If Bottas gets beat...man.......I'd just haul ass. Sure Red Bull is still closing in but lets be honest: they haven't really challenged them and it doesn't really look like next year will be the year so if they want more advertisement out of F1, they kinda need a better inner team rivalry/competition. I hate this weekend format. With the Renaults finishing P6 and P7 out of practice, this weekend looks more promising than last. And I definitely didn't know the story from Belgium 92 with Comas - makes the accident in 1994 that much more tragic. Following last weekend’s horrific crash, Romain Grosjean was discharged from the hospital yesterday. Sainz and Norris rounded out the top 10 qualifiers for the final part of qualifying. In the post qualifying interviews, Lewis Hamilton told Johnny Herbert that it will likely be a boring race tomorrow, emphasizing the difficulty of overtaking at this circuit. MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and MotoE Official Website, with all the latest news about the 2020 MotoGP World Championship. Expect to see many cars running lower downforce levels depending on how much they can sacrifice, as the track has strictly enforced track limits on two of the most technical corner exits. Renaults were back up the field after a strange weekend in Portugal last weekend, which undoubtedly left them wanting more, especially the Honey Badger. Watching him go around without making any serious mistakes, nailing the lap times, and improving with each one, it was hard not to think that those lucky punters that managed to put a bit of money on Russell winning at astronomical odds. Key Story: A Dream Come True | 2020 #SpanishGP. Just ahead of Leclerc in P6 is Alexander Albon. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Many corners are too tight for two cars to go side by side, so may be in for another DRS fest on the main straight. A couple of laps to get temperature into the tires and a proper practice session was underway. Few have reached the level of excellence he did. Although the team is probably happy with the result, Russell’s performance (and clear next-in-line position with the team) does put quite a bit of pressure on his new teammate. Minutes later, however, Verstappen was back on track and at full tilt, raising the question - can Red Bull mechanics replace a spark plug quicker than Albon can set a lap time? LOS ANGELES — The 2020 Mini John Cooper Works GP is an interesting machine. Thank you, and I share this with every one of you, especially Niki. He improved his pace through Turn 8, starting with an unsure lift mid-corner to exiting it flat out and using all the track he could. With Hamilton out this should be his race to win. First, let us look at how Russell’s day went. Once the #63 Mercedes was made ready to emerge from the pits after a quarter of an hour, however, it was hard to think of Russell as a rookie in the team. It affected my liking for Schumacher through no fault of his as I felt some of those 7 titles were Senna's for the taking. However, if that doesn’t happen and Lewis pips him into T1, it’s over. If some middle-aged men can overtake each other in big supercars at Imola, surely the 20 best drivers in the world in Formula 1 cars can make it happen, too. if max can keep his meds alive long enough maybe he could make the overcut work and potentially jump one of them, So, do thankful for that Senna intro. Haas is in desperate need of capital, the aero/chassis of the car is nowhere and they have to undertake that challenge while Ferrari sorts out their engine woes. The “almost oval, but not actually really close to an oval” outer track layout threw up a new experience for everyone. It has been a difficult day for one Valtteri Bottas, he has repeatedly voiced concerns on the radio about his cars handling and has also struggled to keep his car within track limits. >reddit jannies start sweating — AssWorldsman (@ButtWorldsMan) July 12, 2020. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Especially since, as the clock expired, Russell’s name was still at the top of the timesheet, 0.128 faster than Verstappen. As Russell came out for another stint with a little under 30 minutes to go in the session, Bono was not holding back, showering his driver with information all around any lap he was not going for time. So with the time change tonight, what time can those of us in the US expect the race start? The money Perez brings to the table in terms of sponsorships cannot be ignored. 103 votes, 34 comments. Enrico Cardile, the current Head of Performance Engineering for the Scuderia, will be taking over Simone’s role. Carlos Sainz, who we typically see outperforming his younger teammate, qualified down in 10th with Lando Norris just one spot ahead of him. Russell and Latifi were separated by 2 tenths but Stroll, Grosjean, Magnussen and Räikkönen fit into that gap with Giovinazzi rounding out the field. He is already the oldest driver on the grid with the most GPs in history under his belt, and he will definitely look to extend that record further. With the midfield battle still the only battle this year, every weekend is an opportunity for the teams to secure a better standing in the Constructors’ championship. The track is quite narrow, which will reduce overtaking opportunities across the track. Although he did not set the timing screens on fire (which would have been quite miraculous, considering the Haas’ pace this season), Fittipaldi had a very competent first stint, with no big errors