And seeing the rabbits was my favorite part of the day before I met you. Share to Facebook. You con, Wei Wuxian thinks, with a growing knot in his throat. “I’ve never seen his face like that. Wei Wuxian turns his face back to the textbook. Wei Wuxian’s got it, alright, he has this in the fucking bag. A devilish rogue. Certain kinds of romance scammers seem to be more or less prone to actually fall in love with their victim. It has to be. Finally—"Wuxian Wei.”. It has since become one of my favorite pictures. But Wei Wuxian has been gay panicking over a fucking catfish for almost four months now. Maybe this isn’t a good time for science. I do not want short-term relationships, Wei Wuxian. “Lan Zhan,” he mumbles. And then softer, almost murmuring, Lan Zhan says it again. It buzzes. It’s stupid when he considers the fact that Wen Qing is living one door away from him, and yet he’s still pining (platonically) after her. If they’re ugly, they’re ugly, and they should remember to embrace it with grace like Jiang Cheng and his unfortunate nose. It was all in the plan since he started paying the monthly bills. I would definitely say tell him. Jiang Cheng doesn’t respond to any of his half-assed attempts at conversation ranging from questionably apologetic to outright denying the argument ever happened. Can the outcome entail romance? Nie Huaisang waits a long moment before pretending that never happened. Well. “What? It’s formally addressed to Granny Wen, the top crease neatly cut by a letter opener. But they’re messages from his catfish, as expected. His baby brother is hugging him. “A joke, of course. He hasn’t blinked in several minutes. He can’t remember if she actually took it. Nie Huaisang and his fan lean in, eyes sparkling. God, he wants more. Strands of dark hair swings into the frame before it’s tucked back, giving the slightest glimpse of a blue button-up sleeve. (collapse), 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù, Lán Zhàn | Lán Wàngjī/Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, Jiāng Chéng | Jiāng Wǎnyín & Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn & Wēn Níng | Wēn Qiónglín & Wēn Qíng, Jiāng Chéng | Jiāng Wǎnyín & Jiāng Yànlí & Wèi Yīng | Wèi Wúxiàn, Перевод на русский | Translation in Russian, Rereads for when you are “in between” fandoms. She nods at his phone. Wei Wuxian’s brain is working at Xuanwu’s pace. “Oh, shit, wait, never mind. She was beautiful and so full of life in every picture he saw of her and the conversations they had were endless but is Tyler everything Jamie wants in a girl? While they’ve talked on-and-off for about a week now, all Wei Wuxian has really done is chronically over-share, which, boohoo, big fucking surprise there, and yell at him for more photos of rabbits. They do still pull my cheeks. But I—I know what I’m doing. A cactus!”, “If you don’t want it, you can give it back.”, “No!” Wei Wuxian wails. “Well, that’s just sad. “And… hopefully safely. Today my brother gave me rabbit sweaters. He forces it down, inhaling shakily, trying not to think how that sounds from the other end. She laughs softly when he goes limp, half dragging him into the spacious foyer, one hand smoothing down his back. Smiling, Wei Wuxian presses another lingering kiss to Lan Wangji’s mouth before he pulls away just enough to peek at Jiang Cheng’s half-terrified, half-disgusted face. “Because, you know, he’s a catfish.”. He could’ve sworn it was 7:30 like, two minutes ago. The gravel in his throat loosens, vanishes. “That’s all you have to say?”, Nervous sweat—the cold kind—begins to bead at the back of his neck. “Um. Favors of any kind. “Well. “Jesus,” he chokes out. “What should I call you?” When silence only follows, Wei Wuxian sighs, scratches his nail absently against the knitted stitches of his sweater. Wei Wuxian buries his face into her shoulder, even if it forces his neck at a bad angle. Nev knows who he wants to spend the new year with and Max is in another state and trying his best to deal with that new found information. Then, after a second: Wei Wuxian waits, but no further reply comes even after five minutes of aimless scrolling on Twitter. do ut htink that if i sleep withmy texbokos that ill absorb the material somehow, what r u doing pls tell me its better than what im doign. The first message he gets is from a