Ryu Samuël Apr 20 2019 3:55 am Really stupid. Eight teenage girls become trapped in an endless birthday party after a massive earthquake. What’s the title of the beat in episode 2? Other actresses and actors are amazing. Smell season 2, Junyoung's a little butterfly ♥ Sep 07 2019 4:04 pm Her methods lead to nowhere and all she did was blaming the hero's method. Arif Se. Totally worthy to watch ,not a single moment to skip.I started watching it for Kyun-sang oppa,he is one of my favorite actors,his handsome ,manly features with his sarcasm ,its totally fit as lawyer GI.But plot got addicted me to this drama.All young actors were awesome specially that psycho 4 kids.I think Jun should get an award for his great acting . The young casts are so good in acting especially Yoo Beom Jin. Asianwiki – Class of Lies Wow salah satu plot drama sekolah terburuk yang pernah saya lihat .. Sangat menakutkan untuk ditonton..semua pemeran melakukan pekerjaan yang bagus dengan memerankan peran mereka. Ok im rooting for this even i didnt like yoon gyunsang, Arif Se. kdrama enthusiast Sep 08 2020 8:52 pm All around I did love this drama. This freaking Kdrama series is effing coolll....We really need season 2 for thiissssss...huhuhuhuh?....btw their acting is great, Haneul KW Nov 23 2019 6:01 am Class of Lies Release Date: 17 July 2019. Starring: Yoon Kyun-sang, Geum Sae-rok, Choi Yu-hwa. I really like the story line, so much plot twist that it's really exciting to see what's more in the next episodes. Jun.. surely i'm gonna watch, Banana May 17 2019 5:45 pm Jul 18 2019 7:29 pm I think yoo beom jin is d killer.maybe he learn dat .# 0 is his father... its look like he hate his father every episode is very exciting... waterlight25 Aug 09 2019 7:36 am Eventhough, maybe that was a right way to face the anger of teenager? It's already their final week ㅠㅠ I'll be missing all the excitement from this thriller.. And I don't think Korean dramas should encourage that. wow Keum Sae Rok finally gets a lead role! W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); I love Class Of Lies, really great drama ? Find out the cast and summary of Korean thriller drama "Class Of Lies" with Yoon KyunSang, Geum SaeRok, UKISS's Jun, and Choi YooHwa. I really enjoy how this show is a good balance of catastrophe and comeuppance; it always keeps things entertaining. I really hate the woman teacher's acting. Mail (required but will not be published). I want to see drama already! 2019; Korean; Drama; Tonton Episode 1; Bagikan. And it's quite common and accepted in Korea . In Korea the rich feel they are the gods and pay who ever they want and some stupid poor citizens are also very wicked. tbh all of us would have been disappointed if they let him wander around freely! Fighting!!!! Really get annoyed by Jun jae.. i really want to beat him. I need to watch him suffer! No. Not every viewer can handle such a strong aftertaste. zZzZz Aug 16 2019 12:01 am Davod Aug 23 2019 2:05 am Delly Sep 06 2019 12:59 am Impress with all the acting except for Beom-Jin, Tea-Ra & prosecutor Hyun-Jung. I came for Yoon kyun-sang oppa .Most handsome teacher & he looks so young with hair down.Good plot ,not typical school type drama ,good acting but I hate all this psyco evil kids ,I hope these things doesnt actually happen in korea. Just one word : BEOMJIN ? The story, the acting and the plots are so good.. neo mabel Jul 18 2019 10:53 am Looking forward for the upcoming episodes. ???? syanggi Aug 15 2019 7:54 am Cheetzi Jul 26 2019 8:40 am U can see ukiss tentop 4minute and jwelry ex member. But then, I more dislike how Ms.Ha respond to how annoying Kim Han-Soo was. Gene Aug 09 2019 8:33 am I really like this drama. Ki-hoon acting is good, he's facial expressions are superb. keiru Sep 03 2019 5:25 am I choose to believe it was Na Ye Ri (although it did look like a guy in the black hoodie), but it also makes sense for it to have been Lee Ki Hoon, An Byung Ho or any one of other students who could have felt used and looked down upon by him. he is just a boy so deeply in love with jung soo ah that he went the wrong way to love her. I love bgm in here. kdramafighter Aug 22 2019 2:17 pm Really enjoyed the music score to this. No more words to use. Pika Aug 06 2019 12:47 pm In the start i really liked this drama. Year : 2019. Love you all, espc. Title : Class of Lies. Nananana Apr 18 2019 8:27 pm Her character is sincere but she doesnt feel sincere at all. With Camille Ramsey, Tatsumi Romano, Frank Cappello, Lukas Gage. It's not draggy, though. I loved everything about it, it's smart and it makes you think while watching every episode, plus the cast the cast y'all!!!! Yoon Kyun-sangas Ki Moo-Hyeok, a sharp, determined, and cold-hearted lawyer who is only interested in his own success. Genre : Drama, Investigation, Law, Mystery, School, Suspense, Youth. the only turn down for this drama is most of cast can't act. the students especially the four main ones are messed up and have each their own filth, but for me, they grew up like that because of their parents. okay sooooo I've just finished this high quality drama! Details Title: 미스터 기간제 / Class of Lies Genre: Legal, Crime, School Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: OCN Broadcast period: 2019-July-17 to 2019-Sep-05 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 23:00 Synopsis This is a drama that criticizes the mild