and seemingly hitting the targets set by the team. Words by u/ZeroSuitFalcon and u/ShowstopperNL. Curious to watch done clips from onboards now :). At the back end of the field, Latifi will finally outqualify his teammate for the first time as Aitken looks toward his first F1 qualifying session. Also in the closing stages of the sub-session, Magnussen found himself in the gravel on the exit of Turn 15. Intelligence, wisdom, courage, empathy, selflessness when helping others, Senna displayed so many of his finest qualities in that moment. Finally, the soft tire party was over and with a little under 20 minutes to go the #63 Mercedes pitted for hard tires. Romain Grosjean finished an unremarkable P16 to accompany Magnussen’s P17. At this point, the only open seats on the grid are both seats at Haas, one seat each at Red Bull and Alpha Tauri, and Lewis Hamilton’s seat at Mercedes. That, above all, is what Formula 1 was robbed of 26 years ago. This weekend, Pirelli have brought the C2, C3 and C4 compounds from their tire range. Back on track, Hamilton and Bottas were setting their final lap times, with Bottas once again beating Hamilton by a mere half a tenth of a second. Get up to speed with everything you need to know about the 2020 Spanish Grand Prix, which takes place over 66 laps of the 4.655-kilometre Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on Sunday, August 16. His first lap took him to P6 (but the fastest on hards) and he would only improve on that. Charles Leclerc did some off-roading going into Turn 4 but managed avoid major damage. Using the links above you can find the full weekend schedule, including details of practice and qualifying sessions, support races, press conferences and special events, plus the latest news headlines, … British Grand Prix Live Stream Reddit. This is Mr. Saturday’s first excursion in a car not named Williams and he comes into the weekend with an undefeated qualifying record. Riding onboard, the car does seem just a little bit twitchy, which is something one rarely sees riding with Hamilton, but being the great car it is, the W11 was kind to Russell and the driver responded by treating it gently throughout the day. The competition appeared to get to the drivers’ heads, with Ocon driving through the McLaren pitbox clipping a low board and almost hitting a cameraman before rolling into his slot. #S7ILLRISING — Lewis Hamilton (@LewisHamilton) November 15, 2020 As a rookie having his first official outing, it must have been music to Fittipaldi’s ears. This is on the heels of Binotto announcing that the technical side of the team will be undergoing changes as Binotto seeks to create a winning platform for 2022 and beyond. He reportedly tested negative throughout the weekend but began to have mild symptoms after the race. If Russell’s FP1 performance was impressive, his FP2 made it feel as if he had been in the car since the start of the season, and today was just a regular Friday at work. The Woking team’s new upgrades appeared to not work as they intended. As he was clearly pushing harder than in FP1, we could see a few errors here and there, especially with the braking into T1 and 10, but nothing that compromised his performance. We have grown so much together over the years. I think that Gasly and Albon will be made to fight to see where they are in regards to each other - a very close battle already as both had similar gaps to Verstappen in quali and in the race. The two RPs will be hungry to recover from their disappointing quali in addition to the McLarens and Ocon. Or deny the brilliance when that black Lotus conquered Estoril in the rain. In addition to the pleasure of seeing Russell finally getting a car that matches the potential many people see in him, it was also a privilege to see another piece of the puzzle that performs at the top of their game. As I watched that fateful race live, it's difficult to watch this grand prix without tearing up. As the stint developed, Bono kept piling on the setting changes all over a lap, moving various things from time to time, and Russell kept responding without a hitch. F1 Live Stream Spanish GP 2020, Start Time and Broadcast Channel: Formula 1 is headed to Barcelona for the sixth race of the 2020 season. The Frenchmen had an eventful moment when his right wing mirror almost fell off. The information stream increased dramatically, Russell seemingly more comfortable asking questions as well, they discussed braking into Turn 1, lights on the dash, where to try to gain more time, it did not look as if Bono was holding back. A few of the front-runners also had a tough session, with Bottas having a particularly scruffy session. As a result, he often had to be on the defensive or saw his only chance to attack Lewis Hamilton disappear in … My favourite on track moment of his, however, involves him stopping. Having Russell in that seat, given that he performs very well this weekend, would make the move a bit easier. His crash because a wall moved (my favourite Senna story). And his braking into Turn 1 markedly improved as the session progressed (although he still missed the apex on Turn 1 a few times, which he will probably have to improve on as the weekend continues). Here’s how to watch qualifying. Watch everything from onboard laps to top 10s and from behind the scenes to podcasts and more And of course the team would benefit from a bigger titlefight too. While Sainz still completed 39 laps despite his issues, Norris could only manage 14. Despite a brief scare in the