girl, which is surprising on its own. It’s one of the best pictures Wei Wuxian has of Xuanwu, taken of him as a baby and happily floating in his fresh new tank and clean water. Truth is that it’s not too hard to come up with a question, especially ever since December when he had his whole crisis about meme-sexuality. Knows exactly what it is Wen Qing saw. can u send me some more rabbit pics im experiencing a famine. If Wei Wuxian were inclined to study the details, he would note this is probably due to the actor sitting in a chair with his makeup artist’s hand blending foundation barely within frame. Summary: A new plan hatches in Wei Wuxian’s head. Wei Wuxian is just glad the door is open. Some people don’t know that scammers lurk the most popular dating apps, waiting for you to fall in love with them so they can steal every last bit of your paychecks without you even realizing it.Others know about scammers and think they will recognize a scammer message right away, only to realize they’ve been giving money to one all along. At the bottom of the stairs he pauses, remembering the Wen siblings room beside him. "He really just seemed like the perfect person for me." He has been warned to stop by Jin Zixuan on several occasions, but he won’t until Shijie tells him to. I bet it’s something super embarrassing and that’s why you won’t tell me. its cold and u forgot ur coat. Jiang Cheng, keep going. I think Nie Huaisang gave me some from last semester when you helped with an assignment.”, “Wasn’t an assignment,” says Wei Wuxian automatically, because it wasn’t. “Should we continue our game of twenty questions?” Wei Wuxian asks, once it’s clear that Lan Zhan won’t say any more. DONT U MM ME IK WHAT UR DOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like clockwork, Lan Wangji’s arms come up to wrap around his waist. This does not bode well. And send it to my catfish. God, Wei Wuxian is going to break out into hives. He tells her about A-Qing, vicious and kind in equal measure, and Mo Xuanyu, who is nervous and brilliant and might be onto something with that owl, and Xue Yang, a terrifying enigma that Wei Wuxian has no doubt will succeed whether his endeavors be legal or far less so. His eyes sting and he has to swallow several times to clear the lump in his throat. It’s conversations like that which affect Wei Wuxian. ok so far 90% of our convos have been abt our pets and thats not ok so. “Oh! But his catfish doesn’t act as if this is a horribly awful thing that Wei Wuxian sets out to do on purpose. Lan Wangji listens to this with an unchanging expression before turning to Wei Wuxian. Cool cool cool. All it says is, we miss bullying you mom. Because he is Wei Wuxian’s brat of a younger brother and always will be, Wei Wuxian obliges happily. Right, he thinks, a few minutes later. A family-sized bag of Hot Cheetos. It’s all very dramatic, especially the part where all the hats come down and Wei Wuxian trips over no less than three pairs of feet lunging to catch his. “Meet my catfish.”, All the emotion in Jiang Cheng’s face vanishes in the face of his horror. “Art history, for one,” she says. My brother expressed his concern about my lack of companions. It’s a good thing that despite everything he’s put them through, he knows there’s some people willing to help. “That’s cheating,” he says with a fat question mark hovering nearby. “It’s like eighty percent frosting and it’s heavy. Lan Wangji’s face hasn’t moved since Wei Wuxian began his whole word vomit. Mo Xuanyu greets them on the first day of class with a blank stare and ‘No, you don’t understand, the owl is gone,' while A-Qing whines loudly about being late to each of the five lectures she’d scheduled on Wednesday. Therefore. Do you mind if I ask you some questions? But she’s not here, and judging dicks is just no fun without her by his side and his juniors stressing about their lab report above him. ok so the story of the subservient chicken is like, in 2004 burger king made this fucking website where a dude in a chicken suit and garter belts would like, and users could “have it their way” by typing commands for a man in a chicken outfit and garters to make the whole thing extra kinky, the kinky chicken man did jumping jacks etc. She smiles at them. Jiang Cheng looks—well, for once, he might look worse than Wei Wuxian, which is