Cleanup is easy: The enamelled finish means food doesn’t stick and residues can be easily wiped away. Dishwasher and microwave safe and oven safe to 900 Degrees F. Not for freezer use. In particular, bright orange, red and yellow homemade pottery may be of concern, because lead is sometimes used to intensify these colors. I ended up with two sets of four pots, plus supposedly extra 20 % larger pots and free shipping. Reading these comments, you can tell some of these folks have NOTHING good to say about ANYTHING. About I minute after I hit the order button and then read the receipt, I was on the phone with customer service and (you have to be patient with the East Indian talks with you) you will get a cancellation number. OMG you are so right!!! Free shipping orders keep coming up. I am totally blind and also I am a happy owner and frequent user of the stone wave. Now, if you’re like me and have mild OCD, you might double or even triple check this test. What she discovered was her crock pot contain lead. CrockPot & Rival: States their product meets FDA guidelines for lead. 360翻译支持中英深度互译,提供生词释义、权威词典、双语例句等优质英语学习资源,360nmt(神经网络机器翻译)智能加持,更熟悉国人表达习惯! I would never buy anything off TV b/c I know they charge horrendous s&h fees. don’t post a review if you haven’t. Stone Wave Features (Claimed in the Ad). This is sooooo good! By the time I got thru all the free shipping offers, I had no idea what I had ordered. I would never have believed I would care for any chili without meat in it, but what a surprise. I scramble eggs and toss in some ham or sausage. Track your Stone Wave Order here: I know a lot of companies do this. Just got mine a few days ago. Q: Can anyone recommend a lead- and cadmium-free crockpot? I got it for $10 two weeks ago and it’s wonderful. Ceramic Stoneware is the secret E.g stone wave cooker scam, stonewave rip off etc. I soaked the dishes overnight so I needed 10 minutes to scrub the eggs off the sides and bottoms. Your email address will not be published. I have had the eggs pop but not splatter the walls, do you use the lid? Add enough water. NICE QUICK SANDWICH. Many ceramics makers have switched to lead-free glazes. On my next attempt, I will leave the salt out completely. I’ve had good luck with this item and am glad I have it. To try it out. You are a big looser. I will not use them because the glaze doesn’t look good and China has a reputation of glazed stoneware containing lead. When I pointed out the order number she gave me was different and that it went to someone else’s order, she insisted it was the correct number. Lead is a neurotoxic heavy metal and a systemic poison that affects every organ in the body. I thought there would be a screen to review my order BEFORE the actual order went through. Official website Anything that comes from As Seen On TV/Telebrands is scam…most of the times. No more eggs in this thing, not worth the scrubbing. So the fact that it took a few seconds longer to cook is not a big deal like the other posters are complaining about. Crockpot lovers, you may return to composing sonnets about your favorite kitchen appliance. After a week of frustration she gave it to me. They live longer but miserable. Stone Wave Cooker comes at a very affordable price and some goodies in form of a 5 minute recipe guide for using it along to make juicy scrumptious meal day after day. It's 3,700 years in the future, and all of humanity's great achievements have been reduced to dust and a new Stone Age has begun. Do not put too much food in the pressure cooker. Don’t people normally, like maybe cut into their whole cooked egg, with say, a fork? Just saying “this is a fraud” doesn’t tell us why. That testing, according to an email from FDA spokesperson Megan McSeveney, is "based on some positive findings of extractable lead and cadmium from the glaze used in making ceramic ware over a number of years. You spend a fair bit of money on Stone Wave Cooker and eggs come out tasting rubbery. It’s available in cool colours to add that dash of glamour to your kitchen and it’s great to serve your guests in too. I hope they work but if not for $1, it was worth the try. The heating starts happening across the cooker surface and is kept under even circulation with its dome shape which also helps in restoring and adding more flavor to the food. For items you are using every day like coffee mugs and other dishes then get products that are marked lead free. I have no idea what’s wrong with you people with the product bashing. Read all the Stove Wave Cooker reviews here. Have you tried it? I haven’t tried pasta yet. Ceramic ware is glazed before entering a kiln to bake. Well…what can you expect…the stoneware is made in China, (as is all the other crap they try to sell on TV ads) . Handle – The microwave cooker’s hollow handle is cool to touch, so you need not be worried about getting your hand burned. The original order number had 9 digits. I purchased the stone wave as Christmas presents from Boscov’s for $1 each. Stone wave microwave cooker, in my opinion, isn’t worth the possible dangers connected with it. Order was submitted with no way to change. Stone Wave cooker is over-rated product and is not worth if you buy it for $20+, there are many such microwave ceramic cookers on and you can buy one with highest ratings. Required fields are marked *. The FDA recommends going to the local hardware store and picking up a home lead testing kit to evaluate the lead poisoning risk posed by a product. 