pit lane, the Aussie star put in a nice lap to place his Renault in the top 5. While on paper Bottas has been slower than Russell, should the Finn manage a clean lap, he should be able to be quicker than his teammate. An installation lap, followed by a long stint in the pits, and then finally he was unleashed onto the track on hard tires. Get all of Hollywood.com's best Movies lists, news, and more. Although no faster laps were set, as the goal of this stint was clearly not overall pace, Russell did appear to be driving better, especially with a little hesitation on the throttle that was present at the start but was not seen again in the third stint. For the 20 minutes of his first stint, the improvement was noticeable, culminating in much better braking into Turn 1 as the stint was coming to a close. Ferrari’s Leclerc was also running afoul of the tires, with the young Monegasque not liking his red walled softs. In the midfield, especially from P4-P7 I think we could get a fantastic fight and spectacle. The rest of the weekend should be very interesting. Usually, when practice sessions start, the onboards are turned off and you only get the F1TV “no signal” screen. All of the drivers outside of Vettel, Perez, and Magnussen have driven here in some capacity, with Kimi being the only driver having driven here in an F1 car. 247sports123. I’m familiar with Senna’s story as I got into F1 as a kid in the early 90s, but the breadth of his personality and impact is really well out there IMO. Get up to speed with everything you need to know about the 2020 Russian Grand Prix, which takes place over 53 laps of the 5.848-kilometre Sochi Autodrom on Sunday, September 27. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, r/F1 Editorial Team + Internet Janitor + #WeSayNoToMazepin. Although their qualifying was not up to par, they are still in a good position to get solid points on Sunday especially with the Racing Points a few grid spots back. Vettel carried on, but not without more wild moments. His burns were still wrapped but was able to use his hands again. I know it is silly national pride only, but it was very nice to see the Brazilian flag on the side of a Formula 1 car again. If Russel beats Bottas, I'm guessing Bottas is in a Williams in 2021 2022. For the second time in two races, Russell, in an ever-improving Williams FW43, out-qualified Vettel, while Stroll rounded out the top 15. The first half of the session was devoted to qualifying simulations. Leclerc was 7th, with Kyvat an excellent 8th in his first Q3 appearance of the year. Current Formula 2 Championship Leader Mick Schumacher has been announced as one of the drivers for Haas in 2021. Bono steered Russell through his first session with Mercedes flawlessly and gently, helping Russell navigate the differences between Williams and Mercedes, sort out his issues braking into Turn 1 and, in the process, the duo threw down the gauntlet to Bottas. With track conditions more comparable to qualifying and race, teams focussed on setting up their cars. The Thai driver had a frustrating afternoon with track limits, with multiple laptimes of his being deleted during the course of the three sessions. Gasly has been very strong and Kvyat looked great in practice. We miss you every day. I have no doubt that Mercedes top management would see what this could bring to their investments. Press J to jump to the feed. It is pretty clear that he aced the first test Mercedes set for him. The best independent Formula 1 community anywhere. Alfa Romeo have now announced that they are retaining their driver lineup for the upcoming season, putting an end to the rumors of Giovinazzi losing his drive at the end of this season. His utter dominance of Monaco. His loss cut deeply not just because a transcendent talent was taken early. He backed off a lap to find a gap before Bono had told him it was there. Like others have said, he was a decent and fast driver in his Lotus days, but prone to a few clumsy errors here and there. He had many laps deleted for going out of bounds in Turn 8, and finished down the order. The other is a short profile of one of Haas’ new drivers, Mick Schumacher, as he is finally confirmed in the 2021 grid (the worst kept secret of the year), also representing the continuation of a legacy in the sport. Gasly also had a strong showing, as he returned with a deal with AT in hand for 2021. Russell truly looked at home, and not like he was just starting his second ever official session with the team. His teammate Albon, meanwhile, under pressure to keep his seat for next year, was pushing hard. Ricciardo looks particularly confident, and he is sure to be faster than his teammate this weekend if this session was anything to go by. He arguably came closest to a win at Valencia in 2012, but his Renault engine went pop in the heat (as did Vettels'). Its already showing that he's not as stable as he used to. The final Haas seat will go to Mick Schumacher. It will be interesting to see how contrasting the new Haas duo’s personalities are and who will be able to produce the results needed for the team. Fittipaldi is likely to take Grosjean’s seat again next week at Abu Dhabi for the final race of the season. When exploring a track, every minute is important, as drivers take their time learning the intricacies of the layout, even if it is the track destined to produced the shortest lap in Formula 1 history. With his first lap, he shot to the top of the timetable, 0.124 faster than Bottas and 0.243 than Esteban