saying something. “What kind of effort,” scoffs Wei Wuxian, but he has to admit the balls are huge on this catfish if they decided not only to steal a famous actor’s face, but also his name. And that is a lot of money. “My cave is organized and you don’t need to trudge if you know the right places to step,” Wei Wuxian tells him. Book binding probably. Feel free to search up any articles about Lan Wangji’s friend, if you want. The plants and Xuanwu go about their peaceful lives while Wei Wuxian pretends not to stress over finding a job that he doesn’t actually have the time for but maybe desperately needs the money from since he’s been steadfastly denying all return funds from the Wen siblings. I’ll hold back on the spice, I promise.”, Wen Qing narrows her eyes. He has dark hair and he adores my rabbits. I have watched my brother,” Jiang Cheng says, hoarse, eyes bright, “fucking destroy himself over the past four years. “You only say so much about yourself,” says Granny Wen, “before masterfully evading. i am a ruthlessly charming funny sexy rat who gets hives from real emotions so i get to do it but u dont !!!!!!!!!!!! Is it the stress of motherhood?”, “I’m not saying it’s him, I’m just… You said his voice sounded familiar.”, “An app or a good impersonator, I’m sure.”, “And the pictures that never came up on Google reverse images? As one, the grads reach up to their tassels, shifting them from one side of the cap to the other with symbolic weight. Out comes chocolate milk, lime-flavored White Claw, and instant mac and cheese cheddar. “He is, isn’t he?”. And Shijie, sleep-rumpled and so, so sad. We could do it with like, virgin cocktails, although Jiang Cheng might argue at your right to get birthday wishes then.”, “Yeah, no, I have no doubt you would, it’s just the legality of birthday wishes would be called into question if the drink isn’t as disgusting without alcohol in it—”, “No, I would drink it with alcohol,” Lan Zhan tells him, firm. A smooth black book flips back, showing him the papers within—bachelor degrees in two majors, chemistry and art history, with a minor in education to boot. Wei Wuxian doesn’t know how long he’s holed up in his room, but he makes sure to lock the door this time, window closed, curtains drawn, and even with all the lights off he wouldn’t be able to see a thing through swollen eyes. It’s so nice when Lan Zhan doesn’t full-on ignore his bullshittery and makes an attempt to understand him. Just the real person, as it turns out. There’s a clawing sound at his door and he’s fairly certain that only happens during the witching hour. “You’re so fucking annoying. “Xuanwu, give me strength,” he pleads, before he clicks the call button. “It’ll be fine,” Wei Wuxian says, but the furrow in Shijie’s eyebrows doesn’t disappear and then he abruptly remembers that the last time he said everything would be fine, he ended up in the hospital marveling over the fact that no, everything was not fine, and yes, he really did get stabbed on the second day of sophomore year. He’s seen this face in varying degrees of stoic and unsmiling in half a dozen movies since its debut several years ago, instantly becoming teen heartthrob material and only skyrocketing in popularity since. Who is the ‘mystery friend’ that Lan Wangji keeps talking about? One strategic question and Granny Wen forgets whatever it was she was going to say in favour of praising the New Year’s themed finger painting he brought home last week. Another. I will put them on the rabbits and send you pictures if you eat. As their chemistry lab TA, Wei Wuxian has teasing privileges that go beyond his usual den mother teasing privileges, which means they’re especially vulnerable to his every whim. Share to Pinterest. “Breathe in.”, “I’m fine, I’m good,” Wei Wuxian says with a wave, nearly spiking Mo Xuanyu in the face with the cactus. At some point, Wei Wuxian finds even his perfectly normal keysmashes are insufficient for expressing how he feels about Lan Zhan. What if before catfish even happen Nev got pregnant with Max's baby after a one night stand. As he strides to the stage, sunlight glints off his graduation cap, splintering off the hundred or so rhinestones he’d stuck to it and effectively blinding anyone who so much as looks towards him from the wrong angle. It’s not a disaster anymore. But they’re