of dance studies that stress performance and choreography, and, at the same time, … 1.Majors must complete a minimum of 33 required hours in Dance, with 6 additional required elective hours in Dance and/or Theatre courses. We integrate composition, training, and improvisation, while challenging students to locate dance culturally, politically, and historically. BA candidates focus on pedagogical and historic aspects of dance art as well as on the performance and generative components. 2.General education and Bachelor of Arts degree requirements must be met. A minimum of 12 DAN hours must be upper level. In this program, you’ll receive rigorous dance training in modern, jazz and ballet techniques. They enroll in a four-term sequence in dance composition, with additional opportunities to participate in the creation of their own dances, as well as working as dancers in the creation of new works by faculty members and visiting artists. Majors will practice the fundamental skills and techniques necessary for the public performance of dance. The Bachelor of Arts in Dance degree gives students a broad-based education and training in dance allowing students a wide range of flexibility to explore any and all aspects of dance. © 2021 Regents of the University of California. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Dance prepares students to teach participatory movement traditions in community settings, and to lead community groups in creating and performing their own dances and movement rituals. Kim Hoj (BA Sociology, UCSB 1991; M.Ed. Dance BA (Hons) Add to comparison UCAS points 80-120; UCAS code 72B0; BOOK EVENT Request info Get prospectus Visit website View all 1 related course University of Suffolk 1 Dance degree OVERALL RATING . Graduates who do not work as dance teachers while they are studying usually work as freelance dance teachers once t… For more information on specific music program policies, please refer to the School of Music & Dance Student Handbook . BA in Dance, Emphasis in Dance Education K-12 Certification. The B.A. The UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance acknowledges the Gabrielino/Tongva peoples as the traditional land caretakers of Tovaangar (Los Angeles basin, So. As a land grant institution, we pay our respects to Honuukvetam (Ancestors), 'Ahiihirom (Elders), and 'eyoohiinkem (our relatives/relations) past, present and emerging. A BA in dance offers comprehensive technical training built on a solid liberal arts foundation, allowing students to double-major or pursue graduate study in a wide number of fields. The California State University, Sacramento Department of Theatre and Dance fosters student-learning to advance critically-thinking, creative and collaborative artists. Read about our admissions policies and procedures. This degree prepares the student for further studies in such areas of dance as performance, choreography, dance theory, teaching, arts management, movement therapy, and kinesiology. University of California-Irvine offers 3 Dance Degree programs. Our balanced and integrated curriculum teaches the cultural, theatrical, and performing aspects of dance. The BA does NOT require an audition for entry. BA/BS students are not limited on how many practical application courses they can take. Bachelor of Arts in Dance, Option in Dance Science. Bachelor of Arts in Dance. Majors will demonstrate competency in modern dance, ballet, jazz, and hip hop, enabling them to pursue careers in dance and dance-related fields such as dance education, studio-based teaching, performance/choreography, and health and fitness. Course of Study The UB Dance Program is a nurturing and challenging artistic community where Versatility Matters. Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Dance, Option in Dance Science. The BA prepares students for careers as dancers and choreographers, as well as those in dance education, administration, and therapy. Majors will demonstrate skills in the production and technological aspects of dance. This is the overall rating calculated by averaging all live reviews for this uni on Whatuni. Focuses on training and education include: Comprehensive information on the undergraduate curriculum for current students can be found in the 2020-2021 Undergraduate Handbook. Majors will analyze and describe the craft and aesthetic qualities of dance orally, practically, and in writing. Units required for Major: 48 Total units required for BA: 120. The BA in Dance complements the university’s liberal arts program and allows students to pursue a second major or minor in an additional area of interest. All students enter CSULB Dance in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Dance program, providing students with a balanced course of study that prepares them for careers in dance as performers, educators, arts administrators, health and fitness specialists, and/or graduate study in dance while providing opportunities for study in specific areas of personal interest. All students enter CSULB Dance in the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Dance program, providing students with a balanced course of study that prepares them for careers in dance as performers, educators, arts administrators, health and fitness specialists, and/or graduate study in dance while providing opportunities for study in specific areas of personal interest. In conjunction with the College of Education, the dance program at the University of South Carolina offers students the opportunity to pursue South Carolina K-12 Teachers Certification in addition to pursuing a degree in dance. Program Description. Further, they engage in a core of four courses in the study of scholarly discourse around the body and dance, launching a critical inquiry into their own study of bodily practices, internalization of the embodied experience, and how bodily ideas and embodied experiences are interpreted and communicated outwardly and interpersonally, both locally and globally. WVU now offers the first Dance Major degree (BA in Dance) in the state of West Virginia. The BA in Dance can be completed in four years, but to do so requires careful planning and preparation. There are two dance degree programs at Chapman: the Bachelor of Arts in Dance and the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance. The Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance is a part of the School of the Arts and Architecture at the University of California, Los Angeles. The new major offers a variety of dance styles and dance related courses for students pursuing an undergraduate liberal arts degree. In 2015, 57 students graduated in the study area of Dance with students earning 42 Bachelor's degrees, and 15 Master's degrees. in Dance thoroughly