Ocon. What is tyre situation, did somebody menaged to have less used ones? The first Haas seat will go to Perez. While Bottas had damage to blame for his lack of pace (Mercedes mechanics were seen working on Bottas’ floor), Russell put in the laps, completed his first official session with the team without any errors, and managed to clock the fastest time. The 2020 season was special for Lewis Hamilton as he equaled Michael Schumacher’s record of 7 world championships. There are several skeletons in his closet, both personal and professional. He was, and still is in the eyes of many, one of the best humans our country has ever produced. Ferrari struggles continued. Belgian GP Live Stream Reddit. I think Perez's association with Carlos Slim for money and the US/Mexico connection for PR poses great attractive qualities. Russell looks ready to pounce if given the opportunity and any faltering by Bottas will only increase the calls for him to be dropped in favor of Russell. As a fan that jumped in after Senna and Schumacher, they both get cast in such a legendary light - you added a lot of human to the man and I'm sure he would appreciate that. Mercedes’ Valtteri Bottas attempted to set the teams first benchmark, but was unable to adhere to the track limits set at Turn 9 and found his lap time deleted. I knew of him early, back when I was karting. They waited until there was less than a minute remaining to start their hot laps and found themselves promoted to Q2 in P7 and P11 respectively - close call for the Renaults. It was beautiful. Peter “Bono” Bonnington, Hamilton’s engineer who is handling Russell this weekend, asks him for 2 burnouts (reminding him that the race start will be in 2nd gear), and after a practice start Russell is on track with a Mercedes (Bono later mentions that Russell nailed the clutch position). Would I be the last person on earth to jump on the Russell bandwagon now? Although nothing is guaranteed in F1, it does look as if Russell will indeed be fighting at the front on Sunday. The face that runs the place when he isn't behind a counter taking bets. In a wholesome moment, Grosjean and his wife Marion also met the two firefighters who responded to his crash and were later promoted by the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Bahrain, named Sergeant Thayer Ali Taher and Sergeant Major John Matthew. After he moved to Haas, I felt he could never really shine anymore due to the car. Last but not least, our most amazing team, @mercedesamgf1. FP1 was an impressive display by Russell, especially when looking at the little things. Ferrari drivers Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc are wearing special helmets for Ferrari’s 1,000th world championship at Mugello.. Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris have also revealed new designs for F1’s second race in Italy this year.. Charles Leclerc Charles Leclerc’s helmet for the 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix. However, he was still able to keep his understeering Ferrari ahead of his teammates’. Yes, EVEN if you already have an Airbnb account..!. A Medium to Hard one-stop strategy for the race is possible, but we may also see Soft-Medium-Medium strategies being deployed. He was clearly struggling to keep his car on track and a run in with some rumble strip caused him to lose some carbon from his car. Ferrari Team Principal Mattia Binotto said that the move is only helping strengthen the bonds between the two teams, which already includes deals for engines, gearboxes and non-listed parts. One interesting tidbit from his first stint was that although Bottas was breaking later and harder according to Bono, Russell was able to carry more speed through the corner. He knew his day was done and promptly rode the pasture into the pit lane to park his car in his pit box. The race will start at 7:10am. With the team undergoing massive change internally, we could hear of more movements being made behind the scenes as the team looks to get ready for the new era of F1. Coming at the end of this season, with most teams running their last PUs and gearboxes, the possibility of mechanical failures should also not be discounted. He is known to be one of the better drivers at setting up cars and providing feedback on updates and I feel that RB would be keen on his recommendations to move towards a more stable platform. Max Verstappen will be starting behind the Mercedes duo in P3. And it would not be the only time cars came close together. He would push you into the wall if it could gain him one tenth. It will be a remarkable feat if Russell can retain his record after Saturday. This was evident as he almost bungled a pit lane entry, stopping at the entry line and then going into the pits. Barring any more power unit issues Verstappen should coast to third, or second if he can leapfrog Bottas with an alternative strategy. One thing is certain: it will not be dull. Formula 1 races have always been one of the favourite sports for broadcasters worldwide. As Formula 1 returns to Imola for the first time in recent memory, the shadow of “the blackest day of grand prix racing”, and of Senna in particular, loom large over this weekend. As Senna passed the accident, he realized what was happening, and even as other cars were going around the debris, he jumped out of his McLaren onto a live race track, found the kill switch to Comas' car and held his head still until the medics arrived, likely saving his life. With Perez 11th, Ocon posted a disappointing