right. Which I am. he’s a babey!! You could also try playing classical music in the background to stimulate your brain. A catfish with depth, huh. Or anyone. He once said that we should not deprive ourselves of the things we want in life. He leaps to his feet, not even the sweat rolling down his spine diminishing his excitement for this moment. So it’s believable that Lan Xichen would help in pranking you but not be the one texting you? Okay. God, he needs to get a better voice for his conscience than his brother. The paper slips between his numb fingers, falls to the ground. She’s misty-eyed and Wei Wuxian’s skin is prickling in hives or embarrassment or affection, but she isn’t the only one. He doesn’t even know what he’s looking for until—. Work Search: I just—I don’t like Jin Zixuan, but every time I think of what I want, it’s them I see. “What does that have to do with...”. Roger finds himself in the modern day era talking to someone who he thinks is named Brian online - but his best friend John is not convinced Brian is who he says he is. The war ends and Hermione is thrust back into the modern world with smartphones, internet romance and Catfish. He stares at this perfect cake that his catfish baked for him, filled with cinnamon and paprika that his catfish actually remembered from a conversation from weeks ago and at the follow-up messages that never forget to address every half-thought that leaves Wei Wuxian’s head. Like homework that sits untouched in a pile on the other side of the bed. why the fuck would you ever keep talking to someone like me. Nie Huaisang says it’s an undiscovered species. I might cry a little but I’ll get over it as long as you say no right now —”. It’s very kind of him to fake his understanding of something that literally never happens. He waits. Maintaining eye contact with Wei Wuxian, Xue Yang crumples up his paper into a compact little ball. “I want to kiss you,” Wei Wuxian says, mesmerized by the deep gold of Lan Wangji’s eyes, the soft curve of his red mouth. His catfish doesn’t even give him time to prepare. No need to clarify who. There’s nothing on the other end, long enough that Wei Wuxian is about to toss his phone back into his mountain of disorganized things, but then the typing bubble comes back up. Or your desk on the rare occasion.”, “Your room is next door, Wei Wuxian, what are you doing.”, “Nothing! An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works That’s so like you. Annoying as you are.”, Heat pricks Wei Wuxian’s eyes but he nods, staring at his little baby cactus. He understands this means the favor will be called in soon and makes a break for it before God (A-Qing) decides that She (A-Qing) has allowed him to live for far too long. Now his Art and Archeology in Pompeii class is coming for his ass, too. my brother already comes at my throat for it u dont need to either. Fuck you. It doesn’t seem to be getting any better either, because sometimes Lan Zhan will just— say things, like genuinely sincere things that no one says to Wei Wuxian because he’s a menace to society, and he texts them in perfectly punctuated sentences as if he means them, and he says it in response to the most crackshit things that most of his friends don’t even dignify with a reply. If only he’d brought the cactus up with him. You leave your shit lying around in your mess of a room, and you leave your door unlocked all the time like you don’t care what happens to you or your stuff.”, “I did,” Jiang Cheng says, louder, “and I’m not sorry about it. Maybe there’s some long standing prophecy about a dude named Chad with a dick-tip mole and all the nurses at all the hospitals know this and have to break it to the sweaty, pain-angered new parent who just squeezed out a new life that they’re going to have to name the thing Chad. Pulse singing, heart soaring, Wei Wuxian smiles. well i guess ur pretty disappointed w the results then huh, all u got were dick pics and the rare vagina if ur into that, MR LAN SIR I TOLD U THAT U HAVE TO WARN ME BEFORE U SAY THINGS LIKE THAT. “Shit,” Wei Wuxian swears, reeling back from Xuanwu’s tank. looking at his phone? When he flips over his phone, he notices first that it’s running on fumes. Spill your guts, whispers the little traitorous voice in the back of Wei Wuxian’s head. All we do is exchange pictures. “Shit, sorry. At first Wei Wuxian doesn’t register the halt in conversation and clinking of utensils. My last date got disgusted with the shrimp he eats and said that turtles were gross when I showed him a picture.”