integrates learning to dance, learning to make dances, and critical interrogation of dance as a cultural practice. The BA in Dance, Option in Dance Science, offers a course of study combining dance with specific kinesiology and science courses for students interested in teaching careers in dance, dance medicine, careers in dance fitness, or graduate education in the areas of dance science or related dance studies. Western's BA Program in Dance is a broadly-based degree with a liberal arts orientation, and is designed for students with a general interest in dance and its applications. As the BA (Hons) Dance Education, including the Diploma of Higher Education: Dance Education and the Certificate of Higher Education: Dance Education, is delivered by distance learning, students do not need to relocate for their studies. Majors will describe historical, socio-cultural, and scientific dimensions of dance. DANCE 338 – “Global Movement Practices” (2 credits) DANC 466 – “Laban Movement Analysis” (3 credits) A grade of C- or higher must be attained in all courses taken in fulfillment of the dance major requirement. Bachelor of Arts (BA) Degree in Dance. Most students already work as dance teachers while they are enrolled on the programme and continue as self-employed or employed dance teachers after graduation. UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance, Lecturers, Visitors, Adjuncts & Affiliated. Dance (BA | BFA) In the Dance bachelor’s degree program at Columbia College Chicago, you’ll learn how to communicate your ideas through dance and scholarship and develop your unique point of view as an artist. In your sophomore year you can choose to apply to the BFA program or continue in the BA program. The Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Performance and Choreography is designed for those who wish to obtain a broad undergraduate liberal arts experience and grow as an artist in a rigorous dance classroom and studio environment. The UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance acknowledges the Gabrielino/Tongva peoples as the traditional land caretakers of Tovaangar (Los Angeles basin, So. Thinking bodies, moving minds: dance at Mills activates your entire being. In 2018 the Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Dance offered by the Department of Theatre and Dance at University of Alabama was ranked as the top dance program in Alabama and the 15 th best dance program in the South. Students are provided with a rigorous program of dance training as well as the same opportunities as the other dance degrees to audition for all faculty and student performances. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) program in dance is an interdisciplinary curriculum in dance studies that empowers students to examine performance, choreography, and/or history from varied epistemological lenses. Channel Islands) and is grateful to have the opportunity to work for the taraaxatom (indigenous peoples) in this place. The first choice is a bachelor's degree program in physical education (PE). But it can be hard to know which will best prepare you for an undetermined future and provide you with the college experience you crave. All dance majors begin in the BA program. BA in Dance The Dance Major at Hunter College nurtures individual creativity, disciplined practice, and rigorous scholarship in the context of a strong liberal arts education. We value education fueled by performing and teaching experiences that prepare students for a variety of careers in the professional world of dance and beyond. The degree combines a theoretical and analytical approach to understanding dance with a practical approach through experiential learning. Community-based service-learning experiences provide many opportunities to … The BA in dance is for students seeking a broad liberal arts education with a specialization in the area of dance. In California, if you want to become a dance teacher, you have a few options for degree programs. Elective hours may be needed to reach the minimum number of hours for the degree. The BA in dance emphasizes general studies of contemporary dance in a global context. Eastern University's BA in Dance prepares students for careers in dance while equipping them to integrate their Christian faith with the discipline of dance. The program approaches the study of dance in a comprehensive manner, balancing the academic curriculum with performance production. It's a large public university in a mid sized city. We embrace a variety of dance techniques and styles and welcome students with diverse experiences in dance. * Our dance program’s greatest strength is the diversity of classes offered: in addition to virtuosic training in ballet, contemporary dance, and jazz, students are offered a wide range of professional skills including choreography, dance … A minor is required for the BA degree. Major (BA) Minor. Teaching, UCSB 1998) is the founder and teacher for the Nordhoff High School Dance Program and Dance Impact Collaborative. Channel Islands) and is grateful to have the opportunity to work for the taraaxatom (indigenous peoples) in this place. As with all BA degrees in the Glenn Korff School of Music, the BA in Dance provides thorough professional preparation while allowing the greatest curricular space for electives or a second major. Details about individual courses can be found on the UCLA Registrar's website. BA in Dance, Emphasis in Performance and Choreography. Students study a variety of dance forms throughout their studies. The BA degree is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of theatre while also perfecting their performance skills. Students pursuing the bachelor of arts in dance are enrolled in the School of Arts and Sciences or the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences. You must average 15 units per semester and you must plan ahead so that you will meet all prerequisites. Each has its advantages—the BFA usually provides more performance opportunities and studio time, while the BA allows students to explore the academic side of dance as well as other liberal arts subjects. You can opt … Please see our Undergraduate Programs section for information about applying to the majors program, career paths, scholarships, and other student resources. Instead, students must complete an evaluation at the end of their sophomore year to complete the degree program. Courses focus on a broad range of topics in the field, taught by recognized artist/teachers active in the New York City dance community. Experiment with new dance forms and ideas in a supportive community at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area’s vibrant dance scene.

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