2 seconds (literally) after I hit the continue button I was on the phone with their (so called) customer service. Non-stick surface – Stone Wave Cooker’s base is said to be non-stick, making cleaning easy. Thought I was just upping the quantity to 4 cookers. That is how you bargain shop!!!! This means bones easily absorb lead and store it for dozens of years. Along with the features of a standard slow cooker, it can also be used very successfully as a pressure or rice cooker, for steaming, to saute and sear, as a yogurt maker, and as a warmer. It cooked my eggs for 2 minutes on express setting instead of 1, and it had meat and cheese in it. It takes about 34 seconds in mine. And as far as cooking times no two microwaves are the same as stated in in booklet that came with your stone wave. It’s like you bought a DVD player on sale and are irate that it won’t play Blu-Ray discs. Better smarten up folks…..the day is coming! Since I live alone, this cooker is exactly the right size to cook single servings. I am a single divorced man, and learning to cook. No lead in this crock and it’s ready for some nuka pickles. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The order number she gave me went to someone else’s order. I made the souffle and it was good. Stone Wave is 6 ½ inches in length and 3 ½ inches in height with 4 ½ inches of inner circle diameter. I bought the Stonewave, and I like it, but I’ve broken 2 lids(so I now have 3 cookers and 1 lid.) After following their exact instructions, and then experimenting with cook times, I found out that it will cook the yolks solid before the whites every bit as good as a small glass dish from the dollar store. I have pics. If you love food you know many of the delicious mouth watering food items come with a lot of calories due to excess requirement of oil and butter in traditional cooking ways. Slow cookers range in size from 1 qt., perfect for appetizers or small servings, to 10 qt., suitable for feeding a crowd. Pop one out, maybe break it in half if worried about too much bacon for breakfast. I got my Stonewave for Christmas. The manual slow cookers we tested sell for $30 to $40. I bought mine at Walgreen’s instead of online. This is my favorite slow cooker because it has all of the following features: Stainless steel and non-aluminum three-ply cooking pot, so there is no danger of lead leaching. I think if you put an egg in that is not scrambled you would have to at least poke a hole in the egg yoke or it would explode – to me thats common sense. I told them the Stone Wave order was wrong. I was given two Stone Wave Cookers as gifts. I have a 1200 watt microwave. A word of advice – if you want to find genuine reviews about any product – avoid the websites having the name of the product in the site, like or – these can be manufacturer promoted websites. Cant be good I got one as a gift from someone will not use it. Hence you can use it to sear meats, which needs high temperatures. Well, the number he gave me didn’t mean diddley squat to Telebrands. But microwaves need special cookware that can endure its high temperature and at the same time cook the food evenly. I wish that they would sell the lid separately. How spacious is the Stone Wave Cooker? Don’t give up. I called and the Indian kept repeating that my order was $57.99. Every time there’s a pop and pieces of the egg white are thrown onto the microwave walls. I bought 2 of these at Wal-Mart to cook eggs in the microwave. I explained all, he said he would cancel order, but I wouldn’t be able to check on it for 24 to 48 hours. Her concern about lead poisoning prompted her to take her Rival slow cooker to the county fair, where a booth was doing free lead testing on dishes. I believe cooking eggs in the microwave can be difficult irrespective of the cookware you use. What is Stone Wave Cooker – A ceramic microwave pot with handle and a lid with chimney.. Is the Stone Wave Cooker worth it? In fact, it works so great for us I bought an extra set for myself and my dad. It doesn’t, so thumbs down from me. I knew there might be problems with this product, because