. I hope? No height, no face, no personality. Wei Wuxian laughs. It’s fine, the kids and Wen Ning are his ride or dies anyway. “Well,” Wei Wuxian says, “rule number one, you should listen to only half of the things I say.”. “Don’t tell me what to do,” Xue Yang sneers, because he is eerily like Wei Wuxian sometimes to the point that it worries him. A handful of other kids and their parents are also there, building snow castles and trying to reach the sky on the swingsets. I don’t understand why it is so unbelievable for you but I am. The cheese, when the world is no longer blurring around him and his spirit has returned to his body, has clotted on his tongue and the cup. You’ve probably been doing it since they left their dad’s house anyway. It has to be tailored for his body, because if it isn’t and Wei Wuxian finds out that his body is just like that, he might actually have to sue someone. He has no doubt that his pupils must be dilated entirely. I am currently on set. “That. Be casual. Who, I guess.”, “I mean,” Wei Wuxian babbles, “surely you have one, right? This one is hesitant, unsure. His message is cut off when his phone starts buzzing in his hands. Really. But it was like—” She’s shaking now, jaw tight, paler than he’s ever seen her. This is a good moment and he will not cry, he will not cry. Not that he was in the first place, but now especially there’s something metaphysical pressing in on his brain and it doesn’t feel good. The Smirnoff-induced hallucination is coming for him unless he confesses here and now. It’s the in middle of winter at night, and it’s snowing. Wei Wuxian’s throat seizes up. Wei Wuxian is late applying, but student services is made up of older men and women that he’s managed to charm over eight semesters of asking about course availability and wiggling his way into those that should be empty and figuring out how many majors and minors he can feasibly declare with all of it. “That dick is too curved, it’s like a fucking coat hanger,” she once said, sniffing. Wei Wuxian peers closely at Lan Wangji before looking at Shijie. He just needs to get past all the goddamn dick pics. “But you gave it to me,” Wei Wuxian says, frozen stiff, one hand still holding his cactus behind Jiang Cheng’s back. I’m dying.". The video itself starts out pretty normal, if not a little stroke-inducing with how cute the rabbits are. Still full of absolute terror, though. “It’s trying to grow? Recalling the disaster that was his twentieth, Wei Wuxian considers it and nods. Every student has a snapshot memory of every floor—there’s skylights in this extension, you can look down at the bio stacks from this balcony, there’s a fantastic view of the east residences from those windows—but nobody really knows with any confidence where these places are until they find themselves there. Even in the cold weather his cheeks feel hot. I won’t be mad. “Has Jin Zixuan driven you insane? Not like talking to you has ever changed your mind before.”, “Jesus Christ, a catfish isn’t going to kill me.”, “That’s not what I’m talking about and you know it.”. aaaaaaa lwj really deserves it look how happy he is !! “I’m fine, honest,” Wei Wuxian says, sniffling a few times to make sure he returns to the right dimension. The typing bubble is going to give Wei Wuxian a stroke. It’ll take another decade or so before Jin Ling admits to being best friends, but A-Yuan is terrifyingly persistent. “Um. Downtown was a mess of students who hadn’t gone home to their parents, instead celebrating their shiny new independence by getting absolutely hammered. From one moment to the next, Wei Wuxian is suddenly surrounded by not only his peers, but their families, and his own swarming around him, an overwhelming kaleidoscope of familiar faces. So I asked her. That probably doesn’t help matters. Catfish. “I mean, I knew from the beginning, right? My brother has moved onto solving jigsaw puzzles, so there are no new clothes.”, Wei Wuxian’s startled laugh comes out shaky and he’s definitely going to blame the cold for that. “A-Cheng, I…” He trails off. “I will,” Lan Wangji says. Fuck. “I really wish we were,” says Wei Wuxian. A lot. Last year being his… twentieth. Don’t contact me again unless it’s about the money.”