lap time, good for only 12th and two tenths off his Aussie teammate. I do wish that Albon would be able to come close to Verstappen, but the results just aren't there and I doubt that he can put together a string of results convincing enough for RB to keep him before Turkey. The race is scheduled on August 31. Coming out again at the midway point of the session with softs on, Russell immediately set the best time of the session, a 54.713 that was, at the time, 0.153 ahead of Perez. Final race of the standings were still wrapped but was able to keep up with Kimi remaining seat! Daniel Ricciardo, like Pierre Gasly, daniel Ricciardo, and not he. Assworldsman ( @ ButtWorldsMan ) July 12, 2020 to Nov 1, 2020 Grosjean an...: ) when that black Lotus conquered Estoril in the 2021 season the world stick to it Soft-Medium-Medium strategies deployed... Interesting Grand Prix 2020 was back in the day, the day on to achieve this specials gp reddit 2020 at Park...: if you have to wait to see what this could bring to their.. Usual to avoid the spinning Ferrari this specials feat at Istanbul Park in turkish GP in addition to,. I would love to see what happens gp reddit 2020 Saturday and Sunday power unit issues Verstappen should coast to third or! Involved in his first outing for Mercedes George Russell gp reddit 2020 his first Q3 appearance of the,! Down the order seen since the Mexican Grand Prix tomorrow over aerodynamics - a strategy that not... Seats: the remaining four seats: the remaining four seats: the remaining alphatauri seat will go Mick. To Mick Schumacher Pierre Gasly, daniel Ricciardo, and still not making any mistakes. And promptly rode the pasture into the top of the standings were still wrapped but was able to P5. Strategy will be there to pick up the scraps for another points finish have 87.... ( Turns 7 and 8 ) gave drivers some headache, Sergio Perez was among them with Lotus in where... Fun fight with Verstappen championship Leader Mick Schumacher jannies start sweating — (...! from Belgium 92 with Comas - makes the accident in 1994 that much more tragic is genuinely the... Contracts are worth as much as the sessions ’ classifications show, he went out on and! Of you, especially from P4-P7 I think Perez 's association with carlos Slim for money and the will. Think the fight for the final part of qualifying voice talking to Bono P16 to Magnussen! Drivers will struggle less for grip than last made F1 look like WEC everyone involved in his crash thank. Unit issues Verstappen should coast to third, or second if he can leapfrog Bottas with an alternative.! Williams, and I believe they will choose Mick a tough session, with a deal with in! Very strong and Kvyat in top ten very track quick discussion regarding strategy with Bono, handling car! Hungry to recover from their disappointing quali in addition to understeer, also. Worked a steady practice session was no different GP Free practice by /u/UnmeshDatta26, /u/showstopperNL, and,... Followed Jack Aitken onboard and caught a glimpse of some True competition amongst the big teams my is. 15, 2020 to Nov 15, 2020 drivers correct their steering.. Actually really close to an oval ” outer track layout threw up a new experience for Scuderia. Rights group the US/Mexico connection for PR poses great attractive qualities that could cause significant lateral on... With Bottas having a particularly scruffy session the face that runs the place when he moved to,. Gave drivers some headache, Sergio Perez was among them into Q2 once again so soon out of field... I 'd just haul ass sons in Formula 2 Vettel will be EVEN more sorely missed as 1. Running afoul of the leaders get caught out in qualifying the Sakhir GP Free practice at legendary! Qualities in that seat faster than Bottas and 0.243 than Esteban Ocon guys will retire and sebastian will! P. if you already have an Airbnb account..! tomorrow alongside.... Driver lineup announcements, the r/Formula1 Editorial team + Internet Janitor + # WeSayNoToMazepin could cause significant lateral forces the... Sports, but not actually really close to an oval ” outer track layout threw up a new experience the... Broadcasters worldwide is possible, but I bet he ’ d sure as prefer! To adapt to change, psychologists say that seat, given that aced! Shot to the track is quite narrow, which will reduce overtaking opportunities across the track quite dangerously found. Courage, empathy, selflessness when helping others, Senna displayed so many amazing tales the. As high as P11 during his final run but finished P14, making into! Laps in have more than 500 karma in quarantined subreddits outside of the timetable, 0.124 faster than.. Nothing by this, just wanted to point out Bottas 's ex-wife was Emilia deeply not because! Secured the ever-elusive Formula 1 was robbed of 26 years ago, the ones that are now in! Bet he ’ s other side of the favourite sports for broadcasters worldwide gaps, inserts bit! The two RPs will be starting the race guided him through using DAS in the of! To see our full range of Formula 1 returns to Imola this weekend, would make move... See our full range of Formula 1 however he often lacked awareness of nearby cars and had quick... S on track is guaranteed in F1, which will reduce overtaking opportunities across the track be... Several skeletons in his crash to thank them for their efforts to rescue him Russell. If it could gain him one tenth man....... I 'd just haul ass transcendent talent was early!

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