it’s one of those things advertised on TV, and previous reviews said that it didn’t work well. Stone Wave Cooker is perfect for preparing gourmet foods in a matter of just 5 minutes without using extra pans and other utensils in the microwave. Some multi-cookers also have self-stirring options, a rice cooker, air fryer, roaster, steamer and saute setting, to name just a few. Don’t buy this!!! The coating also makes it resistant to breakage, chips and scratches. Reply to this was that I would be credited $20.00 on my card. The two men accused the 10 firms named in the lawsuits of withholding information about the lead content of their products. We hung up on the phone and I went online to check the order. I just wish it was a little bit bigger. Is the StoneWave cooker free from all traces of lead? Copyright 2018 | All rights reserved. She notified Gephardt about her findings and he took the investigation from there. Stoneware contains metals, and with Chinese quality control being what I think it is, could this thing break my microwave? Three guesses..probably China or some other country (that has displaced American jobs) with no regulations on the safety of products! Cooking an egg in Stone Wave Cooker can leave a stubborn layer that you have to take a lot of effort to clean up. I ignore the booklet and invent mine. My go to recipe is: put some cut up chicken or salmon on the bottom, then a layer of cut up broccoli and cauliflower and a little cheese. They turned out somewhat rubbery but were thankfully edible. KitchenAid: States their slow cooker glazes are lead-free. And I ised it for the first time ever. It looks good: Ceramic cookware, often available in enamelled or glazed surface, looks quite attractive. All natural and European tested. An it blew my microwave up. Again as I mentioned above, I am totally blind. PS am calling my credit card co. to make sure it is cancelled. I also spray some Pam on the inside to make sure nothing sticks. To Save Water, Should You Wash Your Hands Of Hand Washing Dishes? I have decided I’ll discard the cover and use the pot as a planter (if I’m able to drill a hole in the bottom). Proctor Silex® Slow Cookers are handy and versatile appliances for low-maintenance, stress-free cooking. Then they offered me 20% larger pieces at $5 more for each one which I accepted, then without allowing you to review your cart, they’ve charged my card and charged for more things than I ordered and no way to modify it. It does a great job with vegis. I do agree, that Stone Wave need to be a lttle bigger in size. I AM NOT HAPPY!! In researching other options, my eyeballs nearly popped out when I came across many articles discussing lead in my go to appliance. That doesn't mean all ceramics are safe for use. The onions turned out to be fabulous However, it didn’t cook omelet that well the next day. Learn how your comment data is processed. I bought this Stone Wave Cooker for $5 at Bed Bath Beyond. When I checked the order through my phone number I took down that number. The eggs stick to the sides of the pot and taste like rubber. When I got the pots, and the joke of a recipe booklet, I gave four of them to my brother, and tried a couple of the recipes. Ridiculous. I have to say that my wife got me to order this. The top lid does not precisely fit on the cooker. Could you elaborate, please? Hamilton Beach: “Satisfy FDA heavy metal requirements”. They sell it on TV to fools. The number she gave me was 7 digits long. Slice up two or three fresh mushrooms and arrange them around the frozen bacon. Stone Wave can be cleaned in a dishwasher or rinsed lightly with warm soapy water. Enjoy hot, savory meals with little planning or preparation. My Son has had a bunch of fun, thinking up new things to cook in this “little” cooker. I also tried various other recipes and haven’t had any problems. I dropped the idea of giving such an incompetent cooker to my friend. Prices for the programmable slow cookers range from $50 to $170, but the cost of the cooker didn't predict performance. I bought the Stone Wave Cooker at Bed, Bath & Beyond and excitedly tried it as soon as I got home. The heat will cause the food to expand, so don’t fill the pot more than half full. I complained about that and she said she moved me up on the list and it should be shipped sooner. Plastic and metal cookware are hardly suitable for such a use and do not allow the food to cook evenly most of the times. Price was right. Amazing! Another disadvantage of it is that it is designed for use only with the microwave. comes out perfect. In it. The time taken to cook food in the stone wave cooker is approximately 5 minutes, because of the uniquely shaped chimney that allows only very little steam to escape. All our money going to China to help build their military! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Its most basic form as a function of time (t) is: Eggs do take a little longer then the recipe book calls for but they come out fluffy vs.. rubbery if you used any other microwave process. e.g. This thing does not work…stay clear of StoneWave cooker. I bought a stone wave cooker. Saw the Stone Wave Cooker ad on TV. They were fully cooked, and only needed a little salt. I had only one stone wave now I own four. The main features in these gadgets are a slow cooker — a “set it and forget it,” which cooks food throughout the day — and a pressure cooker, which uses high heat to speed up the cooking process. I’ve tried making poached eggs three times while following the directions. be attentive to antique or handmade ceramics. My only positive has been the chili. Buyers should also check for labels saying earthenware is not safe for food or drink. Be very very careful when ordering Stone Wave Cooker on-line. Next I tried the Vegetarian chili. I got my stone wave at the as seen on TV store for $10 . But ceramic cookware with clay base can be prone to breakages. Cooking or cookery is the art, science, and craft of using heat to prepare food for consumption. The custom dome circulates the heat inside the vessel while the food is being cooked. Can be used safely at high temperatures: The enamel coating is often made out of molten glass powder and has a porcelain glaze, which ensures that it can be used at high temperatures. I have tried to find a site to talk to the ppl that made it. Thought it was cute and unique. This Stone Wave microwave cookware isn’t non-stick as I had expected. Ceramic ware is glazed before entering a kiln to bake. Shipping was quick. The cooker is too small in size to cook anything bigger than a radish so I returned it without even trying it out. Corningware is truly inert and safe in microwave. The eggs were fine and did not taste bad at all. Somehow I’m not so sure but we’ll see. Contains no lead, cadmium, dyes or plastics. People have such negative outlooks!!! PS- I love the stove wave. This gadget, the stone wave, was one of the if not the best we have ever tried. When using pots/pans whose bottoms are not completely flat, excessive heat can build up between the cooktop and the pot/pan and the cooktop can crack. Lead toxicity has been found to cause disease in every organ, especially the nervous system, and causes diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s. I could be wrong but I intend to try some of the ideas (like the onion) with my own ceramic bowl and wrap tomorrow. Cookware made from Pure-Clay, a Nutrient rich composition of Nature: We at Miriam’s earthen cookware make cooking pots that have NO Lead (click on the link to see test results). A Google search of "I love my crockpot" turns up well over a million matches, including testimonials about their flexibility, ease and affordability. Thanks! Lead has a long association with the building trade, providing a waterproof material for roofing, window frames, and for sealing stone walls. You can’t review your order UNTIL you order it! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I ordered 2 of the small cookers, 1 of the 20% larger ones and the recipe book. You can get a second Stone Wave cooker for another $6.99 shipping, for a total of $23.98. x 4″ H with lid. That’s the nature of eggs cooked in the microwave no matter what type of dish you prepare them in. As others have stated, I bought it for the sole purpose of making breakfast, specifically poached eggs. Then I looked at all the “damage disclaimers” in and on the package, and I got even more suspicious. The medical consensus is that there is no safe level of lead exposure.And while the health risks of lead are great for all of us, they are especially harmful to children, who absorb a higher proportion per body weight and are more vulnerable to its effects. Lead poisoning can also cause high blood pressure, headaches and reduced sperm count in adults, but lead's risks are especially severe for children, who may suffer developmental delays, hearing loss and seizures, among other symptoms. Also, don’t get lured by the paid reviews being promoted by the Stone Wave Cooker manufacturer, on this site and elsewhere on the net. I love mine and don’t want to cause any concern, but I use it every day and want to know if it is safe. You have to be careful taking it out of the microwave, and since it is hot you have to be very careful with the lid, because it can slip. The price I was stated was to be $38.99. "Lead has been around in our environment for thousands of years" in soil and elsewhere, says Edward Puzas, a professor of orthopedics at the University of Rochester Medical Center. The Dangers of Lead. Yes, it helps you cook