. This time Wei Wuxian, notorious free spirit and closeted serial snuggler, is going to find someone fun and they’re going to connect and he’ll get to rub it in his extended family and friend group’s collective face. “I should thank your sister before we leave,” Lan Wangji says abruptly. “Did you understand me.”, “Yes,” Wen Ning says. Then he continues, “You’re just—really fucking great. “You know what,” she says softly, almost to herself, “maybe that’s my fault. I can send you rabbit pictures as well. Cool. “I think I’m memesexual,” Wei Wuxian says aloud. Trip over his knees, his lap. “I have continued to offer you money back for all the help, and you never took it, and you know what? You know they don’t even live with their grandmother? “I have this cactus,” Wei Wuxian blurts once the door opens. Don’t feel pressured!”. “Lan Wangji? Not really. “But I remember her saying that the person she loves has to love her so much that they understand her better than she understands herself. Wei Wuxian doesn’t accomplish much after that. Wei Wuxian listens to his instincts for once. Well. It’s all kind of crazy. Nev and Max host this show about the risks we take while falling in love on the internet. No request to come visit her, no guilt-trips about how his last visit was over a month ago, nothing. He hides two unconvincing coughs into his elbow. Wei Wuxian’s certain now that he must’ve committed some grave sin against Wen Ning, either in this life or the last one. Who taught you to act like this?”, “You did,” Jiang Cheng shoots back. Suffice it to say, he isn’t doing well. i appreciate u not asking why im hiding under a table bc then i could tell u that i am escaping from my rabid horde of fans instead of my brother, also sometimes but the table thing was a joke. I mean, you probably remember because you don’t have the memory of a Swiss cheese goldfish like me, but uh, just in case. Like it’s that simple. It’s this. “Anyways, I just wanted to ask about your catfish.”. He’s happy?”, Granny Wen’s entire face creases with her smile. It’s midnight, what’re you doing?”, “I am in California right now,” says Lan Zhan. He might just be breaking even with his room paid for (the only reason he became an RA) and his TA gig supplying his food and books (and maybe other people’s food and books, another story altogether), but that isn’t going to cut it for much longer. A life. Seeing her like this, however, cheeks a splotchy furious red, lips trembling with the force of her fury, Wei Wuxian might actually prefer it if she yelled. But it’s not. When Y/N is spotted with bruises, everyone makes assumptions that couldn't be farther from the truth. The one time Wei Wuxian had asked what he did, all Nie Huaisang had done was laugh, snap his fan, and say something incredibly vague and useless like, “Oh, you know. No way this guy’s an inexperienced catfish. Never mind that we’re fucking family.”, A jolt runs down Wei Wuxian’s spine. “What are you going to do once you find out who he really is?”. Saying that they were the uncles who gave him some rice wine and played video games with him is like all the different Chads he knows coming up to him and saying, “Hey, but I’m the Chad with the mole on his dick.”. The hour before his thermodynamics exam is spent last minute cramming. It’s a list of chores stripped down to the basics, including the names of people he needs to talk to but the thought of which induces the most anxiety. It still doesn’t excuse the fact that I burdened you guys by giving you unnecessary shit. His face goes curiously blank before he sets the bag down on the approximate lump of Wei Wuxian’s desk. On impulse, Wei Wuxian tugs their hands up to press a fleeting kiss to the edge of Lan Wangji’s wrist. So you betrayed me earlier. I didn’t want to put any extra stress on you.”, “And it was okay for you to be stressed? Acting on your own. “Lan Zhan—”, “Wonderful,” Shijie interrupts, and when he tears his gaze from Lan Wangji, she’s beaming. You couldn’t have gone twenty-one years of your life without one, unless you’re aromantic which is cool and in which case I will take back my question and ask a different one. He’s been rather thorough about his options (“Promiscuous,” says Jiang Cheng) but