punishment of teenagers who commit intense crimes in school that are just as bad as those that […] Han Tae-Ra, Lee Ki-Hoon and Yoo Beom-Jin have rich and influential families so hurry up and start blackmail people. Finally I Can See You Again after webdrama mood maker! [CDATA[ But is South Korean people really like this? i spot the bunny guy on Welcome to Waikiki! the script writer is so genius.. and the character also good the cast too.. really love this drama so far.. so suspend & make me curious every ep.. now only a few more ep left.. hope the ending will not be a cliche.. Bbn Aug 22 2019 12:21 am I'm here because of Jun. As expected dark drama is always have another level. He must be the same student who kill Yu Beom Jim. Spoiler Aleeeeeeert!!! Zara Sep 09 2019 5:21 am He deserves to be praised . I still remembered his police ID named " Park Bo Geom " to cover the cctv issue. Funny scenes makes the story a little bit lighter. That teacher Ha. So the killer can be jun or either his mom . Best friends/college roommates Devon and Missy crack cold cases on their successful true-crime podcast - but can they solve the most important case of all when their best friend disappears without a trace? I've watched all the dramas he acted on and never noticed him until Criminal Minds! The story line looks so interesting, Bunnyarmy Apr 22 2019 7:33 pm this is good... very very good... and i think the real villain here is beomjin's father, i don't know why,,, this jusy my feeling, cuz i never saw him in all 7episodes... really luv this drama... great acting from all of actor and actress here... zZz Aug 08 2019 12:59 am I can hate everyone except broadcasting girl and park won suk. Here is a little preview of the drama. When Mu Hyeok asks Kim Han Su to admit to the crime in order to shorten the length of the sentence, he refuses to do so and claims that he is the victim’s boyfriend. Rating:9/10. If there's a little bit mystery, the drama could be more interesting. I love the story & the suspense. I wonder if Yoo Beom-Jin and Son Joon-Jae had anything to do with Lee Tae-Seok death. She was fabulous in A fiery priest!!! Everyone must watch this because you wont regret it. aizie Aug 24 2019 9:14 am W4GRB.user_rating[1]=0; The cliff hanger definitely will get you to continue watching. he did too much and he had to pay for it somehow and this was the only possible way? today, after watching EP 11 i feel sick a little. . (2018– ). They should include a suggestion on what to do after watching this drama. I only finished this because of yoon kyun sang. Totally unpredictable,this drama is sooooo underrated,this drama deserve a higher rating *thumbs up*.i love the plot despite from the annoyance i feel when Ha So Hyun give me a mental breakdown,(am not kidding,i am dead serious)she such a headache to Mr Gi and this drama watchers (i guess) anyway,DO watch this drama. Noonaloveskdrama Sep 30 2019 2:44 am Ryu Kyung Soo Support Role. Bbibbi Apr 18 2019 12:37 am KDrama Fan from Manila Sep 06 2019 8:32 am I like mr.temp but the thing is , if he wants to sneak into the students things, do it well. But still excited with this drama and can't wait to see the last episodes. He seem nice like he care but the end of ep 6 and ep7 preview got me thinking he’s the ringleader or maybe his dad was sleeping with so ah? { Overall: Class of Lies is a Korean Drama (2019). pastelsky Dec 12 2020 9:08 pm *SPOILER ALERT* only read if you have seen episode 12 and 13. Temporary;Undercover Teacher;Miseuteo Kikanjke; The drama updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); This FAQ is empty. Stanning exo Aug 02 2019 2:16 am A highly successful lawyer, Ki Moo Hyeok (Yoon Kyun Sang) has more interest in making money and winning his next case, than he does anything else. Lol. Detail KDrama Class of Lies : Judul : Class of Lies Judul Lainnya : Mr. But I liked it despite skipping 5 episodes after episode 10. Jul 19 2019 10:30 am teacher who loves her students. Original Soundtrack: Class of Lies OST. Im sure there’s going to be a plot twist, the killer will most likely be someone we’re not expecting..every episode always get me hooked. What is he trying to do. Due to a murder case at a high school which he deals with, his reputation as a lawyer hits rock bottom. //]]>. I have been watching a lot of thriller-crime related drama, but I somehow think that the one that order Beomjin to be killed was Taera's mother. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=88; Day and Night) is a 2020 South Korean television series starring Namkoong Min, Kim Seol-hyun, Lee Chung-ah and Kim Chang-wan. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. And its annoying to watch her! The drama is about a highly successful lawyer who falls from grace because of one case. becouse in real life the kid is shaped in the way he got educated. Gi Mu Hyeok masuk ke sekolah itu untuk memecahkan kasusnya. Gi Hoon❤ xoxo #srrybadgrammar(? Dalagang_Pinipilahan Jan 23 2020 3:47 pm He is a talented actor and deserved more. I don't know.. Just too upset watched that scene.. Just hope there are no school like this in a real life.. reiji Jul 25 2019 12:12 pm googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1431704070868-0'); }); Current user rating: 88/100 (1717 votes) Darya Sep 07 2019 9:57 am alya May 08 2020 8:05 am best drama! //

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