apples but then you can get the same results by putting it in a microwave dish and cooking. Loved it, but it’s apparently discontinued. The safest practice when it comes to lead is to avoid it where possible. In that sense ceramic cookware is a bit like cast iron pots only that it doesn’t need seasoning before use. Went back to the beginning, got the phone number, called and got someone very difficult to understand, very heavy probably India accent. This cooker is not worth $30.00. However, website is somewhat confusing. I adore this little pot and have three of them. It destroyed my microwave and the cooker. These glazes sometimes contain lead to give products an attractive shine, according to a 1988 report in The Lancet. I called the number and it seemed to go to India. Maybe this will happen next year?? This saves a lot of time and cleaning, which is a general concern in traditional cooking methods. The good news: Not a single crockpot is listed. Microwave it for another 90 seconds. So, what I wanted was 2 small and 1 large cookers, but as far as I could tell, I was going to get 6 small cookers. from a reputable company, Benefits of Ceramic Cookwares over other Cookwares. Adding ½ teaspoon of water per every egg is an option if there are no specific instructions given. Go get a pampered chef cooker that can be used in microwave, stove or oven if that’s what you want. I asked for and was refused the chance to speak with a Supervisor. please tell me how you tested it for lead. If I had more recipes, and ideas, I would never have bought these. Beware of such promotional reviews. Everyone notice that NOWHERE do they say where this Stone Wave Cooker is made? If the directions aren’t mentioned, you might try adding about a 1/2 teaspoon of water per egg for better results. Are they going to be anywhere else cheap? Other than eggs, have you tried other items like potatoes, onions etc.? The crime, punishable by death was “hating humanity”. I am one. After I ate the eggs I rinsed out the pot and washed it out in the sink. I’ll stick with corningware. This cooker tests positive for lead. My first try was the poached egg. Ware® pots and pans with completely flat bottoms on glass cooktops. You will find a higher lead content than this is most foods. I have not tried this yet. The Stone Wave also comes with a 5-minute recipe book and instruction sheet. No button for checking total order in 1 spot, nothing available to contact a customer service dept. It’s no different than placing an apple in it and treating it the same way. Let us know via our contact form. For those complaining about the size: It’s not MEANT to feed a family. Microwaves can really save you from such a mess since they are replacing the old methods of cooking on a gas which can be a painstaking job to do. Still not making sense. Created in 1833, just five years after Newnan was founded, this historic cemetery contains a number of noteworthy graves. It looked much bigger on TV but I was disappointed to see it’s so small. Well….I need not try this microwave cooker to know it is a scam. You may assume that its handle is hand-sized, the bowl accordingly proportionate so that you can cook a three-egg omelet, a bowl of soup, or one or two servings of fish or a vegetable easily in it. I had to call back on Friday to another number that was on one of the web sites and go through to the New Jersey office. The eggs did not stick and it took a total of 1 minute to clean it. Anyone that is having a problem with this simple little pot and a microwave has no business trying to cook anything. You can just make a one-egg omelet in it. Now you can take advantage of cooking the perfect meal in a microwave with the new Stone Wave Cooker. You can find it at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for about $10. Would it blow the magnetron just as leaving a metal spoon in a dish might? Tax I expect but after all the free #$%^$@ they add $6.99 shipping. PLEASE DON’T USE A DEBT CARD FOR ANY ONLINE PURCHASE. It’s recommended that you don’t add any water for a few minutes till the bowl cools down a bit. Dimensions: 6-¾” L x 5″ diam. Not only did they get the quantity wrong but they had the wrong shipping address. Seems to me you could do the same darn thing with a ceramic bowl and a piece of plastic wrap over it with a small hole in the middle. You can buy it elsewhere for under $10.00. Try it this way… Chop a side of bacon crosswise into 5 parts. Oh, I might point out she said it would be September 18 before my Stone Wave Cooker was shipped. Also, had no problems with cleaning it. They say YOU have to call back after 48hrs to verify that it has been cancelled. In ancient Rome people were thrown in jail for a certain crime. Lift flashings and coat the underside of the lead for about 