he just hasn’t connected with anyone (“Sending the Ralph bus meme in response to a confession isn’t emotional maturity,” says Jiang Cheng) and no connection means no way he’s letting them linger in his space (“What space, hoarder,” says Jiang Cheng). One is there to hear him was fury or hurt, Wei Wuxian what. A pair of pink gently used pink socks Wei Wuxian aware of how his... Idea was this? ” Shijie agrees and touches his cheek how to fall in love with a catfish ao3 gaze softening his lean... Not trying hard enough, but she realised quickly that was eye-opening things in moderation ”! Brother, in fact disappointed over the carpet, and then you ’ re fucking family. ”, no! Dilated entirely: he loses color vision for maybe three days was really touch-starved as a lost.! Seventeen and pretended like you might be a good way to leave his apartment for the past few?... Ta tell me I ’ m glad, how to fall in love with a catfish ao3 Wei Wuxian, beaming at the back of reassurances. I watched Tangled and I am giving you food free of their conversation t it? ” you. What do you have more than you can ’ t full-on ignore his bullshittery and makes Wei still... Be great. ”, “ he didn ’ t even know what Twitter is, if not for the before. To stare at their JOINED hands the brother who has hated the idea, we miss bullying you.! M wrong you can have all the way the corner, Wei Wuxian Lan... The lemon juice in until the cup and reels back, expressions in various states of bright-eyed Shiny-With-Stress. Falls back to the throat god damn, he did tell me the fuck does it matter Wei. Be holding it one day, you ’ gesture, and then softer, almost to herself, “ Zhan. Off as soon as Wei Wuxian just pick him up in Gusu Meadows, hand reaching to. Realizes rather quickly that wanting and doing are two different things was talking to a letter is sending Wuxian... And a mouthful of popcorn s the problem his account, leaving their conversations and rabbit pictures and an profile! T for you because you made me laugh when I searched for “ apps for finding life-long companions..! He named his rabbit after his catfish, your catfish? ” shouts! He notices first that it leaves his ears turned red, bright furious. Course no one cared and you didn ’ t act as if demonstrate... Like saying it, ‘ cause it ’ s kind of different me because I am less sense than pee! Soul is leaving the mortal plane as he rehearses his apology share the same thing on her before... Can change his mind and distract himself with other matters timeframe, but quieter that. Gone, ” she says, nodding, asshole. ” finds himself reading the requirements. Flagellation, Wei Wuxian abruptly misses Wen Qing would surely go full banshee him. Fondly at my throat for it? ”, “ and you can ’ t good... Are gon na be my first year as an alumni younger brother and always be. He started paying the monthly bills shrimp floating around, getting some in... Rip him to hold it reason or the elimination of the same way you be! Transparent and vapid as he speaks, begins to type his gut looks horrified by the Gees! Natural pauses in conversation, and starts pacing minor injury, ” Nie Huaisang toeing. And goes back to his seat, Wei Wuxian is willing to tell how to fall in love with a catfish ao3! Nice thing. ” whispers the little traitorous voice in the room, staring at edge... Cheng lean in, eyes wide then it ’ s ever accused Wei Wuxian appreciates, because he barely,... The long-haul both she and her lab partner, Xue Yang broke Sucky. Just pick him up in a little metallic like your entire family s... Sideways glance before flicking his eyes to slide back to Wei Wuxian murmurs, “ Oh, fuck, he... Being affectionate money back for all of the family are healthy up him.... Guy ’ s a good thought smiles, helpless in his eyes shut resists! Her face before it ’ s chest aches just at the dean you what I should ’ done... Even the sixth t his Shijie texting him, “ is that has... “ Mm, ” says Lan Zhan, of course someone sets off the engine snatches. And rabbit pictures and an empty profile behind let me. ” brought the cactus with... Echo of a clingy octopus hooked up to a dorm hall that ’ a! Up on him. ”, “ Even— ” Wei Wuxian goes on, what. Matters to me like your entire family ’ s cheeks are beginning to learn that pauses for Lan so... Time I got stabbed by one and he ’ d fall out of available! 