Mike Starrett fishes for bass, snakehead, crappie and catfish on the Potomac River. Dockside Realty Colonial Beach VA In terms of area, this makes the Potomac River the fourth largest river … Waters We Fish: Tidal Potomac River The tidal Potomac River is a wonderful resource, proclaimed by many experts as “the finest tidal largemouth bass fishery in the world.” While most popular for her largemouth bass, smallmouth, snakeheads and striped bass are also plentiful. His knowledge of cover and tides is extensive and trips also include Bar-B-Que dinners before fishing. Capt. The Potomac River is known for its fishing, crabbing, and shell fishing. (You are responsible for lost or broken rods & reels) Fishermen will find a variety of fish including smallmouth bass and others here. The following waters are entirely freshwater and require a freshwater fishing license throughout: Meherrin River, Nottoway River, Blackwater River (Chowan drainage), Back Bay, Northwest River, and North Landing River and Intracoastal Waterway upstream to Great Bridge Locks, and Dismal Swamp Canal below (or south) of Deep Creek Locks. If you are fishing upstream of the location listed, nontidal fishing regulations apply. Jimmy: A male hard crab with a narrow apron on the abdomen. Maryland recreational regulations. The Potomac is a valuable resource for commercial and recreational fishing. No special license or permit is required from the National Park Service. Destination or Operator Name: Trip Date: ... River Fishing (5) Lake Fishing (1) Flats Fishing (1) Backcountry Fishing (1) Fishing Technique. Crabbing in Maryland and the Potomac River. Fishing License Fees are as follows: - Purchase for District resident: $10.00 >> - Purchase for non-resident: $13.00 >> - 14-Day pass purchase: $6.50 >> Fishing licenses are valid from the date of purchase until December 31 of the year displayed on the license. Use of my rods, reels, and lures are included. Sook: A mature female hard crab with a semicircular apron. Depending on where you are on the river will determine the species and technique for your Potomac fishing adventure. Line fishing is allowed—no net fishing—within Great Falls Park on the Potomac River. The fish are helpful indicators of changes in the river’s health — to a degree. Read the comments below on license reciprocity for more information. Despite overall improved water conditions and fish species diversity, the number of sport fishing licenses issued for the tidal portion of the Potomac River has declined over the last five years, with a sharp decline from 2017 to 2018. Light Tackle (5) Bottom Fishing (2) Trolling (3) Spinning (3) Special Notice. The most popular and productive […] Potomac River Reservoir is a reservoir located just .6 miles from Williamsport, in Washington County, in the state of Maryland, United States. Join us as we discuss the Maryland Fishing License options, fishing rules and All anglers fishing Maryland waters must be prepared to present a valid drivers license or some sort of picture ID along with fishing license. Once you purchase your Washington D.C. fishing license and check the current fishing regulations, you can plan a fishing trip to a place like Hains Point, at the eastern edge of East Potomac Park. Colonial Beach is located on the northern coast of Virginia, nestled between the Chesapeake Bay and Washington D.C. Pier fishing in the Potomac River … If you want to fish in Washington DC water, you will need to buy a DC Freshwater Fishing License. If you hold a valid fishing license in Maryland or from the Potomac River Fisheries Commission you may not need another license to fish in Virginia. A sport fishing license is required before using this “fishing hole,” and one must keep up with the newest regulations. but the Potomac tidal river largemouth bass fishing is truly world-class. License Exemptions: Children under 16 years of age ; Persons 65 years of age or older virginia fishing license year from the boat owner, virginians are looking for one year from having to ... to create a potomac river, and to register Affairs administrative office may not as the virginia lifetime of your contact information when you saying i have an annual virginia. LICENSES AND ACCESS: The Washington DC portion of the Potomac River from roughly Little Falls to the Woodrow Wilson Bridge is the focus of this article. Those over the age of sixteen must have either a Virginia or Maryland fishing license. If you hold a valid fishing license in Maryland or from the Potomac River Fisheries Commission you may not need another license to fish in Virginia. District of Columbia fishing licenses are required on both sides of the bank. We provide guided outings from the tide line, just upriver of Washington, […] All other license revenues increased except for sport fishing licenses due to a severe decrease in the striped bass population and more stringent sport regulations. His bass trips are legendary as they take place in the evening and are primarily topwater trips. During the fiscal year ending June 30, 2003, the Commission received revenue from the following sources: Virginia appropriations $155,000 Maryland appropriations 155,000 Federal grant 116,181 Sport fishing licenses 65,095 Fishing licenses 63,790 Crab licenses 59,475 Oyster licenses 4,930 Covid-19 response: Due to the evolving conditions related to the spread of the Novel Corona Virus and the disease it creates, Covid-19, the Potomac River Fisheries Commission office was closed to the public on March 16, 2020, and the closure will remain in place until the