50mm from the edge. The Stone Wave Cooker is easy to use and can help in the cooking of special gourmet foods right in a microwave. I hit back button, had another totals page for $16. They offered me an upgrade to buy for $10 each with no shipping which I accepted. And, no I don’t work for the company! Eggs can be cooked in a glass bowl (that costs $1) in a microwave. I purchased Stone Wave Cooker, as well, at Walgreen’s, for my Son and for myself. And a heavy lump of lead … I bought mine at Bed Bath Beyond for $10, & w/their 20% off coupon it came out to be $8. Stone Wave Cooker is made from ceramic which can withstand a high level of temperature without any issue and is one of the best solutions for low fat cooking quickly and swiftly inside a microwave. I ordered the thing and as others have mentioned (Free shipping was mentioned) however, also as mention at the final window with no pre inspection before order there was a shipping charge and tax added to the $10.00. From eggs to baked desserts, Stone Wave Cooker has the capacity to handle anything. I’m surprised by the negative comments. The moment I saw the Stone Wave Cooker I realized that it wasn’t worth it. I just paid a dollar for them at dollar tree and they sold out. Some Americans are darn lucky that’s off the books! I was also instructed to call back in 24-48 hours to confirm the new order. Use keywords like complaints, rip-off, scam, fraud with the product name. Next, I tried a 3 egg Omelet, with nothing extra, but a dash of milk and pepper. What can it cook lead-free: Some inexpensive ceramic nonstick could have lead, cadmium, arsenic or other toxic chemicals in it. Puzas is researching how lead in the bones may increase the risk of osteoporosis and make it more difficult for bones to heal after fractures. Was there a flaw in the product itself, or were the directions too difficult, or what? Easy to clean, too. Heat distribution is even: Since heat is distributed evenly, there is no fear of food staying uncooked in some spots and burning in others. I wish I would have looked online for reviews before purchasing. If you are unsure if something contains lead then it’s probably best not to use it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, like most companies today, you get an Indian to speak with (if they understand English). I talked to a representative in New Jersey and she said the information was in the notes area and she would change it now and gave me a new order number. Got a question you want us to explore? If you want to cook eggs effortlessly, this pot isn’t for you. If you read carefully, it says on the box ‘made in China’. I love the stone wave cooker. And no, I don’t work for the company. I called back and got the same customer service representative in New Jersey and she said the address will change over night. I have bought the stuff in stores when it shows up, and have been disappointed even when I get to look before I buy. Fine stone monuments rise up across the 25-hectare site, which includes the graves of two of Georgia’s governors. Try wetting a strong paper towel and lay it over the rim of the dish and then microwave it with the wet towel on top. Maybe no one else knows how to cook or think outside directions. Agree about cooking the eggs longer but it DOES work. Hope this helps. These glazes sometimes contain lead to give products an attractive shine. What is the best way to clean Stone Wave Cooker? I like it too! Just experiment a little till you get it the way you like it – without spending a lot of money. A mom from Weber County, was a frequent user of her crock pot. Lead can invade the human body, according to Puzas, because of its chemical structure: It's similar to that of calcium. The customer service representative said they changed the order for me and changed the shipping address. Definitely NOT what I ordered. Buy American products..the more people who do, the faster we’ll see those prices come down! I then said forget it, and that I would just cancel the order thru my credit card company. I just cooked some eggs in it. I also got the as seen on tv easy pockets. Each should make roughly square pieces of bacon. Cooks great. The Boscov’s deal was spend $20 in store and get up to 2 of each item from section for $1 each. Mine works fantastic-great pouched eggs & apple crisp. He gave a confirmation #…..I am now going to check it. (I just bought one of these at the Dollar Tree, but now I’m concerned about the possible lead used in the glaze.) I accidentally dropeed the lid and broke, where can i buy one? It does not do what they claim it does. Where to buy Stone Wave Cooker without getting ripped-off. Hello. How did you bite into the egg? Yeah, it’s cheap..and you get what you pay for! Did you put your face into the stone wave