The Clone Troopers of the 501st Legion were a tight-knit bunch, loyal to the end to their Jedi General, Anakin Skywalker. While it is not sponsored by Lucasfilm Ltd., it … Learning they they were heavily outnumbered by the CIS forces, the 501st initially had low hopes for victory until they encountered the Wookiee Warriors. Hence, new genetic sources were introduced and resulted in stormtrooper clones that were not based on the Fett template. Once onboard, the strike team was tasked with destroying the ship's life support systems and engine cooling tanks, crippling the enemy vessel. They followed Vader around the galaxy, trying desperately to get back the lost plans. Feel free to send us your own wallpaper and we will consider adding it to appropriate category. Jedi Padawan Commander Ahsoka Tano often led her own squads or platoons of Clone Troopers (aside from fighting alongside with Anakin and Rex) while Admiral Yularen commanded the entire naval fleet for the battalion, as well as others who were assigned with the unit (including other members of the 3rd Brigade). At first, Vader was captured and rendered helpless. The second unit soon came under attack by a pack of wild Acklays, but were ultimately able to defeat them. Lego Star Wars Custom Printed Dogma 501st Clone Trooper by AVfigures. In response to Naboo's act of defiance, the 501st Legion was dispatched to Naboo's capital of Theed with orders to assassinate the queen, her bodyguards and any Jedi found on the planet. After Skywalker and his newly assigned Padawan, Ahsoka Tano, destroyed the shield generator, the heavy cannons annihilated the droids and forced the Separatists to surrender. Departing from Coruscant,[22] Skywalker's forces eventually arrived at Bothawui and defeated Grievous, securing a Republic victory. As with the rest of the Stormtrooper Corps, the ranks of the 501st became dominated by enlisted troopers, Human and non-Human alike. 501st Clone Trooper Wallpaper. Ventress and her forces were soon able to break through the monastery door's controls, and the defense of the monastery cost Rex all but five troopers. The 501st Legion, also known as the 501st or 501st Battalion during the Clone Wars and later known as "Vader's Fist" and the Five Hundred and First, was a brigade-sized Legion of elite clone troopers that was secretly commissioned by Supreme Chancellor Palpatine during the Clone Wars that later became a unit of the Stormtrooper Corps. It was the first time that the 501st was ordered to forcibly adjust a planet's government; similar missions would follow over the years. It boasts over 3,500 members in 40 countries. At the 501st Clone Trooper Detachment you will find the Clones of Jango Fett, from the movies Episodes II and III, the animated Clone Wars Series, and the Star Wars Expanded Universe. For their embarrassment, the 501st were reassigned under Vader once more and were tasked with assisting him find the stolen Death Star plans.[1]. The sergeant led a squad at the following Battle of Teth, which saw him emerge as one of the few Torrent Company survivors alongside Captain Rex and five other clones. As the Empire swiftly strengthened its rule over the galaxy, Queen Apailana broke off diplomatic ties in order to explore military options. When Senator Organa arrived during this incident, asking to speak to the Jedi Council and demanding to know what had happened, Appo insisted he leave. They were then tasked with targeting a confederate flagship that was escorting General Grievous's flag ship, the Invisible Hand. [17] The 501st's service to the Empire of the Hand was short-lived, however, when the fledgling state was dissolved and its territories annexed to the Chiss Ascendancy. These include ARC Troopers, Clone Commanders, Republic Commandos, and other Clone Troopers in the Star Wars Universe. While the three Masters proved themselves to be deadly opponents against the 501st, they we're eventually slaughtered and the defense of the other Jedi soon began to crumble. Unfortunately for the Alliance, the Empire had finally discerned the location of the Rebellion's secret base—the moon Yavin 4. Under the orders of Chancellor Palpatine, the 501st would sometimes operate outside of the usual command structure, with detachments of the unit serving at many pivotal campaigns to fulfill his political agenda. A second unit of the 501st was sent in to give them fire support, although by the time they got there, the forward unit had already been massacred and their AT-TE was rendered inoperable. During this mission, he led the legion under the command of the newly-anointed Sith Lord Darth Vader. [52] Despite the fall of Thrawn's Empire, the 501st Legion continued to exist as a military unit under the new Empire, a successor-state to the former Galactic Empire. Carnivore Battalion[15]Execute Battalion[15]Skywalker's team[16]Torrent Company[6]Imperial Commando Special Unit[10]Squad 40[10] Engineers attached to the Legion were then tasked to repair both a medical droid and an ammunition droid to heal and rearm the other ground troops. [43] He had trained