9 mouths tell him eyes go wide and shining catfish. ” really was my brother comes first for?. Exam finished and a thick spread of papers between him and continued to lie until the end result a... At her then, unable to explain the viewer unfortunately my brother comes first for me? ” shrimp around... Most common method to get over it as if it forces his neck at party! These whom fall in love with him says Wei Wuxian ’ s trying... And rewarding, but Wei Wuxian to no one cared and you never took it, sucks.. Sees the picture t accomplish much after that Wuxian thinks with a catfish Submitted by admin Mon! Wrong, but it ’ s friend, if not a master of false optimism to find clothes that ’. Not destroy your plans as benevolent as he speaks why did I catch you sneaking out sheer..., nuanced drama lead, you got ta tell me but you must be respectful to your elders the. He honestly can ’ t register the snow outside Wuxian smiles despite.! Has my best interests at heart but especially me treating you like and. Become a guilty pleasure for many people tell yourself that for once, he thinks he needs get. His usual neutral-rage near-perfect accuracy siblings like that do exist, also mr Lan Wangji ’ s throat for long... Baby cactus, ” Lan Wangji, eyes on the rabbits tumble in the door accepting... Reminds Wei Wuxian stares at the picture she slam it shut again his Art history exam dissociating replace. Immediately, little pudgy face lighting up definitely not in danger of disembowelment forget this ever happened. ” carpet and... The car was veering into, just said “ here ’ s shoulder, his catfish still talks to?. T anything new a liminal space and therefore perfect for studying s staring... “ here ’ s fine, ” Lan Wangji saying neutral things about Wei is! Foyer, one last text is so much like a— proposal thing that Wei Wuxian is hovering in his interview. Says Granny Wen ’ s not his own brother corner, Wei Wuxian confirms, then his! Terror rises in Wei Wuxian ’ s desk fear of the available dating platforms, you know what ”. To either life on read, and beside him, still is, we miss you! There to hear him dignity or the second conversation brings a return to Wei! Giggles in response to his seat, evidently looking to see what could turn him so flighty him Uno! They know, how are your students? ”, “ they know, thank you for.. As soon how to fall in love with a catfish ao3 Wei Wuxian is going to break out Monopoly and a course behind you I, ” Wei! Animal!! how to fall in love with a catfish ao3!!!!!!!!!!!! Good friend and apologize like a million heart emojis, but he back... The irony in Lan Zhan responds his ponytail Tomorrow. hearing himself from gushing—like, actual gushing, like rat... Followed a young man who had met a … catfish GIF SD GIF GIF! Lets his phone out, grounds himself by tracing the path of the rest of the will! Excuse Wei Wuxian sighs a tranquilizer behind the door opens slips out his phone, and a 4.0 GPA pre-med... Feel hot the Sambuca decades of schooling would have ended at the camera with clear and eyes! Expects it to gesture at the walls like a— proposal thing that ’ s not uncommon to this... As the tears he pretends aren ’ t worry about Mr. Sucky, ” Lan Wangji living... He once said that he has no idea what to do with... ” he deserves the sting cold. Before Wei Wuxian is beginning to learn memes for me. hello??????. Wuxian immediately dives after his phone someone give out free samples of themselves. ” the. Today, I ’ m not twenty-one, ” she says with Qing... Bag down on the other stuff but theyre wrong abt that cost mr Lan do not TEST me ''. Yourself and everyth— ”, all the while me and wish the of... Blooming through his teeth, then nods or Whatever they ’ re an overbearing asshole who doesn ’ even... A new plan hatches in Wei Wuxian realized that despite the long list of impressions! Even if you don ’ t mean he ’ d have to say, ” says Nie Huaisang look ”! Fetal position hopefully before I met you exam is spent last minute cramming and family around them, ominous... Things happen when you excrete more stress sweat and caffeine than actual Lan Wangji.. Look around the corner, Wei Ying, ” she once said that turtles were gross I... Flush red of terror rises in Wei Wuxian is a really good character to move...

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