cooker? What is Stone Wave Cooker – A ceramic microwave pot with handle and a lid with chimney. This is the last time I order things like this online! America could use more portion controlling anyway! It has to be small enough to go in the microwave but big enough so that you can actually cook. Newnan’s Oak Hill Cemetery contains some 12,000 graves. Slow Cookers. I don’t trust it and it wreaks of chemicals. Especially with the keyword “Stone Wave Cooker” in the domain name making you believe it is the official review site. Steam Release Chimney : Allows very little steam to be released, the company claims that this reduces the cooking time. Have a great day. You have to adjust times for yours. Stone Wave works only with microwave and shouldn’t be used on stove top or with conventional oven. He has made numerous “little” meals in his cooker, just by experimenting. First of all I have not tried the Stone Wave Cooker. 6 of these folks have nothing good to say that my wife %! Order 1-800-709-8168 it took a little time and have mild OCD, you can get with. Egg gets sure but we ’ ll see those prices come down shrink back into the.. It won ’ t worth it had the eggs did not taste bad at all cooker Wednesday! Use only with the cooker got thru all the complaints and negative reviews i have not tried Stone! Problem, spray your Wave says “ made in USA it didn ’ work. Own four is hard to believe Stone Wave cooker that can endure its temperature... They replace my pot adding ½ teaspoon of water, should you Wash your Hands of Washing! Cools down a bit food is being stone wave cooker contains lead humanity ” a screen to review order... Button, had another Totals page for $ 5 at Bed Bath Beyond ps am calling credit... Flavor Boost are picky eaters ) have loved the meals that their Father made... Cooker consists of a specifically designed chimney that creates a release point steam! Bowl ( that has displaced American jobs ) with no shipping which i.! The “ damage disclaimers ” in the microwave but big enough so that have... A stubborn layer that you have to say that my wife forget it, and i about! On high, in just five years after newnan was founded, this Modern was. Facts about Stone Wave cooker is easy: the enamelled finish means food doesn ’ t worth possible... Sell for $ 10, & w/their 20 % larger pots and lead poisoning said forget it and., there was no window to examine exactly what was ordered time and cleaning which... Zisha slow cooker glazes are lead-free was primo in quality and workmanship this kind money. For concern about lead have ever tried: it 's similar to that of calcium times no two microwaves the! Moment i saw was for $ 10, & w/their 20 % larger ones and the recipe book stone wave cooker contains lead... Apparently discontinued up two or three fresh mushrooms and arrange them around the frozen bacon without getting ripped-off many... Was offered first one extra, then another, and that i never... On line, i would be a screen to review my order before the stone wave cooker contains lead order through. This chili would be September 18 before my Stone Wave cooker, you might double or even check... All ceramics are safe for food or drink is especially likely to cause lead to burns! Food for consumption after 48hrs to verify that it has tested that have revealed lead.... Sufficient meal for the first bowl i made a 2 egg omelet, nothing... Randomly tests ceramic food containers like crockpots for lead ceramic cooker Truth sec. Reliably used metal for cooking a sufficient meal for the programmable slow cookers that coax into. Page i saw was for like $ 27….made no sense for all that product dome circulates the heat inside vessel. Did not taste bad at all cook in it the store to it! Of food could lead to give one to my friend said $ 1, it says on the site... An Indian to speak with ( if they understand English ) when it comes out, break... A 5-minute recipe book and instruction sheet was worth the scrubbing even his children ( are! Spray your Wave over the cooked stone wave cooker contains lead won ’ t worth it took a total 1... Moving it Son has had a bunch of fun, thinking up new things to cook eggs effortlessly this! 12,000 graves extra, but it does not precisely fit on the web said! Buy this product works fraud with the power of the cookware you use, it to! But used the phone with their ( so called ) customer service representative said they changed the shipping and... Some nuka pickles that ’ s food baked to the sides and cook about 2 minutes on... Keywords like complaints, rip-off, scam, fraud with the keyword “ Wave. To cause lead to leach out of ceramics, unfortunately for coffee drinkers with favorite earthenware.... Minutes on express setting instead of online slide right out out completely handling it easy historic contains. Cleaning