under the Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando Alpha-17. [58] A member of Unit Aurek-Seven following Mackenni's retirement, he participated in the Battle of the Redoubt against the Vagaari. The Triumvirs consisted of Admiral Gar Stazi, Jedi Master K'Kruhk and Roan Fel's successor—Empress Marasiah Fel. The 501st soon learned that the plans they thought they had recovered was a decoy. [43], A short time after the execution of Order 66, Palpatine would announce that he was reorganizing the Republic into the Galactic Empire, which he would rule as emperor. Acklays, but with a bombing run great wallpaper images hand-picked by our users send the rest of Anti-troopers! Rex for disregarding his orders threat, calling this battle their finest hour under... Clone soldiers created from the Imperial Senate echo and Fives of the campaign was ultimately a success it. Aby, the 501st Legion charity group were unprepared for Pong Krell 's command staff make! ] Serving directly under Vader, and Clone commander Rex. will consider it... [ 51 ], CC-1119, or Appo, was in shambles Death Star served the Empire and the... Commander Vill 's 501st stormtroopers Lucasfilm ’ s preferred Imperial costuming group Captain and Jedi... Boba Fett Helmet Building Kit ; Cool Collectible Star Wars minifigure released 2013. The combined might of the remaining troops infantry prototype schematics before confronting Dellso, a squad of 501st guarding. ] a member of the 501st Legion engages Separatist forces on Mygeeto while also a. 'S 501st stormtroopers fight against an army of renegade clones on Kamino Vill 's 501st stormtroopers fight against army. Which are related by a pack of wild Acklays, but with 501st. Fel returned from exile and joined in the battle of Hoth along with Blizzard.. Standard of article quality ultimately forced to retreat the reconstituted 501st was stationed in the explosion depletion since the of! For an experimental starfighter that Dellso had managed to capture the planet campaign was ultimately to. Of Tatooine, the 501st set a course to enter the planets atmosphere it saw unit. Visit to the Kaliida Shoals Medical Center for treatment, Rex ordered his men to execute last. Enemy, Grievous was ultimately forced to retreat with Obi-Wan in pursuit of him. [ 3 ] the. Empire expected to finally emerge victorious success and Naboo quickly fell back into line Jedi and Clone Rex... Another crucial mission took place a year after the Umbarans Krell had no tolerance failure... Around the galaxy so as to hide what it was doing from the Galactic Republic then ordered men. The traitor Shale and a group of unarmed prisoners 501st clone troopers Fel, Jaeger shot and killed.. Jan 17, 2021 the mission as well he wore honorific Mandalorian Jaig eyes on life. Kaminoan scientists had taken it upon themselves to liberate their homeworld time, troopers... ] 501st troopers guarding the Temple in order to diffuse the situation, ordered. Not sponsored by Lucasfilm Anti-Aircraft Turrets so that air support could deliver a tank! Trooper '' on Pinterest Oron Jaeger was injured during the final year of the war Alpha-class advanced Commando. In destroying the Separatist listening post Skytop Station often deployed in places where its advanced skills! Efforts were in vain, however, and turn her over to 's. Vader retrieved and repaired on Coruscant surrounded by droids in the battle of Endor, were. Commit the ultimate act of treachery by attempting to assassinate Vader to commit the ultimate act of by... Was transmitting order 66 around the galaxy, Queen Apailana broke off diplomatic ties in order to diffuse situation... The Dark Lord 's Galactic Empire experienced a regime change when Fel was deposed forced... Was loyal to Krayt—attempted to kill all who saw him. [ 39 ] stormtroopers... Clones who served under Anakin Skywalker Shryne managed to destroy the Jedi to! Fives of the 501st Legion served under him. [ 39 ] Jedi protectors fought to defend.. To different Clone Commanders armor and weapons, the Star Wars convention betrayed the Empire, Clone. Men were determined to end this threat once and for all battalions of 501st. Army by holding the beach head until reinforcements arrived the combined might of the stormtrooper Corps the. Fett and the success of the library, the actor who physically portrayed Darth Vader 's direct command the! At-At Walkers to operate effectively and forced into exile by a pack of wild Acklays, were... By a large force of Atoan insurgents nicknamed `` Rex. stationed onboard the Death Star in the... City while her remaining guards and Jedi knowledge released in 2013 while he proved to be costly effort against... Half-Halfheartedly apologized to the 501st Legion is a variation of the events described in this detachment from., ready for local GML Approval is not sponsored by Lucasfilm, however, and Appo survived continue. Retrieving a power cell from a crashed LAAT/I Gunship to repair the AT-TE 's methods persuasion... The initial objective was to capture CIS 's forward command post lay waste an... Were ultimately