Commission deems it safe to reopen. Additionally, federal grant revenues decreased as there were no oyster plantings during the fiscal year due to conditions in the Potomac River caused by oysters caught in the Potomac River. Above the bridge a Maryland Freshwater License is required. Maryland owns the entire main stem so you must have either a Virginia, West Virginia or Maryland freshwater fishing license. This has contributed to the tremendous water quality improvements in the Potomac River and signs of improvement in the Anacostia River resulting in an increase in the numbers of game fish, including bass, crappies, and yellow perch. These boundary lines identify whether a nontidal fishing license or Chesapeake Bay and Coastal Sport Fishing license is required. The North Branch Potomac River runs through the wild and undeveloped portions of West Virginia, from the Fairfax Stone State Park to when it converges with the South Branch. 224 (Livingston Rd.). A DC fishing license can be … We had nice beautiful weather this morning.. "The Potomac River supports steady populations of shad, white perch and other popular game fish. Life on the Potomac River: The Culture Keeper Yates and others recently got the DC Council to consider a bill that would honor the 1666 treaty and make fishing licenses free for the Piscataway people. Potomac River Fishing Report - View current fishing reports for the Potomac River and Colonial Beach Area. Fishing License: Maryland and Virginia license do reciprocate and may be purchased at takemefishing.org, however, fishing above the Woodrow Wilson Bridge does require a D.C. license. These 10 Potomac River fishing hotspots should enter into every angler's calculations. The Potomac River (/ p ə ˈ t oʊ m ə k / ()) is found within the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States and flows from the Potomac Highlands into the Chesapeake Bay.The river (main stem and North Branch) is approximately 405 miles (652 km) long, with a drainage area of about 14,700 square miles (38,000 km 2). “In my discussions with people, they’ve been pretty happy with their fishing success anywhere on the river,” said Martin Gary, executive secretary of the Potomac River Fisheries Commission. Waters We Fish: Upper Potomac River Not to be confused with the tidal Potomac, the upper Potomac River is smallmouth bass country—a shallow, free flowing river of some 250 miles. A nontidal fishing license is required on the Upper Potomac River, but Maryland grants reciprocity to Virginia and West Virginia license holders where those states border the Potomac, so no Maryland license is required in those cases up to Maryland’s riverbanks but not into its tributaries. The following boundaries are designated as dividing lines for tidal and nontidal waters. Potomac River to Lake Okeechobee fishing with Bill and his wife Nancy and their (15) fifteen year old son Coal. The striped bass season opens on April 15 and runs through May 15, with the summer and fall season opening May 16 through Dec. 31. Dam 5 to Dam 3 The Harpers Ferry vicinity up to Dam 5 west of Hagerstown supports the largest walleye population on the Potomac, and one of the best walleye fishing opportunities in the region. If you are visiting the area and like to fish, target the largemouth in the urban stretches of the tidal river. The upper portion of the river, upstream of Jennings Randolph Lake, is … Fishing license fees help pay for fishery management, habitat protection, endangered species programs and conservation education. Many fish species reside in mighty Potomac River. For Potomac trips, a Maryland non-tidal license is required as Virginia or West Virginia licenses can be used only for a portion of the trip. A Virginia Freshwater Fishing License or a Maryland Chesapeake Bay Sportfishing license is required to fish the tidal portion of Piscataway Creek and the tidal Potomac. Fishing regulations have helped to minimize the exploitation of the District's fisheries resources. The Potomac River is known for its fishing, crabbing, and shell fishing. A sport fishing license is required before using this “fishing hole,” and one must keep up with the newest regulations. When fishing the Potomac River it is important to know where you are because fishing license requirements and regulations can differ between the states. Potomac River (6 Results) Enter dates to see availability & pricing. Potomac River recreational regulations (includes map of jurisdictions on and around the Potomac River): Definitions. A resident of West Virginia possessing a valid West Virginia fishing license issued in that resident’s name may fish in nontidal waters of the Potomac River opposite the shore of West Virginia, including the North Branch of the Potomac River and the Jennings Randolph Reservoir (opposite the shore of West Virginia). Rates for a Maryland fishing license vary based on state of residency (the cost for MD residents is $20.50 annually or $7.50 for 7 days). On Piscataway Creek the dividing line between fresh and tidal waters is the bridge on Maryland Rt. The striped bass season opens on April 15 and runs through May 15, with the summer and fall season opening May 16 through Dec. 31. While researching Potomac River fishing, Chicamuxen Creek, Mattawoman Creek, Aquia Creek, and Nanjemoy Creek were mentioned as having good access to quality fishing areas. My boat is registered by the Potomac River Fisheries Commission and my Charter boat decal covers your fishing license in Maryland and Virginia.

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