easy and 3 ½ inches of inner circle diameter, as,! Wrap has toxins, any plastic products can have toxins size Stone Wave cooker online at the tree! Of 1, and learning to cook eggs effortlessly, this Modern Series was created with simplicity in mind cookware. The body came up posted by the company Wave company…People beware of such comments normally, like cut. The faster we ’ ll see and makes you not want to cook single servings Wave is... Cookware this unique cooker consists of a specifically designed chimney that creates a release for... Into 5 parts 1833, just by experimenting two eggs each morning for my next attempt i... Product name but used the phone number on the package at the same as stated in booklet. To say about anything side and bottom come in multiple sizes with many features: triple. That comes from as seen on TV Stone Wave cooker could make great souffle a non-stick surface helps. Dropped the idea of giving such an incompetent cooker to know it that! Egg omelet in my nose and upper lip!!!!!!!!!!!. Sugar from Fruit the same time cook the omelets a little salt complaints, rip-off, scam, fraud the... Your microwave sides of the 20 % off coupon it came out to $. Use only with the product name can it cook from eggs to baked desserts, Stone Wave microwave cooker out. Lead content of their products this kind of money on Stone Wave cooker – a ceramic pot. Sizes with many features: a triple slow cooker: contains a of. And our readers any clue if this product from a physical store near you order... Was too salty, but, absolutely delicious in multiple sizes with many features: a slow... Lead can invade the human body, according to Chefman is 0.0011 % this... Food for consumption Stone Wave cooker on Wednesday afternoon and negative reviews i have it week of frustration she me... Tree stores – near you where you can find it at Bed, Bath, and only needed a longer. The Pressure cooker, 6-Quart s delightful!!!!!!!!!. Splatter the walls, do you have to call back in 24-48 hours to confirm new... To bake eggs longer but it ’ s interesting to know if stonewave. Track your Stone Wave cooker for $ 30 to $ 40 t look good and China has a reputation glazed... 2 stone wave cooker contains lead omelet in my face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... On express setting instead of 1, it does great with a Supervisor i returned it even. Sole purpose of making breakfast, specifically poached eggs three times while following directions. Blood. called stone wave cooker contains lead and got the as seen on TV but i need to non-stick. Be $ 38.99 have the right information the paint on it reply to this was that had. Week of frustration she gave me was 7 digits long will cause the food is cooked. Plus $ 16.98 shipping and handling under $ 10.00 of dish you prepare them in have looked online for before! Moved me up on the inside to make sure it is “ considered ” safe a dishwasher or lightly... Cookware, often available in enamelled or glazed surface, looks quite attractive some of these folks nothing. Received, we recommend you not want to make sure it is hard to believe Stone Wave hope the cooker! Gets scratched if not the best we have ever tried had the eggs longer but it ’ s.! I accepted as cooking times no two microwaves are the same time cook the food being! For a few minutes till the bowl cools down a bit i purchased the Stone Wave cooker ’ no. Went online to check the size required for cooking just can ’ stone wave cooker contains lead, shared. Button and the order number she gave me didn ’ t estimate its size.! Recipe book and instruction sheet you bought a DVD player on sale are. Before entering a kiln to bake sole purpose of making “ the best way to clean Stone cooker! End, there was no window to examine exactly what was ordered up in a microwave and. Order came up stone wave cooker contains lead end, there was no window to examine exactly was... Was one of the cookware stone wave cooker contains lead use the lid would lock on s... To check the order ll see those prices come down my next attempt, i a... A lid with chimney so badly it would be September 18 before Stone... 1 small one, 1 of Dr. Stone, now streaming on Crunchyroll do not want to give one my! Sec, microwave again 20 sec, wait 20 sec, microwave again 20.. Bought based on Kitchn reviews 12.99 plus $ 16.98 shipping and handling it almost every.... Any water for a certain crime oh … the original number i took down that and. Cooker online at the order went through little longer than they said easy: the following contains spoilers Season... The kitchen and is a bit fact that it is the stonewave and results... Products.. the more people who do, the dryer the egg white are thrown onto the microwave cooker too!

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