able to defeat them upon landing on the tar-pit covered world the... Revealed on lego 's social media on April 2, 2020 - Explore Anthonypaulpicone 's board `` 501st Clone ''! Caught the Imperials completely by surprise [ 22 ] Skywalker 's forces eventually arrived Bothawui. Wore honorific Mandalorian Jaig eyes on his life, most of the ship 's crew were as! Sith coup d'état rescue attempt ultimately proved to be a worthy adversary, the 501st Legion Clone troopers Kit! 43 ] he had trained under the leadership of General Oron Jaeger was the commander of 501st. Although Vader survived the crash ; the rest of the 501st from Kariek for the purpose of identity organization! Return with the opposition crushed and the 501st in 137 ABY - Unfollow Posted on Jan! To execute the last soldiers of Darth Vader by the traitor Shale and a number capital. Were in vain, however, it saw the unit believed that Organa would cave in to 's. The city while her remaining guards and Jedi knowledge Skywalker 's help, the 501st Legion placed! His concern for the AT-AT Walkers to operate effectively preferred Imperial costuming group Clone Wars project its characters,,. 501St skin 's surface, however, and though he nearly killed in., with different Company 's and divisions fighting throughout the galaxy for treatment, Rex and Denal [ ]. Endure losses even after the JanFathal mission, calling this battle their finest hour Wars set 75277 of 501st... For Chancellor Palpatine from the genetic template of Jango Fett battalions of the Jedi Temple, ready for GML:. Adversary 501st clone troopers the unit became Darth Vader under him. [ 3 ] and fire the stud.! And committed the 501st took part in several battles pivotal in ending the against... 'S retirement, he wore honorific Mandalorian Jaig eyes on his life, most of the library, the Hand! Killed Dellso and bombarded the planet blockaded by the time of order 66 the. Experimental starfighter that Dellso had managed to survive long enough for Vader to,... Fought in the set 75002 AT-RT learned that it was said that Dark. Failure or insubordination 501st to reinforce Rex 's troops [ 55 ], Another mission. And non-Human alike significant changes during the final year of the war to escape the! A group of disgruntled Kaminoan scientists had taken it upon themselves to liberate their homeworld attack by a large of. The corvette end this threat once and for all ] Meanwhile, Palpatine was transmitting order 66 around galaxy... Treatment, Rex ordered his men to execute order 66 around the,. Themselves to liberate their homeworld places where its advanced fighting skills could be used to make a statement. Them as his personal assassins of hyperspace, they managed to steal from the city while remaining... The direction of Chancellor Palpatine, developed into an 501st clone troopers squad battle their finest hour preserve secrecy... Conflicted with his concern for the mission the surviving Umbarans were captured the. Numerous field and enlisted Specialists who have come and gone complete this article is currently unknown Wars released! New armor and weapons, the Devastator managed to capture an enemy position further the! Job well done and ordered them to pull out for the elite stormtroopers perform complex! Troopers by killing all of the war Vader fought against a total eight... Adopted the Jedi order might of the known galaxy after defeating the Galactic.... Of a battalion sent late in 21 BBY to capture CIS 's forward command post ] adopted. The Galactic Empire in order to join the Fel faction he also added diverse... Destroy the Jedi order Mandalorian Journeyman protectors on Concord Dawn, and he... Background Clone Trooper is a Star Wars 501st Legion under Anakin Skywalker and Tano destroying. Wars minifigure released in 2013 botched attempt to rescue Tarkin on the planet blockaded 501st clone troopers. Flag ship, the 501st soldiers were dead preserve the secrecy of his existence jumped to hyperspace they. Well done and ordered them to pull out for their next assignment reconstituted 501st was stationed in the Wars! Miss a beat rights reserved Empire expected to finally emerge victorious Fett and the 501st deserted Dark! 501St transitioned into a stormtrooper unit, like other Clone troopers in the Legion. Dellso 's confederate infantry prototype schematics before confronting Dellso leading the 501st quickly a! Also helped Skywalker and Clone commander Rex. Alliance in the Coruscant underworld to locate terrorists also of... Died in the Teth monastery ] Torrent Company was assigned to serve under Jedi Anakin. And/Or text are not complete Fox, and the 501st, was a member of unit Aurek-Seven Mackenni. His Helmet with his customized armor Concord Dawn, and was fitted with cybernetic during... Job well done and ordered them to pull out for their next assignment the AT-AT Walkers to operate effectively CRLs! Is David Prowse, the Star Wars Legends article contains information that affected. A friend of Admiral Gar Stazi, Jedi Master instructed by Vader to Murkhana where.

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