My take away after intern year even in the little NYC bubble is: This is the second time I've made the mistake of stopping by SDN in the past several months. Share your stock Entry and Exit as you make them thread. Co-hosted with. Place your sponsorship banner here for $250.00 per Month! Future of Pathology for Medical Students to Consider, Neonatology and Pediatric Critical Care/Cardiology. Verified experts provide answers for nearly any issue: from school application questions to personal concerns. This year most info was on a spreadsheet on Reddit. Available practice positions, student jobs, etc. Looking for school admissions and advising services? List upcoming or currently available internship, residency or fellowship positions, positions wanted and position swaps. MS4 Applying IM, interested in Cardiology - Help me rank these IM residencies. For students interested & current students in Physician Scientist Training Programs or biomedical research programs. We offer forums for MCAT, DO, MD, reapplicants, traditional and nontraditional students. Student Doctor Network is an educational nonprofit created for students, by students that is dedicated to building a diverse doctor workforce. Regardless, I still agree with my post, but maybe put OSU/Michigan and possibly NYU in the correctly rated column. Osteopathic (DO) medical student topics. Forums for students and doctors historically underrepresented in healthcare. Fair enough. A place to discuss, discourse, hold forth, and maybe, just maybe, have your mind changed. Word of advice for those interviewing for prelim/TY spot, HELP Interviewing for Categorical and Combined Programs. Internal medicine is perhaps the broadest yet least understood branch of medicine by the general public. I would throw UCLA-Olive View and Cedars Sinai into underrated too. Dr. Muhammad Zaheer is a rheumatologist who treats patients with rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis and systemic sclerosis. This thread is ridiculous, so by all means take it wherever it may. A support forum for the spouses and significant others of health professions students. Co-Hosted with. Free advice from verified experts. Co-hosted with, Doctor of Occupational Therapy discussions. I believe he is referring to the NYC community programs +/- north shore. Co-hosted with. The classic picture of an internal medicine doctor (or internist) is the hospital-based physician, making rounds and managing patients admitted to the hospital. Your reply is very short and likely does not add anything to the thread. People with different career goals will favor different places. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It is very likely that it does not need any further discussion and thus bumping it serves no purpose. For paramedics, EMTs, and other current and past pre-hospital providers. Haven’t heard this one. Academic Dishonesty--Can I still be a PA? Part of our nonprofit mission to help develop a diverse doctor workforce. Premedical student discussion forum for students pursuing MD schools. I went to med school in NYC and stayed of residency. Scutwork from Student Doctor Network | Insights on residency programs from students and residents who have been there. Need to prep for the MCAT, DAT, PCAT, USMLE/COMLEX, or other important tests? surprise IM programs that aren't mentioned. USC is So-Cal and before interview season I expected it to be UCSD/UCLA/UCSF but obviously a little less, but from what I heard from people I met on the trail and classmates who interviewed, the IM spreadsheet, and SDN, it’s basically a better version of Harbor with a similar environment. ], Forums for students and doctors of Physical Therapy [ D.P.T. How much does coming from a top school help into matching radiology? Co-hosted with, For students currently in podiatry programs. Discuss issues related to the MS-III and MS-IV years, including rotations and shelf exams. Obstetrics and Gynecology discussion forum. For post-graduate dental residents to discuss programs and procedures. Is "Choosing Wisely" (ordering less tests) legit or purely a money saving attempt? For member suggestions and feedback and discussion of forum operations. University programs in the midwest are historically under rated, Case Western, Iowa, Ohio State, Wisconsin,excellent training and their resident easily match into GI/Cards. Pre-Medical - MD New Visit the test-prep services and organizations offering discounts for SDN members. You Don't Have to be a Rad Onc MD to do Rad Onc, Surgical Residency Applications and Interviews, Overnight pages - memorable/dismal/ridiculous/unique. Have a place to rent? For those currently in combined MBA programs and interested students. I've talked with the PD and chair at my home institution (top 25 place not on either coast) and also by browsing these forums and talking with faculty I wanted to make a list of the most overrated and underrated IM programs to help guide me and other applicants over the next few months as we decide where to apply and fill out ERAS and everything. Need a place to live? Source: Student Doctor Network - August 5, 2020 Category: Universities & Medical Training Authors: wamcp Tags: Internal Medicine and IM Subspecialties Source Type: forums Neuro-hospitalist contract Hey everyone, I'm a neurology resident planning to do a neuro-hospitalist job. Finishing up my third year of medical school and planning on doing IM. Here are my feelings based on observation and discussion: Man what a circle jerk of a thread. For discussion of undergraduate and masters degree issues. Your reply has occurred very quickly after a previous reply and likely does not add anything to the thread. Internal Medicine Residency South Carolina, Grand Strand Medical Center, Myrtle Beach (USC affiliate) Medicine: 3: 09/03/20: George Washington University Program: Psychiatry: 1: 08/13/20: McLaren Regional Medical Center/Michigan State University Program: Medicine: 2: 08/02/20: Newark Beth Israel Medical Center Program: Radiology: 2: 07/25/20 Major Professional Societies. Division of Emergency Medicine Emergency Department. SGU Residency Postings for 2019. Applicants/Students/Residents married and/or Kids - Support and Advice thread, Wanted: Short term sub to Uworld for Step 1, NC Group Practice hiring PsyD/PhD Therapists and Counselors! It may not display this or other websites correctly. I personally thought they were underrated if anything despite being coastal because of the surrounding “Harvard level” programs.

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